United Kingdom, Colchester

Ant&Chid gift hamper business works by creating curated collections of products that are packaged and presented as gifts for various occasions.

Main Services:

Prosecco Wine Gift Hampers, Gin and Tonic Gift Hampers, Cheese Gift Hampers, Chocolate Gift Hampers


We ultimately select products to include in the
hampers. The products are sourced from
various suppliers or manufacturers, and
includes a variety of items such as food
and drinks, personal care products, or
other types of gifts.

Product Selection
Selected products are then packaged
and presented in an attractive manner,
often in a branded decorative basket or
box. The packaging is customised to suit
different occasions or themes, such as
weddings, birthdays, or holidays.

Packaging and Presentation
We promote our products through
various marketing channels, such as
social media, email marketing, and
advertising. Our sales streams are from
Amazon Seller platform and our
proprietary online store.

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