4structures.com LLC Structured Settlement Experts

United States, Stamford

4structures.com LLC provides settlement planning expertise for domestic and international clients on matters throughout the USA.

Main Services:

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4structures.com LLC Structured Settlement Experts

We help people manage change, We listen, take time to understand people and meet them where they are, balancing our technical ability, we collaborate and co-create solutions with clients personalize and give our clients a better experience.

John Darer is a 2024 AM Best Client Recommended Structured Settlement Expert and President of 4structures.com, LLC. John Darer is 1 of only 2 Certified Financial Transitionists in the settlement planning space with more than 40 years of financial services experience and 30 years in structured settlements/settlement planning

Attorney fee deferrals, fixed, indexed and market based structured settlements, structured installment sales, funding agreements, Medicare set aside, and more.

Call John Darer at 888-325-8640. Ask John Darer anything about structured settlements and settlement planning

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