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At Argumenta.Tee, we have a fresh way of thinking to help change the way that online shopping is undertaken.

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The ‘globally local’ approach
When establishing our business we wanted to break from the tradition of products being manufactured in one central place and then shipped internationally.
Our ‘globally local’ approach is different in that whilst our products are designed in Australia, they are then printed and delivered locally to our customers.
We are connected to over a 100 local print businesses distributed in over 32 countries.
Placed orders are routed to our ‘globally local’ partner, who manufacturers and distributes direct to ensure the fastest delivery to your door whenever an order is placed.
Our fresh approach is based on sustainability, resilience and a relationship with our local business partners.
At Argumenta.Tee, we have a fresh way of thinking to help change the way that online shopping is undertaken.

We believe in sustainability, and working with our partners with offer products that are designed in Australia, but are printed and delivered locally to our customers in over 200 countries around the world. By producing on-demand, we only produce what each of our customers order, which prevents overproduction and waste.

Product quality is assured, with our print partners and their suppliers carefully selected to ensure consistent results. Our print partners have been expanding as demand and volume grow for their service to provide a worldwide network, to the extent that products can be produced in more than 100 locations worldwide.

We also have worked with our distribution partners to create a global distribution network, whereby we can provide fast and secure international delivery. We ensure that our shipping costs are transparent and fair by seamlessly working with our 33 distribution partners.
The combined network of printing and distribution partners, enables us to reduce shipping distances (from centralised production), making us greener (reduced carbon emissions) whist helping us connect with you faster (locally global) and smarter than otherwise possible. Whilst trying to appeal a wide audience, this includes a range of products dedicated to areas such as activity sports (e.g., parkour and mountain biking) and computer tech (e.g., coding), where it traditionally has been hard to find T-Shirts to match your inner style. We are adding new designs to our ranges all the time although some are available for a limited time only, so please sign-up and we will keep you informed of any new products and designs.

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