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Gas Fireplace Repair Service If you have an aging fireplace and want to increase the safety and comfort level of your home, then calling 1st Choice Residential is a no-brainer.

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1st Choice Residential

The technicians handling the fire repair for our company have over 30 years of experience in the industry and have the highest level of National Fire Protection Association certification. Our technicians begin by examining the fireplace and then determine the best course of action to repair said fireplace. The professionals will also examine your chimney covering the firebox, damper, smoke shelf, refractory panels, and flue. The fumes and ash in the chimney will be vacuumed out, leaving your home clean. Our cleaning service also encompasses cleaning the dryer vent to remove any trapped lint build-up on the dryer duct. 1st Choice Residential is a veteran owned and operated business located in the greater Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas and Mobile, Alabama area. Founded in 2009, 1st Choice Residential prides itself as a one-stop shop for any homeowner who needs repairs, installation and maintenance services performed to their residential property.

Some of our numerous projects completed for our clients include; expert roofing care, chimney cleaning & repair, fireplace maintenance, dryer vent cleaning, fireplace maintenance and repair.

1st Choice Residential knows that your home is more than just a place to live, it’s a symbol of those who occupy it, those who have walked through it, and the memories made within its walls.

Our company strives every day to ensure that you have access to quality service at reasonable rates so that you can continue enjoying your home throughout its lifetime.

BBQ Grill
BBQ Grill Cleaning & Repair Service
Keeping up with your BBQ grill maintenance is essential for the longevity of your priceless machines. Individuals lacking the needed skill to clean and repair their grill have become the victims of serious injury or even in some cases, death. 1st Choice Residential has professionally trained employees that efficiently clean and repair your BBQ grill without risk of injury. Furthermore, the company’s services include upgrading our clients’ grills, making them perform at a higher efficiency than previously. With a 30-day labor warranty on repairs, and with the use of the safest Green Citrix products to deep clean and sanitize your BBQ grill, we guarantee to not only meet our customers satisfaction but to exceed them as well.

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