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We're all interested in changing today's planetary waste and ecosystem impact for the better.

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Artisan Shaving

Finding specific ways to take “lose-lose” propositions and create “win-win” ones is a fanatical passion of our team. With traditional shaving, here’s such a simple and daily practice for many people around the globe that can easily and dramatically change the cycle of waste production that we contribute to, while actually delivering a better experience for the participant. A “win-win conversion” as our team likes to say, and it’s easy to implement.

The lose-lose? It’s sending tons (estimates of 2 Billion razors or more annually) of damaging disposable razor waste daily into our environment, while users of these products have a sub-par, uncomfortable, “burning and scratching” experience that costs them more than it should over the course of a year. If we can encourage traditional shaving methods, everyone can have a much better luxury shaving experience, a cheaper annual spend on shaving products, and a huge reduction in produced waste. Actually… a “win-win-win” in this case!

We’re proud to support this initiative in our own small way, while also supporting charitable organizations that help clean up the environment with a portion of our proceeds earned. Shaving is one of many daily practices we can easily shift our behavior on, and come out with a better personal experience and better environment. Thanks for supporting Artisan Shaving. Learn more at

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