+4 Health and Performance Centre

Australia, Melbourne

We aren't a "regular gym".. we want success for our members and for them to have the required support to achieve their goals.

Main Services:

Personal Training, Small Group Training, Nutritional Services, Bio-mechanical Analysis, Health screening, Healthy Lifestyle coaching, Body building, Athlete performance coaching, power lifting coaching

+4 Health and Performance Centre

Success for many people doesn’t involve shredded abs and sticking to a very strict diet. Success for many of our current clients means losing 5-20kg’s, actually being physical active more than once per week, avoiding future health scares and living a healthy pain free life where they are happy with their bodies.

I mean sure, we can help people achieve their dream bodies or ensure they compete at the top level as we have a huge before and after transformation wall in our studio, but thats not what everyone wants.

We don’t have the ego and bs bravado in our studio. We aren’t cheerleaders or macho bro’s talking about how good chicken and broccoli 5 times a day is.

We are here to help people find their sustainable, and pair that with give expert training, nutrition and lifestyle advice to deliver exceptional results.

Big commercial gyms can be daunting. They offer little to no support for its members, have overcrowding issues and simply don’t want people to turn up. That’s not us.

We are a fully private personal training studio that offers both 1-1 elite coaching and our +4 program which consists of male and female only small groups with an absolute maximum of 4 people per group.

Our 1-1 elite personal training leaves no result to chance. Our coaches invest a lot of time, money and resources into ensuring we provide our members with personalised solutions to achieve their goals. This is for those who want to ensure they get the very best coaching and support to achieve their goals fast. It is all about you, your body and context. We’ve helped elite athletes win gold, body building competitors win on stage, people achieve remarkable body transformations getting their dream bodies or losing upwards of 60kg’s, and helping bring people back from the edge of major health scares. We cover it all within our 1-1 coaching with personalised nutrition, lifestyle and training advice.

Our small group training is for those that like training with others and is an excellent way to make receiving expert coaching more affordable. Our groups are gender split meaning women only and men only. We’ve found our men and women groups delivers better results and much more enjoyment for our members. Our groups create amazing supportive and competitive environment to train in. We run regular testing days to ensure progress and set new goals for our upcoming training blocks so we can make sure everyone is on track to their goals.

We do offer limited memberships but they are full and at capacity at this stage so there is a waiting list for those who want to join and have access to our facility for private use.

We have our gym structured like this as we like ensuring each member receives a service that far exceeds regular personal training in an environment that is nothing like commercial gyms where its all about numbers and lack of service to its members.

We don’t do big groups and avoid catering to the masses as we provide tailored training programs and nutritional solutions that ensure results for people wanting improve both their health and performance.

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