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At Alasaly Law Group, we are a team of result-oriented lawyers with the utmost professional and emotional dedication.

Main Services:

Family Law, Estate Law, Wills, Mediation, Custody, Prenuptial Agreements, Divorces, Probate, Executorship, Cohabitation Agreements

Alasaly Law Group

We are a remote law firm, serving clients all across BC, with our physical office located in Victoria. We understand that legal matters can require a lot of your time, effort and emotions, so our approach is to always assist you in a way that makes the journey smoother for you while ensuring that we achieve your desired result. Whether you are in the midst of a family law matter or contemplating your wills & estate, Alasaly Law Group will help you every step of the way to a successful outcome.

Our lawyers work in a methodical manner based on three things – compassion, collaboration and efficiency. We believe in a collaborative approach where we understand your side of the story and work together to find the best solution. We believe in empathy because each case brings with it a lot of complications and only by caring for our clients can we adopt a suitable path. Our knowledge, experience and dedication motivate us to work round the clock for you so that the results are efficient and desirable.

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