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A Sight for Sport Eyes

A Sight for Sport Eyes specializes in eyewear for sports, recreation and safety. We can fill most styles with your prescription including stuff your eye doctor doesn’t carry like swim goggle, ski goggles, dive masks, and sports goggles. We also carry safety glasses for work, and specialty glasses for dry eye. Started in 1996 after a sports eye injury nearly blinded a family member, A Sight for Sport Eyes was founded to protect eyes and increase performance by wearing the proper eyewear for whatever sport or activity you play. With all sports, protective padding, helmets, etc. are worn. But very few sports require eyewear, and this results in 100,000+ preventable eye injuries from sports every year. We want to educate the public on how important eyewear is, and how it can improve the experience. Ball sports like baseball, soccer, basketball, are high risks sports for eye injury. For water sports, micro organisms can get into your eye and cause blindness. For fast moving activities like cycling or skiing, the wind can cause tearing of the eyes. With the proper eye protection, you can play safe and enjoy your sport more. And with the proper lenses, you can even enhance your performance by increasing contrast so you can see objects better. With your prescription, you can increase reaction time by being able to see things a fraction of a second sooner. Proper eyewear is essential to a good sport or recreational activity and we are here to help you find the best eyewear for all your sports and recreational activities.

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"That it tells me where to start but also lets me pay for stuff that is out of my scope of know how."

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