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Directories and Other Resources to Post Your Website

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Directories and Other Resources to Post Your Website

Read time 15 min read
Directories and Other Resources to Post Your Website

Improve your content marketing + SEO in 60 seconds! Diib uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your traffic and rankings. We’ll even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.


Easy-to-use automated social media + SEO tool


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Where to Post Your Website Link

You have a website and now you’re ready to present it to the worldwide web; to let people know what you have got to offer. To do this, you first have to promote your website. But then the issue arises with regards to where to post your website link in order for the world to access it. This review being presented to you is based on some 15 years of experience accrued in successfully promoting affiliate websites and blogs while generating revenue from google adverts and social media. In these cases, the websites promoted targeted health and wellness, making money and real estate niches respectively. Indeed, if you are diligent to give the options discussed a try, you will have the ability to achieve success in securing financial freedom and financial independence from having a 9-5 job!

How to Promote Your Website

For starters, there is both good news and bad news for you. As for the good news, you have numerous options at your disposal to choose from on how to promote your website. Now, the bad news is that several of the options are useless. The options that are hereby presented to you are tried and true and have consistently delivered time and again for website promoters. For easy reading, they are broken up into 3 categories of site promotions. And they are: the free promotions, the part-free and part-paid promotions and the paid promotions resources respectively. These are the ones highly recommended by some of the top website marketers in the business and you will do yourself a huge favor to read on.

Whichever of these options you go for, it is advisable that you use link shorteners to make it easier for you to post your website, especially if it has a long url. A link shortener generates for you a shortened version of your site link that you can post such that whoever clicks on it is directed to your web page. Here is an example:

Directories and Other Resources to Post Your Website

You will definitely find them beneficial for your promos and the best part is that they are free! There are many options that you can choose from. And some of the selections that are very popular with established website marketers that you should consider include the selections that are on offered at https://bitly.com, https://tinyurl.com, https://is.gd, https://tiny.cc, http://bit.do and https://tr.im.

1. Free Promotional Resources

1.1 Google Content Posts

Let’s say that your website targets the “making money” niche. You may ask, “How can I promote my website for free on Google?” Posting useful content on your web pages is the way to go. Make sure that you regularly publish posts concerning making money that google searchers would look up. Google will help them find your content and your website for free! Just make sure that you add relevant keywords to your content to ensure search engine optimization of your website for your web pages to rank above those of your competitors in the search results.With frequent posting of content relevant to your offer, their level of trust in you will grow to generate you a high turnover of visitors over time. If your offer meets their needs, you will have earned yourself long term followers, customers or clients!

FACT: 77% of companies say they have a content marketing strategy. (Hubspot)

1.2 Yelp Directory Listing

Another approach that you can use with very satisfactory results to promote your website for free on google is by submitting it to the Yelp directory. It is a directory which affords you free listing of your website for exposure, capitalizing on positive reviews of visitors to your site among other factors. It happens to be one of few directories trusted by google so much so that its pages frequently appear in the top 10 organic search results on google’s first page. Once you submit your website to Yelp and it appears in its listings, which are a great way to get local exposure for your offer, you can rest assured that it will get advertised with no out-of-pocket-costs on your part on google! Here is what a Yelp listing looks like:

Directories and Other Resources to Post Your Website

(Image credit: Yelp)

Improve your content marketing + SEO in 60 seconds!

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Content Marketing

1.3. Angie’s List Directory

You may wonder, “How else can I post my link free, with no out of pocket costs?” Angie’s List will afford you this ability. It is a directory and review portal where users look up information on different local businesses, access their ratings and reviews while leaving their own reviews as well. The visitors can pay for offers from the listed sites at a subsidized rate. With its broad and diverse audience that you can display your website to, all you have to do is submit your site url, enter particulars concerning your website and you’re all set! The directory takes up your website into its data feed such that your site link is displayed whenever a user conducts a search relevant to your site content. Besides promoting your website, the directory optimizes your site for the search engines to pick it up with ease when visitors use search terms relevant to its content. This boosts the ranking of your website in the search engines including the prominent ones like Google. That translates into massive traffic to your website! Take a look at what your listing on Angie’s List might look like:

Directories and Other Resources to Post Your Website

(Image credit: Angie’s List)

2. Part-Free and Part-Paid Promotional Resources for Websites

2.1 GetResponse Email Marketing

If you are a newbie marketer wondering how to promote a new website, check out Getresponse email marketing. It is very easy to use and greatly simplifies broad email campaigns. The free part of GetResponse’s offer is a 30-day trial permitting you to check out what they can do for you. If you aren’t impressed, you simply end the trial before the 30th day. However, if you like what you see, you then proceed to the paid part of their offer starting at $15/month for an email campaign targeting a list of 1000 prospects. Their services come with automation featuring attractive and responsive forms, autoresponders, tracking of leads who unsubscribe as well as integration with 3rd party lead generators such as SalesForce. Customer support includes email, phone and live chat. You also get free education by videos and webinars. For example:

Directories and Other Resources to Post Your Website

(Image credit: GetResponse)

You will be interested

2.2 Facebook

Another resourceful option for your website promotion that leading marketers highly recommend is Facebook! “With this, do I get similar results as when I promote my website for free on google?” you may ask. Indeed, the results are comparable and, in some cases, much better! You will get very satisfactory results with Facebook and, just like with Google, you have both free promotion and paid promotion options. You generate free visits to your website by joining Facebook groups to network with people who are likely to be into your offer. Alternatively, you can buy Facebook advertising to generate visitors to your websites within minutes of launch.

FACT: 94% of marketers use social media for content distribution. (Hubspot)

  1. Facebook Group Posts

You can start your Facebook promotions for free by submitting posts with relevant content to groups that you know your offer will appeal to. For example, if your website targets the real estate niche, join several real estate groups. Opt for those with a membership of 50,000+ so that you may avoid being blocked by Facebook for making too many group posts when the group sizes are smaller. This is a good place where to use link shorteners to shorten your website url before embedding it into your real estate posts. This type of posting can churn out some very serious quality traffic for your website which could translate into five-figure sales and commissions to your credit. And, as aforementioned, it’s free! Here is an example of the group page:

Directories and Other Resources to Post Your Website

  1. Facebook Page Posts

Setting up a Facebook page to promote your website is a lot easier if you have ever set up a blog. It is free and all you have to do is design it to present your offer in a manner that will capture your target audience. For example, using the health and wellness website theme, you post related content to the page. This would range from home fitness equipment reviews to posts on vegan protein shakes for athletes and fitness enthusiasts and the latest in nutrient supplements for seniors. You have to regularly upload relevant content to your following. As they build trust in you through your posts, they will start buying or signing up for your offers. At the conclusion of each post, encourage your audience to “like” and “share”.

Directories and Other Resources to Post Your Website

(Image credit: Hootsuite)

III. Facebook Paid Posts

Facebook has some of the lowest rates around in online advertising with regards to their cost-per-click or the amount you pay each time a visitor they direct to your website clicks your link. As long as your ad costs amounts to just 25% of the revenue they generate for you, your campaign is worth the investment. The return on your investment or the money you make from the money you spend advertising should be your basis for determining whether this option is worthwhile. You can set up your paid campaign by going to Business Manager or Facebook Ads Manager from the Facebook page you have already set up. You will get step by step instructions on how to get up and running. Here is a prime example of a paid Facebook post:

Directories and Other Resources to Post Your Website

(Image credit: marketingland)

2.3 Aweber Email Marketing

You may ask, “Are there other ways how I can successfully post my link free of out-of-pocket costs with email marketing?” The answer is yes – with Aweber. You can get your website promotion up and running with their 30 day free trial. AWeber is easy to use and can be easily integrated to popular website promoting platforms like WordPress. You can sign up just to check them out for free to find out how they automate email marketing and rate your results before terminating your trial before your 30 days are up! If you like them, the paid services start at $19/month for you to reach 500 subscribers with your email campaign. Your subscription with them can be either quarterly or annual if you want to save on your costs. Here are some of the high quality Aweber templates to choose from:

Directories and Other Resources to Post Your Website

We hope that you found this article useful.

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3. Paid Promotional Resources

3.1 Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a paid per click (PPC) website promoting platform where to post your website link in the form of customized ads for display on Google Search and other Google partner sites. It was first introduced by Google on October 23, 2000. How It works is that you create a text ad and select the keywords relevant to your site content then you set a limit to the highest bid price for your keywords. With Google AdWords, you are only charged when online visitors actually click on your ad. In other words, your investment is spent only on those who show interest in what you are offering on your website. This ensures that your promotion is cost effective. For example:

Directories and Other Resources to Post Your Website

The beauty with Google AdWords advertising is that the moment you launch your website campaign, you start receiving the relevant visitors to your site within minutes! You can start seeing responses to your offer in an expedited manner. AdWords affords your website traffic of the highest quality that you can get. Besides, Google is constantly working on improving its performance so that you can get the most for what you invest in the service. By using AdWords to promote your website, you get to benefit from its display network advertising comprising over 2 million websites and 600,000 web apps. That translates into the display of your website before more than 90% of web surfers globally.

3.2 TikTok Advertising Platform

Within 4 years, TikTok has accrued in excess of 1 billion users globally, overtaking Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. Now, that is a huge global audience to present your website to; an enormous exposure worth considering for whatever you are offering. In 2019, it was the most downloaded app second to WhatsApp only. They offer four types of advertising listed below.

  • Branded lenses – whereby you create 2D or 3D lenses with your offer for users to check out.
  • Brand takeover – whereby your image or video ads featuring your offer dominate a specific topic for the day.
  • Hashtag challenge – whereby you create hashtags to encourage users to add content to and capture input of influencers.
  • In-feed native video – whereby you create 9 to 15 second videos featuring your offer that the “For You” page of the app displays.

Here is an example of a great TikTok advertising strategy:

Directories and Other Resources to Post Your Website

(Image credit: influencermarketinghub.com)

With it’s downloads continuing to grow, it is already being projected as the biggest social network of the future. It’s advertising network charges you advertising campaigns at the rate of $20 to $50. Given that it is continuing to grow its audience, It affords you the opportunity to grow your website exposure along with it and is worth the affordable investment for you to check out.

3.3 Fiverr Services

Fiverr is another option for promoting your website. It is the world’s largest market where to find digital services including website promotion. You gain access to freelancers offering different website promotion services. They include services such as social media marketing, social media advertising, content marketing, video marketing and more. The services are very affordable, if you have a marketing budget, starting at $5. Fiverr enables you to identify a freelancer with a rating that appeals to you and a price that you can afford to outsource your website promotion to. For example:

Directories and Other Resources to Post Your Website

With just one click, you place your order, fill in some particulars on your website, make payment and wait for the freelancer to get back to you, confirming the completion of your order. To avoid disappointment, it is highly recommended that you choose the freelancer with the best rating for the promotional method of your preference. Then make payment accordingly. On a positive note, most freelancers are courteous enough to start you off at just $5, so that you can assess their performance before you can upscale your costs.

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How and where to post a new website or any type of website for that matter does not have to be so daunting. Because the methods for promoting websites keep evolving and you don’t want to get left behind, it’s vital to keep track of performance. The best way to do this is to invest in a analytics dashboard designed to integrate with your current campaigns. Here are some of the features you’ll love:

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There are several reasons why you aren’t able to post your website link on Facebook. Facebook requires you to post with a facebook page instead of with a personal profile page. So, make sure you are linking with a business page. You also may find your Facebook may link to your website but you won’t necessarily have the ability to add a Facebook feed block, or it might show up as a blank block.

From your phone or tablet can be quite simple. First you need to tap on the ellipsis icon that appears beside the file menu. Then tap “Share as Link” or Manage link if you’ve already created the link. Tap “Send link to” and then choose the program/interface you would like to send your link from.

For all intents and purposes, social media platforms are free to advertise. If you decide to promote through paid ads, obviously, you would choose the price point. You can do so much for free on social media platforms such as: YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Google My Business is also a free tool that can increase your traffic exponentially.

Yes, Facebook allows posting of affiliate links on both your personal profile page and your business page. If you use different affiliate networks, be sure to check the Terms of Service to be sure you’re ok.

Try opening the site in another browser, often this is simply a browser issue. If that doesn’t work, Chrome in your settings page. Switching off the “predict network actions to improve page load performance” could fix the issue.


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