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3minutemaths is an online resource for students aged 14+, and can help with maths studies through school, college and university.

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The main focus of the site is an extensive range of ‘Quick Tests,’ arranged by topic and difficulty level. Students are encouraged to work through methodically and, if they require any additional support, each page has an embedded YouTube video for quick and easy reference. All posts have downloadable questions and worked answers, which are closely based on questions that could appear on national exams.

Similarly there is an extensive range of past papers, with fully worked solutions, and video walkthrough. More recently I have also created a range of grade based tests, to provide constant practice, and highlight the more popular topics.

3minutemaths is constantly updated, usually two or three times each week, and the materials are based on practical experience of working with a wide range of students. In many cases a new worksheet will be in direct response to a particular requirement.

The site is unique, in that it relies upon student engagement to download and work through the questions – rather than simple multichoice offered by other sites. While I feel that these can be useful, the act of ‘putting pen to paper’ will help to embed the learning through visual memory, and a much more proactive approach to problem solving. Downloadable worksheets also give the opportunity to create more sophisticated and challenging questions, for those students who wish to progress to higher levels.

On a personal level I’ve been involved in maths and English for quite some time, as I qualified as an Engineering Officer in the Merchant Navy. It was a great experience and I was lucky to get the opportunity to see different cultures around the world – from New Zealand to the Middle East.

However, during the past few years, I have enjoyed running after school study centres.

I’m always interested in “practical maths” and have developed a number of projects to encourage students including:
– a unique product called ‘Mathswrap,’ – this was accepted as a potential business to be featured in UK ‘Dragons Den’ – similar to ‘Shark Tank’
– online courses and I’m delighted that over 500 students have enrolled with some great reviews.
– 3minutemaths website
– my YouTube channel (over 80,000 subscribers!).

During the past 20 years I have gained considerable experience in supporting higher level ‘gifted and talented,’ medical needs, school refusers, as well as a wide range of adults aiming for career changes. I’m very familiar with all aspects of the UK maths curriculum, to GCSE, including the Edexcel, AQA, OCR and Eduqas exam boards.

There are a range of specific areas that I have been fortunate to ask to work with:
Year 6 achieving high grades
Year 7/8 intervention
Year 9 check
Year 11 borderline
Entrance exam to various Grammar schools including Eton

Many students have progressed to gain prestigious academic qualifications, and become leaders in their field.

“We are very happy with the work that Simon is doing for one of our pupils.
He is very engaging and has quickly developed a very positive relationship.
His work is always well planned and very quickly we are seeing the impact of Simon’s work.
I would highly recommend Simon to school’s and parent’s with bright children who they want to support.” Martin – Headteacher (Secondary Entrance Exams)

“Simon has an excellent rapport with our 15 year old son who thinks he knows more than all his teachers at his school. Simon is empathetic and polite and always punctual. He has a good sense of humour and we often hear him and our son laughing which is unusual for a grumpy teenager. He seems to have a good understanding in the subjects he tutors and puts his message across succinctly with great patience. I have no hesitation in recommending him.” David – Dad

“Very personable, will be using” Kevin – Dad

“We are finding Simon excellent! My son is enthusiastic towards his Maths again, and is really working hard with his English. There’s enough work to keep him on his toes, but not too much to leave him without a life. He provides useful titbits that make the lessons fun, engaging the child in his area of interest and using that interest as a tool or illustration for the learning process. I will not hesitate to recommend him.” Uzoechi – Mum

“After just three lessons with Simon my daughters now talk confidently about maths and tackle their homework with pleasure. Simon’s initial assessment of them proved invaluable in that he was able to quickly highlight any gaps and these are now being addressed. Simon has also given us advice on how we can further imbed their learning. Simon is reliable, professional and polite… my daughters really enjoy being taught by him, and it’s lovely to hear them so engaged in what they’re doing. Worth every penny!” Diane – Mum

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