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Kosmatinč is an online store that has been operating in Slovenia since 2011.

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In 2020, we also opened a boutique physical store in Domžale. We are a representative for the German brand of natural food Naturavetal.

In our range, you can find natural cold pressed food for dogs and cats, natural wet food in cans and sausages. Our offer is complemented by air-dried treats, nutritional supplements that allow the composition of balanced BARF meals, and natural products for the care of dogs and cats.

Our range is extremely wide as it includes more than 150 different products. In our offer, there are many products suitable also for sensitive and allergic dogs. Our philosophy from the very beginning is based on natural and species-appropriate nutrition, which ensures regulated digestion, healthy skin, shiny fur and a vital organism.

Naturavetal Cold Pressed Food

Cold-pressed food is our basic product. We have 6 different flavors of cold-pressed food for dogs. You can choose from chicken, beef, salmon, lamb, rabbit, and Insectvetal – where insect larvae are the only source of protein. Our offer for puppies includes two flavors; chicken and salmon. Puppy food contains a higher percentage of meat, is more caloric, and contains a higher percentage of vitamins and minerals.

Cold pressing is a special food processing method. Individual ingredients are not exposed to high temperatures, so temperature-sensitive molecules, such as vitamins and minerals, are preserved. Due to the production process, natural nutrients are retained, so there is no need to add synthetic vitamins and minerals. Naturavetal food is 100% natural without synthetic vitamins and minerals, without preservatives, without dyes, without stabilizers and without artificial flavors.

The cold pressing process also ensures that the food does not swell in the dog’s stomach, thus not burdening the stomach. Digestion is more efficient and natural.

Wet Food for Dogs

The range of Naturavetal wet food is even more diverse as it includes about 15 different monoprotein flavors. Wet food includes 100% meat cans made from pure meat and associated internal organs. You can choose from duck, beef, and beef with tripe.

Other cans are balanced and complete meals, suitable also for sensitive dogs and allergy sufferers. You can choose from classic flavors like chicken with millet and carrots or more exotic flavors like horse with pumpkin and zucchini or rabbit with apricots. Of course, there are many other delicious flavors available.

A special form of wet food is our 100% meat sausages composed of one type of meat and internal organs. Available flavors are chicken, lamb, goat, rabbit, venison and horse. Sausages represent a meat base, which you supplement with different vegetables and a source of carbohydrates to prepare a balanced meal. The sausages are also excellent as treats for rewarding dogs. They are simply cut into rings and then cubes and used as treats for learning more demanding commands.

Natural Nutritional Supplements

The range of nutritional supplements is also extremely rich. You can choose from various vitamins, such as our multivitamin preparation or BIO quality rosehip, which is an excellent source of vitamin C. Excellent additions to the diet are also high-quality oils, such as our krill oil in capsules, BIO quality hemp oil or classic salmon oil. Supplements for joint support are also important, here you can choose between green-lipped mussel or BIO quality eggshells, which are an excellent source of calcium.

In our offer, there are also various flakes made from dried vegetables and herbs. Simply soak the flakes in lukewarm water to swell, then add them to the meat or our meat sausages to prepare a tasty and balanced meal.

Dog Treats

No dog home is complete without treats and goodies. Naturavetal offers hard treats for longer engagement and dental care. Such treats are various dried skins, which are hard and soften with saliva, so the dog can bite them. Important treats are also mini treats for rewarding. These treats must be small and low-calorie as you will reward every positive behavior of the dog with them. Naturavetal offers various mini dried lungs and different meat strips, which are soft in structure and can be broken into small pieces.

But the treat story doesn’t end here. Our range includes various dried fish, meat sausages, dog biscuits, and dried tripe. Many of our treats are made from rabbit, goat or horse meat and are certainly suitable for sensitive and allergic dogs.

Quality Dog Care Products

Home care for dogs is extremely important, as regular examination and general care can prevent many health problems. Naturavetal thus offers natural products for protection against parasites, natural products for the care of dogs’ teeth, ears, eyes, and paws.

Interesting Facts About Our Company:

Finally, some interesting facts about our family company. We have been the representative for the German brand Naturavetal in Slovenia since 2011. In Slovenia, we are known as Our story began very modestly with a very limited offer. We started with no more than 10 different products. We decided to sell Naturavetal food in Slovenia because our dogs had constant digestive problems and other serious health complications. This encouraged us to look for new food, which was not yet available on the Slovenian market at that time. We were lucky and found Naturavetal.

Our dedication and quality of products have contributed to the ever-growing trust of customers, and so our story has grown and developed. We still remain a family company because this is the only way we can dedicate ourselves to each dog with individual advice and find the food that is most suitable for them.

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