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Website Traffic Estimator For 2021

Test your SEO in 60 seconds! Diib is one of the best SEO tools in the world. Diib uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your traffic and rankings. We’ll even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.

Scan your website DA in 60 seconds! Diib is one of the best SEO tools in the world. Diib uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your traffic and rankings. We’ll even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.


Easy-to-use automated SEO tool


Intelligently suggests ideas to improve SEO


Keyword and backlink monitoring + ideas

Website Traffic Estimator For 2021

Read time 11 min read

Test your SEO in 60 seconds! Diib is one of the best SEO tools in the world. Diib uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your traffic and rankings. We’ll even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.

Scan your website DA in 60 seconds! Diib is one of the best SEO tools in the world. Diib uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your traffic and rankings. We’ll even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.


Easy-to-use automated social media + SEO tool


Automated ideas to improve Social Media traffic + sales


Keyword and backlink monitoring + ideas

Are you busy now trying to figure out how to estimate traffic for a new website? If you are, then you have no reason to feel dread or panic. That’s because you can always rely on an online traffic estimator. This is a kind of device that can help you easily and efficiently make guesses that relate to upcoming site traffic. If you want to figure out how to check website visitors per day, it may be the ideal tool for you and for all of your objectives. Learning how to accurately check competitor website traffic may help you stay ahead of the rest of the pack.

What Are Website Traffic Estimators and What Do They Do? 

What exactly are web traffic estimators, anyway? They’re advanced tools that are capable of evaluating details that relate to websites. They evaluate how many visitors sites receive day in and day out, first of all. They evaluate how long visitors linger on sites. They evaluate where they got site visitors in the first place. They even evaluate keywords that racked up the most views in total. Websites can “score” visitors through numerous diverse channels. They can get them through backlinks, paid advertisements and general search engine requests.

Don’t ever assume that all website traffic estimators are exactly the same, because they aren’t. There are estimators that assess peoples’ websites individually while there are others that provide users with assessments of their key competitors. Although they have functions that aren’t identical, they can be equally beneficial for search engine optimization and other similar objectives.

Some of these website traffic checkers are free to use, at least on a limited basis. If you do not want to have to pay to assess your site and its visitors, you should learn about website traffic checker free options that have a lot of traction at the moment.

What an Online Website Traffic Estimator Can Do for You

If you want to stay on top of any and all website ranking matters, then it can help you considerably to explore all of the choices in estimators that are in front of you. It can help you to grasp all of the things that they may be able to accomplish for you as well. Reviewing estimator summaries can:

  • Highlight Demographics: Estimators can give you details that pertain to total site visitor amounts. They can help you pinpoint where these people are based in the nation or around the planet. For example, take a look at this data compiled by Diib.
  • Help with Bounce Rates: These summaries can do so much for people who want to stay on top of bounce rates and related topics. If your site visitors tend to stay around for a bit, that can help you with your future actions. If they tend to leave in favor of other sites practically immediately, that can help you figure out which adjustments may be essential.
  • Highlight Search metrics: It can also be productive to find out about specific searches that were performed through search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. If you can pinpoint search terms that get people to your site, it may help you with keyword selection and with associated subjects.
  • Improve Posting Strategies: People who create and maintain websites naturally want to figure out any adjustments they can make that can strengthen engagement. Thankfully, estimators can be extremely helpful for engagement improvement applications. They can help site owners pinpoint the most effective posting times throughout the day or the week. If you want to be able to make the most out of your posts and blogs, analyzing the times of the day that lead to the best outcomes can be incredibly smart. The last thing you want to do is waste a strong post on a timeframe that just is’t optimal for engagement.

Estimate 2021 Website Traffic with This Free Tool

  • Improve Page Performance: These devices can help people who want to recognize the specific pages that are particularly powerful. They can help those who want to be able to zero in on the specific pages that aren’t quite up to par as well. If you want to analyze individual page performance without mistakes and misunderstandings, then the cooperation of a solid estimator can be a game-changer.
  • Track Mobile Friendliness: Businesses these days need to put a lot of effort into the mobile world. That’s because people are turning to their mobile devices for web surfing applications more than ever before. The reality is that people actually utilize their mobile devices for Internet browsing more often than they use their desktop and laptop computers. If you use a trusty estimator, then it can help you make key determinations that involve your mobile approach. Businesses nowadays often put a lot of time into crafting sites that are optimal for mobile devices. Mobile-friendly sites are becoming more indispensable than ever.
  • Compare Active Campaigns: Businesses often are at the helm of numerous digital marketing campaigns at the same exact time. If you want to be able to precisely compare your active campaigns, then the use of one of these tools can work well. These tools can help you pinpoint all of the Internet campaigns that are giving you conversions and traffic. They can help you pinpoint all of the campaigns that aren’t doing much for you in those departments as well. If you want to be able to separate the good from the bad, then using an estimator can get you on the correct track.

Estimators keep their users in the loop. If you’re curious about adjustments that may help your site in the future, these estimators can provide you with pertinent details. If you are serious about any edits that may help your business and all of its aims, a website traffic estimators can help you significantly. They’re designed to accommodate people who are 100 percent committed to boosting traffic. Take a look at the Diib user dashboard. You’ll notice your overall health score and those of your social media, traffic, visitor experience and mobile friendliness. You’ll also see technical metrics that monitor things like your SSL certificate, domain authority and backlink health. Without a functional user dashboard, many of these key ranking factors could slip through the cracks.

Estimate 2021 Website Traffic with This Free Tool

Best Website Traffic Estimator Tools to Help You Grow

If you’re enthusiastic about your brand new site, it can help you substantially to learn about choices that may be easily accessible to you.

  • Google Analytics is an example of a tool that has countless devotees all around the globe. It specializes in compiling data for people who want to receive comprehensive summaries. The following is a sample of what event tracking would look like in Google Analytics. Many companies, like Diib, sync their software with Google Analytics for the ideal metric inventory.

Estimate 2021 Website Traffic with This Free Tool

  • SEMrush can do a lot for people who want to be able to evaluate competitor site traffic and keyword performance. This is an example of what you might see when analyzing data in SEMrush.

Estimate 2021 Website Traffic with This Free Tool

  • Clicky, on the other hand, is one example of software that can be favorable for people who want to be able to evaluate the performance levels of their individual sites.

Estimate 2021 Website Traffic with This Free Tool

Diib® is another example of an SEO software tool that can give you specific metrics and data on your new or existing website. With targeted objectives and alerts, you can easily spot issues before they affect the health of your site.

Master Website Traffic Estimation

Mastering the concept of estimating site traffic can be a fantastic idea. If you want to be in the loop regarding your website ranking status, then you should brush up on your estimation skills as soon as possible. It can help you greatly to utilize information that’s associated with sites that are a lot like yours. This kind of traffic can be a foundation for you. Staying on top of your rivals and their sites can help you take actions that can boost your traffic substantially for the future. Don’t ever make the mistake of wasting your time on sites that are nothing like your own. If you have a site for a small bakery that specializes in pastries, you should look into businesses that cater to the same overall customer bases.

Why Should You Check Website Visitors Per Day?

Most people who work for businesses are aware of the value of getting strong site traffic on a consistent basis. Although they may know that high website traffic is crucial, they may not be able to explain why. The better you grasp the actual rewards of site traffic, the easier it will be for you to take advantage of them in your own life. If you get a lot of site traffic, then you can strengthen your earnings considerably. People who head to your website may be able to learn more about your accessible services or products. They may be able to purchase both of these things through your site as well. If you rack up a lot of traffic, then you understandably may be able to rack up a lot of sales and profits. It can be wonderful to be able to sell your services or products to more members of the general public. That’s because impressive sales can motivate happy customers to spread the word. If you want to be able to promote your small or mid-sized business in a manner that’s somewhat organic, then you need to stay in the loop regarding site visitors amounts.

Website traffic spikes can also be amazing for search engine optimization applications, however, if you aren’t prepared and fully optimized, they can be hazardous. Spikes can lead to slow download speeds and unhappy customers. Top-notch SEO practices can lead to many things that can be favorable for up-and-coming businesses. They can strengthen user experiences dramatically, increase numbers of leads, enhance close rates, improve cost management and even do positive things for conversions.

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Did you know an enormous 70% of consumers admit that the speed pages load on a website affects their buying decisions?

Test your SEO in 60 seconds!

Diib is one of the best SEO tools in the world. Diib uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your traffic and rankings. We’ll even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.

  • Easy-to-use automated SEO tool
  • Keyword and backlink monitoring + ideas
  • Speed, security, + Core Vitals tracking
  • Intelligently suggests ideas to improve SEO
  • Over 500,000k global members
  • Built-in benchmarking and competitor analysis

For example “www.diib.com”

Used by over 500k companies and organizations:

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  • logo
  • logo
  • logo

Syncs with Google Analytics


Incentives to Check Competitor Website Traffic Regularly

You should never assume that staying on top of “rival” traffic is a waste of time. Some of the most successful and dependable businesses these days are the ones that closely monitor all of their competitors’ actions on the Internet. If you rely on the right estimator, then it may simplify assessing competitor site traffic. If you stay updated on competitor traffic, you may learn about brand new items that you may want to think about introducing to your stock. You don’t want to risk your rivals selling services or products that your customers want from you. Competitor assessments can also help businesses compare their price points. If you have a big competitor who has an unbeatable bargain going on, you may want to think about what you can do to equal or perhaps even surpass it.

You shouldn’t only look to competitor sites for inspiration. That’s because they can also teach you lessons. If your competitor commits any kind of public relations error, then you may be able to “run with it” for your business. Perhaps you have a business rival that’s developing a reputation for prices that are unreasonable and steep. If that’s the case, you may want to use this time to illustrate to your customer base just how competitive your rates are. If you take the time to think about site traffic and all of the things that contribute to it, it may open you up to all kinds of opportunities that can transform the course of your business forever.

Did you know? Diib offers a competitor analysis tool designed to research the good and bad your key competitors are ranking for, allowing you to fine tune your strategy for optimum growth.

Site Traffic Estimation Device Categories

If you want to make the most out of site traffic estimation tools, then you should make sure you know that there are two common categories. There are devices that solely estimate traffic that’s organic. The majority of websites receive significant traction from widely known search engines including Google. People refer to this as being “organic traffic.” It’s critical to note that estimates that people receive from these devices do not consider any traffic that’s associated with different origins. Social networks are an example.

There are also an abundance of tools that estimate traffic in full. Site visitors can begin anywhere. They can start small on social networks like Twitter and Google+ or on message boards. They can even begin on classic search engines.

Organic Traffic: The term “organic traffic” is used in reference to the visitors that land on your website as a result of unpaid, or “organic”, search results. Visitors who are considered organic find your website after using a search engine like Google or Bing; they aren’t referred to by another website.

Website Traffic Estimators and the Metrics They Measure

It can be a huge mistake to randomly select a site traffic estimator. If you want to reap the rewards of helpful insight, then you should do what you can to pick an estimator that’s in line with your specific information needs. There are classic traffic estimators that present users with the numbers of visits in total. They present users with details regarding bounce rates, typical visit lengths and pages that are seen with individual sessions.

Bounce Rates

Learning about bounce rates can be helpful in many ways. “Bounces,” in short, take place after visitors head to sites, stay only on one page and then promptly exit. If you use an estimator and realize that your site has a bounce rate that’s excessively high, then you may be able to discover a lot. A steep bounce rate can point to site content that doesn’t accommodate visitor requirements and wishes via targeting. That’s definitely not a good thing. Although significant bounce rates can be detrimental, there are definite exceptions. There are some significant bounce rates that can actually denote good things. If a site visitor rapidly realizes that a company has something to offer her, then she’ll probably have no reason to hang around too long. She may without thinking reserve an appointment with a handyman company that’s available to help her and that has an impressive Internet presence.

Online traffic estimators can be boons for people who want to be able to utilize bounce rate information for future growth and expansion. If you use an estimator and want to determine whether your bounce rate is significant, it may help to think about your conversion rates simultaneously. If you combine a steep bounce rate and a conversion rate that’s poor, then that may be a recipe for disaster. If you have minimal conversions and steep bounce rates together, then you should do what you can to change that.

Estimators can help you zero in on individual pages that are part of your site. If you notice that a specific page has a bounce rate that’s more substantial than normal, then you should concentrate on different metrics that may apply. Ask yourself if visitors tend to hang around for a while on the specific page. Ask yourself if they come back to your website at later times. Ask yourself about conversion matters as well.

Since estimators give you the ability to evaluate bounce rates at length, they also give you the ability to delve further into things. It can help you significantly to determine precisely why you might have a bounce rate that’s particularly steep. You may have website content that, simply put, just doesn’t cut it in the quality department. If you have a page that doesn’t provide visitors with the details that they need, then it may lead to bounce rates that aren’t exactly conducive to enhancements. Awful or inadequate content tends to push visitors elsewhere. It may push them to zero in on your rivals.

If a site estimator informs you that you have a bounce rate that’s excessive, then you should use that information as a chance to figure out why your content might fall short. If you decide that you need to strengthen your site content substantially, then it may help you dramatically to get more acquainted with the individuals who make up your target audience. Comprehending the things that make your audience members tick may help you better your site content. That’s how it may help you reduce your bounce rates. Here is an example of a weekly Diib progress report. Once this has come in, you’ll be directed on the specifics of improving your bounce rate.

Estimate 2021 Website Traffic with This Free Tool

Bounce rates that are questionable can in many situations point to user experiences that are lacking. If a site estimator helps you come to the conclusion that you have bounce rates that are high, then it may help you significantly to think about what you may be able to do to enhance user experiences. Your aim should always be to see to it that your site visitors get what they want. Your site should manage their information requests perfectly. It at the same time should make them relish surfing the Internet. Site visitors do not like to have to tolerate pages that take ages to load due to immoderate amounts of massive images, blocks of text and frustrating designs and layouts in general. You should put together a site that’s a cinch to get around. It can help to prioritize site design that’s streamlined and neat. Cluttered sites can be quite off-putting to visitors. They can be particularly discouraging to visitors who are pressed for time.

Technical Errors

Technical errors can also interfere greatly with site success. If you want to get to the bottom of a bounce rate that makes no sense, you should meticulously comb your site for the presence of any technical errors. Glitches can contribute to bounce rates that are high. That’s because they can slow people down. If you use a website traffic estimator frequently, then you may be able to nip all kinds of site issues in the bud swiftly. There are so many things that can bring on technical errors. Faulty plug-ins can lead to these errors. Programming language abnormalities can lead to them as well.

Website Load Speed

Few things can be more unpleasant to web surfers than websites that are inordinately sluggish. If you want to enhance your website ranking, then you need to make sure that you never have a site that takes forever to load fully. Slow sites can make visitors want to exit without any dillydallying. You should aim to have a site that loads practically immediately. If you have a site that requires more than a couple of seconds to load, then you should probably take action as a means of changing that. People these days don’t always have the longest attention spans. If they notice that a site takes a bizarrely long time to load, they’ll look elsewhere without thinking twice.

There are so many devices online nowadays that can help people determine whether their sites are speedy enough. It can help you to figure out if your website is slow in the first place. Once you do that, then you have to zero in on any and all tweaks that may make it markedly swifter. Speedy sites can encourage visitors to linger for much longer. They at the same time can encourage them to come back for more in the future. If you want to get your hands on customers who are committed, then you can start with a speedy site.

Choices in advanced and effective site estimators abound. If you want to transform your business’ Internet presence, then you should compare as many of these tools as you can. You shouldn’t only concentrate on the most well-known website traffic estimation tools. Think about your specific site and how it ideally should cater to your audience.

We hope that you found this article useful.

If you want to know more interesting about your site health, get personal recommendations and alerts, scan your website by Diib. It only takes 60 seconds.

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For example “www.diib.com”

I have used Diib analytics for years. Their dashboard is addictive! The answer engine is my favorite feature. It is an invaluable resource for continually improving my site. Upgrading to the premium version was the best decision I could have made for my business.
Tom Lineen
CEO FuzeCommerce

Why Diib® Should Be Your First Choice

Diib’s website traffic tool offers insights into the technical aspects of your website while giving you practical, actionable steps for improvement and growth. With our free 60 second site scan you’ll find the following features:

  • Bounce rate monitoring
  • Post performance
  • Broken pages where you have backlinks (404 checker)
  • Keyword, backlink, and indexing monitoring and tracking tools
  • User experience and mobile speed optimization

Click here for your free scan or simply call 800-303-3510 to speak to one of our growth experts.

Scan your website in 60 seconds with Diib

  • Free SEO analysis
  • No coding or experience needed
  • Get new keyword and content ideas
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A few of the top website estimators are:

  • Ahrefs
  • SimilarWe.
  • SEMrush
  • Alexa
  • Google Adwords Keyword Planner
  • Quantcast
  • Diib

While there are always those who seek to take advantage of their fellow business owners, there are far more that are simply looking to help. Beware of those who would ask for money upfront and always check online reviews before entering personal information.

Alexa rank is a global ranking system that ranks millions of websites in order of popularity. It’s calculated by estimating the average daily unique visitors and number of pageviews for a given site over the past 3 months. Simply put, the lower the Alexa rank, the better (estimated) traffic is.

Go to your Google Analytics home page and click “Sign in to Analytics” in the upper right-hand corner of the page. After successfully signing in, you’ll be sent to the Home tab. Along with your active user count, the Overview page also tells you which pages your users are viewing, as well as their geographic location.

These tools do keep track of your domain authority and associated traffic.

Honestly, the easiest and most effective way to calculate this is to allow the software to do it for you. It can get complicated to estimate this number on your own. Our 60 second site scan can give you a good idea of your number of hits in a given time frame.

Most blogging platforms have built-in analytics or a Google Analytics plug-in that gives you the ability to track blog traffic and site visitors. Regardless of the blogging platform you’re using, we recommend that you check blog traffic with Google Analytics using the Google Analytics website, which can be integrated into any analytical software.

According to Ahrefs, this is how you check your domain authority:

  1. Look at how many unique domains link to the target website;
  2. Look at the “authority” of those linking domains;
  3. Take into account how many unique domains each of those sites link to;
  4. Apply some math and coding magic to calculate “raw” DR scores;

Welcome to diib®! Our analytics and website traffic estimator platform syncs to your Google Analytics account (not required to start) in just 60 seconds. We offer a free basic website scan and PRO memberships at price tiers that include $19.99/month, $29.99/month, $49 for 6 months, or $99 for an entire year, based upon your traffic, budget, and needs.

Here is how diib’s website traffic estimator tool works:

  • See your actual traffic metrics versus our predictions.
  • AI-driven solutions to help you grow your website traffic through SEO, social media, and other marketing strategies.
  • Estimate how much more you can grow your site’s traffic and your business revenue.
  • You can also see how much content and backlinks you need to increase your website traffic and preserve/grow your rankings.

Daniel Urmann

Author Bio:

Daniel Urmann is the co-founder of Diib.com. Over the past 17 years Daniel has helped thousands of business grow online through SEO, social media, and paid advertising. Today, Diib helps over 150,000 business globally grow online with their SaaS offerings. Daniel’s interest include SMB analytics, big data, predictive analytics, enterprise and SMB search engine optimization (SEO), CRO optimization, social media advertising, A/B testing, programatic and geo-targeting, PPC, and e-commerce. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) focused in Finance and E-commerce from Cornell University – S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management.


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