American Exempt Apparel

United States, Boise

American Exempt was founded in 2021 by a Combat Veteran seeking to bring quality apparel to all Americans.

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T-Shirts, Hats, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Youth apparel, Drinkware, Car accessories, Leggings, 100% American Made

American Exempt Apparel

Founded for Patriots by Patriots who believe in the value of USA Made. However, we believe in providing more than just quality apparel. We believe in bringing jobs back to America and rebuilding our economy through each USA Made product purchased. We bleed red, white, and blue and our promise to you is to always provide quality American products for the proud American Life. Through integrity, perseverance, and hard work, we are unwavering in our Unapologetically Patriotic Lifestyle.

Rep the Brand | Live the Lifestyle

We are much deeper than a Fourth of July brand; we are a lifestyle. But what lifestyle resonates with our mission?

Simple. Our mission is to light a fire in other Americans to not only respect the values America was built on but to hold those traditions to high esteem. To fully understand and passionately live everyday on the foundation of our God given rights that have been protected through our nation’s Constitution, especially when every passing day seems to threaten our freedoms and challenge where the line is drawn.

Before we are able to defend those freedoms, it is vital to understand what they are and why our Founding Fathers signed their death warrants to protect them. It is our mission to inspire others to embrace an attitude of appreciation for the world’s greatest country, her defenders, and further personally defend those freedoms.

As a brand, American Exempt’s mission is to reinvigorate unity of the American spirit.

American Exempt is committed to creating jobs for Americans, providing USA Made products, supporting the Constitution, and appreciating the blue collar Americans that resonate with the brands Mission.

At its core, American Exempt values relationships and is a give-back organization. We support several non-profits that go beyond raising awareness. Your purchase will always be a part of our initiative to financially support organizations and charities that help veterans in need. No matter the circumstance, we will forever strive to help those who have sacrificed their lives for our great country and yet, return home to be forgotten. Not us. Not here. We’ve got your six.

Further, as a nation, we import far more than we export. Whether you want to admit it or not, that’s harmful to our economy and the American people. Today, less than 2% of apparel is made in the United States. That’s it. Well, here at American Exempt, our vision is to change that; even if that means we profit less to provide you with quality. Nearly every product is manufactured in the USA; not just printed and designed here on a foreign product like other companies claim in misleading advertisements or labels. We won’t rest until every product we offer is made here in the states, even if that means manufacturing it ourselves. We are the 1%.

Behind the Brand: Our Story
Simply put, American Exempt was founded by a Combat Veteran — and his supportive wife — with a vision to save America, one thread, one relationship at a time. It never started as a vision to make a buck but rather to create a movement that inspires courage, forge’s character, and builds America back.

So what’s the story? Why “American Exempt”?

Founded in 2021, with the idea generation in 2020, tyranny was running rampant. Built from the ground up, I stand firm in my convictions and my children will never be able to say I was silent in the face of tyranny. I’ve never once worn a mask. Not once. Not for compliance, an income, convenience, or the luxury of travel. Never. To me, it was about personal choice and whether I agreed with your choice or not, I was willing to fight for your right to choose and God given freedoms.

When companies kept asking for an exemption, I told my wife “Why? We are AMERICAN! That’s exemption enough, no?” I’ve watched brothers die protecting that freedom and I’ll be damned if I just sit back and let America slip away so easily. I willingly, without hesitation, walked away from a career that took me a lifetime to build and paid $200k to start American Exempt. My choices weren’t convenient; but it was all in the name of freedom. And I would do it again in a heartbeat.

It was then a new company, a new movement, emerged: AMERICAN EXEMPT. Created for you to stand firm in your values: God, Family, and Country. I hope to inspire you to make the difficult decisions, even if it means walking away from a secure income to stand by your values. You’re never ready for life to hit; but sometimes, you gotta hit back.

The hardest step wasn’t being cancelled before I got started: the hardest step was leaving my comfort zone, walking away from a career I worked so hard to build, and starting something I truly believe in. Freedom is a birthright; Never apologize! Risk it all and kneel for no one.

If you unapologetically love America, resist tyranny with your every fiber, and want to build America back stronger: join us in this movement! And remember: you’re American, so you’re exempt from tyranny! #LiveExempt

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