United States, Pittsburgh

I am a wedding photographer and blogger. I write content mostly on wedding planning for right now but hoping to expand into other areas soon.

Main Services:

Wedding photography , wedding planning, photography mentoring , business mentoring


What sets me apart from my competition is that I focus on providing value to my clients up front and provide them with things that other photographers only give them once they are booked. I know my photo skills and my level of service blows away my competition, so if I can get value out to potential customers and I get their traffic on my site, 9 out of 10, they are going to book me.

My other photography website is on Zenfolio and it’s so hard to work on SEO with Zenfolio. You can’t customize anything because it’s so user friendly. Just in May, I rebranded to 412brides and built my first WordPress site. It’s a beautiful site, I just don’t know how well it’s going to work for SEO. I’m fairly new to SEO but I want to learn it inside and out, and I have been. I’ve been putting in 20 hour days most days, between working on the new site and learning about SEO. I guarantee my competition isn’t putting in 20 hour days.

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"I like how cheap the pro price was. Most SEO programs try to charge you ridiculous amounts of money when they haven't proven themselves."

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