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Everything You Need to Know about Landing Pages

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Everything You Need to Know about Landing Pages

Read time 14 min read
What is a Landing Page

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Everything You Need to Know about Landing Pages

Converting visitors on your website into leads is one of the first steps in creating an excellent relationship between your business and your potential clients.

Many marketers believe that a post-click landing page is any page that someone visits after clicking an advertisement. However, numerous campaigns use website resources such as about pages, contact us pages or home pages as landing pages, however, these are not necessarily landing pages.

What is a Landing Page?

What is a landing page? A landing page is a web page created for offering information about any online product, service or for marketing purposes. It is commonly known as the web page where visitors land first from social media, emails, or search engines. Landing pages are also used to introduce products or services with the aim of generating sales.

What is a Landing Page


What is a landing page and how does it work?

Before a visitor ends up on your landing page, they will have to go through various stages to get there. Some marketers fail to understand what a landing page is and how it works . In short, a landing page has a few key elements, such as:

  • First, a potential lead will see a call to action that will take them to your landing page that has a form.
  • The client is then asked to fill in a form, and they are recognized as leads.
  • After filling out the form, their data is stored in your database, where other leads are stored.
  • You can now advertise your products or services to these potential leads depending on the information you have about them. This is usually accomplished through an email list.

However, there are some lucrative marketing tools that can help you determine which offers led to conversions, and other aspects of interaction of your page. This information can help you to further scale these leads, and come up with a variety of ways to keep this lead active throughout the life of the product.

In many cases, visitors to your site will sign up for your form, whether it be an email list or any other type of contact, because they believe your information will become a valuable resource.

What is a Landing Page


Driving Conversions

Landing pages are one of the main elements in lead conversion. However, a landing page will need to work with other elements in order to lead to a conversion, such as:

  • Call to Action. This is a text or an image that encourages the user to finish a certain action. When it comes to landing pages, a CTA is used to inform the user to click so they will get an offer. CTAs and the landing page should resonate to increase the conversion rate.
  • Landing page. A landing page is meant to promote the offer, encouraging the visitor to convert to a lead. After the visitor has filled out the form, he or she should be sent to another page.
  • Thank You Page. Marketers are advised to use a thank you page even if the tool they are using cannot provide a thank you message.

What do you need to Create a Landing Page?

Before you create a landing page, you need to carry out your research in order to offer visitors accurate and insightful information. Here is a list of some of the things you will need before you create a landing page.

  1. Persona

It is important to have a persona that represents the potential customer. The persona is based on the data you have about your customer, based on your market research.

Knowing your customer’s persona can help you curate content that caters to your customer’s needs. Conducting ample research on your customer’s persona has the potential to lead to more conversions.

  1. Offer

Offering incentives and other types of promotional material will give your visitors value apart from the initial product being sold. Offers can be a variety of different things, such as webinars, a comparison guide, or any downloadable information about your product and niche.

Did you know? Visitors are 80% more likely to engage with content that includes bold and attractive copy? (Xerox)

You will be interested

What is a Landing Page


How to Create a Landing Page

Creating a landing page is a rather simple and straightforward process.Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Headlines.

Create headlines that will attract your visitors’ attention, and encourage them to visit your website. This is the first thing they will come across when they are redirected to your site.

  • Use Bullet Points.

Adding bullet points is a great way to add the usability aspect to your page, as it is much easier to read, rather than a large block of text. Summarize your offer and give the reader an overview of what they should expect on your page as bullet points.

  • Create a Form.

Forms are a great way to get visitor information, and provide them value in the process. However, it is important to keep it simple. Instructions for filling out the form should be brief and straightforward for the customer to fill out. Furthermore, it is important to create forms that are related to the products and services you are offering.

  • Do Not Include Site Navigation.

Your landing page will be effective if you give your visitor an opportunity to leave the page. When you remove the site navigation, you will allow your visitor to focus on the landing page only without being distracted by other pages on your site.

  • Add Images

To attract your visitors, use relevant images on your landing page. Mostly, people will stay on your page if they see an attractive image that captures their attention, and provides them with valuable information on the product.

  • Include Social Sharing Icons.

Although you should not link to other pages on your site, It is recommended that you have some social sharing icons, so that visitors have the opportunity to share your landing page with others.

  • Make Sure To Include Testimonials Where Appropriate.

Nowadays, individuals check reviews from other people about products or services before they decide to access them. Make sure not to add reviews that are not relevant to your offer. Ensure it is related to the product or service that you are promoting.

  • Include Clear, Concise Copy.

It is important that visitors have clear instructions when visiting your landing page. Clean and concise copy is critical to a high conversion rate. A great example of a sample text for a CTA or other copy is “To get the book, please fill out the form below.” These are clear, concise directions, and are simple to understand, even for those who may not be computer savvy.

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Types of Landing Pages

It is possible to increase conversions when you use ads with essential landing pages that will provide your visitor with what they want. There are various landing page examples. However, the type of landing page you use also determines the rate of conversions. Here are several landing page examples that you can create.

  • Splash Page

These pages are very different compared to other types of landing pages. Prior to landing on the splash page, you can verify some information from the user, such as age and language preferences. A splash page usually has graphics on the background and the message you would like to communicate to the visitor.

Splash landing pages can be utilized at different stages of advertising. However, a splash page is not used for lead generation but rather for announcement purposes, such as sales or promotions.

Here is an example of a splash page:

What is a Landing Page


  • Squeeze Page

These landing pages are used to gather details such as the email address of your client, and are  given free offers in return. This page usually has a short form where the visitor provides their email address that you can use in your advertising funnel.

  • Lead Capture Page

These types of pages oftentimes have more copy as compared to squeeze pages, and use them during the middle funnel stage. They are known to collect leads using a form, similar to the ones mentioned above.

For lead capture pages to be effective, you should ensure that you have a healthy balance of “ask” and “reward” on your site. These pages let you gather important details about the potential lead, which can later lead to the sales page and a conversion.

  • Sales Pages

These pages must be strategically designed because their main aim is to convince the visitors to buy a specific product or service. Encouraging visitors to actually make a transaction, rather than just signing up for an email list, can be difficult. It is important to provide concise and informative copy in order to make a conversion.

  • Thank You Page

After visitors have filled out the form, they will come across or access your products or services; they should then be directed to a thank you page.

What is a Landing Page on Facebook?

Facebook advertising is one of the cheapest marketing methods available. Facebook marketing can help you reach out to a huge audience that is interested in your niche. However, it has the best targeting capabilities.

If you want your facebook ad campaigns to be successful, you need to have quality landing pages with informative copy and striking visual ads. Adding attractive visual ads for these campaigns is important, although it is also important to accompany these Facebook ads with strong landing pages.

Recently, marketers were using Facebook landing pages as pages which they can create utilizing third-party platforms. Their main aim was to prompt visitors to do actions such as liking or even completing a form on their page.

Did you know? 58% of landing pages include pictures, graphics, or other types of attractive images that provide customers with value. (Marketing Experiments)

Importance of Facebook Landing Pages

  • Landing Pages Provide First Impressions

When you advertise your business, it should take your visitor to a landing page where they will get to learn about the benefits of doing business with your company. You should grab their contact details as fast as you can, so you will send them to landing pages that you might have created for the campaigns you are running.

Make sure you include an engaging landing page because a landing page can either break or create the first impression of the visitor.

  • Provide Pages That Garner Interest

Mostly, traffic visits your landing page after they see an ad that interests them, and they click through it. Landing pages give website owners a chance to use their visitor’s interest to their advantage.

  • Landing Pages Provide Offers

A landing page sends people anywhere on your site or your homepage. You can use this chance to grab important contact information and build trust with these potential clients.

Landing pages are essential when it comes to an effective inbound funnel, which are similar to Facebook landing pages. A Facebook page is similar to the homepage of your site.

  • Landing Pages Build Audiences.

Facebook Landing pages give you the chance to gather information about users to help you come up with a contact list. Most business owners use Facebook pages to create a community that is interested in your brand. Facebook landing pages give you the chance to promote your business through lead nurturing emails, and attractive copy that promotes your brand. Here is an example of a facebook landing page template:

What is a Landing Page


We hope that you found this article useful.

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How to Create Effective Facebook Landing Pages

As much as landing pages are easy and straightforward, they vary in type depending on the type of campaign you want to carry out. However, they should all carry out the same task, which is driving conversion. Here is a good example of a landing page:

What is a Landing Page

Each type of landing page is designed to help you promote Facebook ads and encourage visitors to click.

  1. Simplicity

Make your Facebook landing page as simple as you can. You should not distract your visitors with excess designs, images, or copy.

  1. Clarity

Make sure you keep information straightforward for your visitors. You would rather have enough on your landing page than have too much information that may distract them.

  1. Relevance

You need to make use of important ads to attract people to your landing page. Make sure your Facebook landing page shows information related to the ads the visitor have clicked to get to your page.

  1. Value

One of the aims of using a landing page is ensuring that people are presented with value on the page immediately. It is important to provide informative copy, valuable information and a guide to help visitors navigate the page. Use one of your products that you sell the most and provide value for that product.

  1. Discuss the Importance of the offer.

Inform your visitors about how the product will positively impact them, and the benefits they will experience if they accept your offer, product, or service.

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A landing page is designed to funnel visitors into a potential sales page, and encourage them to purchase your product or service.

Yes, a landing page should be optimized to promote and sell a specific product or service.

Titles and headings are very important for landing pages, as they are the very first thing visitors will see when entering the page.
Titles and heading should be optimized for SEO and designed to engage the reader.

Keep it simple
Provide clarity on the product, ensure you clearly explain the product, and how it will benefit the customer.
Create an engaging headline to attract readers and create conversions.

Who is my target audience
What type of product are you promoting
Am I choosing the right keywords
Is your copy clear and concise?


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