Ghana, Bolgatanga is a website for trending celebrities and entertainment news around the world.

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Article writing, Online Mathematics tuition


We write about celebrity news like celebrity marriages, celebrity wikis, celebrity deaths, and trending information about any celebrity.
We write unique, well-researched articles that let us stand out.
We write about celebrities across all fields. We cover celebrities in music, fashion, acting, sports, boxing, and all other fields.
We also write about crime news. We write about trending crime news around the world, especially in the US, UK , Canada, India, Ireland, Malaysia, and Australia.

We also monitor the various huge media spaces across the world. If we see a trending story, we write about it too.

This, we believe, will help us tap into the huge traffic that is usually associated with such trending stories.

We are sometimes not able to get the traffic we expected because we are only five months old and do not have the domain authority, like these huge ones.

We are making every effort to get authority and compete for short-tail keywords like these big sites.

For now, we are forced by circumstances to rely on long-tail keywords.
We write about crimes such as robberies, murders, homicides, and anything related to crime.
Our general news also includes local news in Ghana.
In our Ghana, has a little space for education news in our Ghana.
Who is our founder?
Our founder is Akumbobe Adombire Robert. He is a blogger and a professional teacher.
He has been teaching for over ten years now and has also ventured into blogging.
He has written several articles for reputable brands like Opera News Ghana,, and
He founded about five months ago. We have about 846 published articles so far and are still counting.
We write under headings like “celebrities,” “entertainment,” “general news,” “education,” and “business,” among others. is huge on social media. We have a huge presence on Facebook, where we have a Facebook page with the name
Our website is linked to our page, and everything we publish on our page is shown on our page, so readers on Facebook can connect to it.
We also have a Facebook group called “Celebrities News Around the World”. We share content on our blog with that group, and we are growing in numbers in that space too. is on Twitter. We go by the name of
We have equally linked our Twitter page to our blog, and our content can equally be read on Twitter.
We have also linked our blog with our LinkedIn account. Our blog content is available on LinkedIn and the name is Akumbobe Adombire Robert.
Archornews is also on Instagram under the name Archornews.com4. We do post our content there from time to time.
We have recently opened an account with and have linked it with our blog.
We are working hard to ensure that we have a huge presence on Google, which will bring more organic traffic to us.
It is for this reason that we also opened a free account with Diib.
Our services.
Archornws also write articles for individuals and organizations. We write articles for all niches.
You can contact us on +233244180724 or via email on
We also offer online tuition services in Mathematics.
Our tuition service covers pre-school to High school Mathematics.

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