South Africa, Cape Town

Cape Town based consultation business that has been around since 2013, with the aim to keep the business simplistic and small, however, during 2019 we have expanded our horizons through developing an internationally accredited quality management system and registering the the Department of Employment and Labour as an Approved Inspection Authority.

Main Services:


Our SANAS accreditation as Inspection Body is for full scope, hence we measure noise levels and airborne pollutants like chemicals, lead fume/dust and asbestos dust. this is to ascertain the levels of exposure to such pollutants and assess the findings against legally permitted levels and standards, and to assist with the elimination or mitigation of these. In addition, we do measurement of work surface lighting, Indoor Air Quality parameters, building ventilation, thermal stress (heat and cold), ergonomic assessments, hazardous biological agent inspection and testing, and if we don’t provide a service in the wider scope of occupational hygiene, we will assist with finding you the necessary expertise.

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