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22 Salute: A Mission-Driven Initiative Supporting Veterans and First Responders

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22 Salute Spirits & Coffee

22 Salute is a brand that goes beyond the production and sale of high-quality spirits and coffee—it is a mission-driven initiative that seeks to make a positive and lasting impact in the lives of veterans and first responders. With a focus on mental health, 22 Salute is dedicated to addressing the challenges faced by those who have served their communities and their country with courage, honor, and sacrifice. Understanding the prevalence of untreated mental health conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety among veterans and first responders, 22 Salute aims to raise awareness of these issues and provide meaningful support to improve their quality of life.

At the heart of 22 Salute’s mission is the commitment to giving back. A portion of the profits generated from the sale of every 22 Salute product is donated to The Veterans Connection (TVC), a reputable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is steadfast in its focus on veteran and first responder mental health and suicide prevention. TVC’s mission is to ensure that every veteran who served the United States is provided with the necessary resources for mental health, PTSD, and suicide prevention. Additionally, TVC extends its support to first responders, recognizing that they, too, face unique mental health challenges as a result of their service.

The approach adopted by TVC revolves around a four-phase strategy to help improve the quality of life for veterans:

CONNECT: TVC facilitates meaningful connections for veterans within communities that are eager to offer support, provide a sense of belonging, ensure safety, and promote accountability. Social connections are an integral part of mental well-being, and TVC is dedicated to fostering an environment where veterans feel understood and supported.
EMPOWER: Recognizing that meeting basic needs is essential to mental health, TVC strives to assist veterans with necessities such as food, housing, transportation, and childcare. By alleviating excessive distress caused by unmet basic needs, TVC empowers veterans to focus on their well-being and healing journey.
ALIGN: TVC is a strong advocate for alternative healing solutions that contribute to the holistic well-being of veterans. By helping veterans access vetted alternative healing methods, TVC ensures that they can develop and maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit.
THRIVE: TVC goes beyond immediate support to provide veterans with access to programs that can contribute to their long-term career, vocational, and financial growth. The organization believes that empowering veterans to thrive in their civilian lives is key to enhancing their overall quality of life.
As a double gold award-winning brand, 22 Salute takes pride in producing exceptional spirits and coffee while staying true to its core values. Every product is handcrafted by American heroes to support American heroes. Every purchase made by consumers is an act of solidarity with veterans and first responders, directly contributing to the betterment of their lives.

22 Salute’s initiative extends beyond the sale of products—it is an invitation for individuals to join a community that is passionate about making a positive impact. The brand’s website provides an opportunity for visitors to join the mailing list, allowing them to stay informed about new locations, additional spirits, and special offers. By doing so, members of the community are able to actively participate in the brand’s mission and contribute to a cause that is greater than themselves.

22 Salute’s dedication to mental health awareness and support is a testament to the brand’s desire to honor the sacrifices made by veterans and first responders. Through meaningful engagement and contributions, 22 Salute continues to make a difference in the lives of those who have selflessly served. Every purchase of a 22 Salute product helps save a life, and every act of support brings the brand one step closer

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