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How To Get More Website Conversions Fast

Test your SEO in 60 seconds! Diib is one of the best SEO tools in the world. Diib uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your traffic and rankings. We’ll even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.


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How To Get More Website Conversions Fast

Read time 12 min read
How To Get More Website Conversions Fast

Test your SEO in 60 seconds! Diib is one of the best SEO tools in the world. Diib uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your traffic and rankings. We’ll even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.


Easy-to-use automated social media + SEO tool


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Keyword and backlink monitoring + ideas

Website Conversion: The Basics

Increased traffic towards a website is almost useless if it can’t convert. Conversion rate can be improved by prompting visitors to take actions such as making a purchase, giving out their email, or filling out a questionnaire. But have you ever wondered what does website conversion mean and how you can eliminate any barrier to conversions? You can achieve this by analyzing why web visitors aren’t converting. Your visitors could not be converting due to various reasons. But no matter the reason, there are tricks to improve your website’s conversion rate. 

Include Customer Review

Research shows that consumers are reluctant to purchase a product that has no customer reviews. Customer reviews can inform a buying decision. So, undoubtedly, the online presence and reputation of a brand impact its web conversion rate. As such, it is vital to include reviews on your website. Marketers can also link their website to other directory pages where their clients leave reviews. 

Adding reviews and testimonials on a website ensures that visitors don’t visit a third-party website. These reviews should show how customers have benefited from your services or products. Otherwise, your reputation may get tainted, resulting in a low conversion rate. Here are a couple examples of reviews a company received that would most likely grab other customers attention:

How To Get More Website Conversions Fast

(Image Credit: Groove HQ)

Utilize CRO Planners

Using a CRO planner to optimize your web conversion rate can seem a daunting task. However, this is a useful tool that can help analyze and develop a strategy to convert more web visitors. CRO planning tools such as HubSpot provide users with instructions on how to make your website convert better, improve website conversion funnel, undertake the process of A/B experimentation and testing, and conduct a site audit. These tools can help you understand what website conversion means and guide you throughout the conversion process. 

Track Engagement

It is impossible to improve the conversion rate without understanding how web visitors interact with your website. You might need the best conversion site that can help you find out where internet users are getting tripped up. These tools can help identify what visitors are clicking on and keep records of their engagement on your site. With website analysis tools, marketers can see when visitors stop filling out online forms and skip over an offer. However, it is essential to integrate these tools with your site’s heat maps to make it easier to track elements that stood out and which didn’t. Website analysis tools can help diagnose areas of your site that need improvement and identify what you are doing well. For example, the image below shows a Google Analytics Engagement Report:

How To Get More Website Conversions Fast

(Image Credit: Megalytic)

Form Shortening

Friction is one of the causes of lower conversion rate. Visitors are often hesitant to fill out a lengthy questionnaire or form. It is the responsibility of the website owner to eliminate hesitation and not create it. So, shortening forms can help build trust and boost confidence among your audience. Also, short forms take less time to fill out, which means more visitors will fill them out.

Offer Testing

Sometimes it can feel like you have done everything, including optimizing your forms, providing social proof, and writing a strong copy, but still struggle with the conversion. The problem could be the value that your content is offering. Maybe it doesn’t align with the audience. Also, it could not be compelling or creative enough to convert web visitors. Marketers should make sure that their offers make sense to the web pages they are linked to. 

An example of a generic offer is providing a free consultation or trial. Offering a more valuable offer may work wonders. After all, customers are looking for offers that they can make the most out of. You can get creative by providing your audience with actionable advice for free. Also, customers are no longer required to fill out forms to get free advice. Research has found compelling and tangible offers as more effective than generic offers. So, the easiest way to improve conversions is to test and analyze your offers.

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Incorporate Live Chat

A concern or question may make a web visitor not convert. So, you can avoid losing potential customers by adding a live chat to your site. A live chat enables sales employees and customer service to address concerns or questions of prospects who are skeptical. Here are two examples of live chat conversations:

How To Get More Website Conversions Fast

Value Proposition

It is crucial to display your value proposition on any landing page. However, this can only be done by understanding who your audiences are and their personality. For example:

  • It could be through writing a specific copy for your target audience. 
  • It could also be through addressing their pain points, motivations, and goals.
  • Your product benefits should always be superior to features. 

After all, product features can be ignored or skimmed, but benefits can help a potential customer imagine how their life would change with your service or product.

You will be interested

Use Multimedia Elements

Have you ever ordered an item online, and when it arrives, it looks different from what you imagined? Never let that happen to people who visit your website and download your content offers. You can avoid this by including videos and images of your content offers to your landing pages. Incorporating multimedia elements to a landing page makes a website feel trustworthy. It is also a preferable option for content consumption. Adding video testimonials, charts, and images can help improve conversion rate.

FACT: A study from Forrester Research reveals video is 50 times more likely to achieve organic page ranks in Google than plain text results.


A strong call-to-action is a huge component of customer conversion. A call-to-action could be to subscribe to an email newsletter, share a post on Facebook or Instagram, or download an offer. Whatever it is, be sure to include a call-to-action to the landing pages and the website. Your call-to-action should be easily accessible and clear. One call-to-action can be enough for each landing page, but incorporating it several times on the landing page could be a plus. 

For example, a website can have three calls-to-action that lead to one offer. A CTA can be included in the introduction, at the bottom of the page, or when web visitors scroll down the page. Your CTA should be accessible no matter where you are on the website. The image below shows an example of a call-to-action:

How To Get More Website Conversions Fast

Meet the Expectations of Your Audience

Your landing page should follow through when a web visitor clicks on the site after seeing its search engine ads or reading its meta description on search results. Website owners should strive to deliver the promises they made to their audience. 

For example, an internet user expects to find strategies to improve their conversion rate from an article or blog about conversion. They are likely to get frustrated if they click through such a page and find irrelevant content. The conversion rate will likely remain lower if a landing page can’t deliver on the user expectations. That’s why the entire process from downloading an offer, clicking through a landing page, and seeing an ad needs to be streamlined. You might need to review your search engine descriptions and social media posts if your website isn’t converting.

Build Trust

One way to make your prospects convert is to eliminate friction in the conversion process and build trust. So, how can you make your audience trust you more? Several tactics, including updating your website’s content, offering money-back guarantees, and making the website user-friendly can apply. Broken links and taking too long before you post a blog could create distrust and result in friction. 

FACT88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience. Broken links not only drive prospects away, but they also damage your reputation in the process.

However, including team bios to a landing page can eliminate friction and make your audience trust you more. A website that doesn’t feature these elements could experience a lower conversion rate.

Send Abandoned Email Campaigns

It isn’t a crime to add an item to a cart and opt to check out. Virtually everyone does that, and it can happen to your website. Never forget to follow up those potential customers with abandoned cart campaigns. These emails are designed to remind users about the products they abandoned in a cart. You can also include an offer or discount to an abandoned email campaign. You are at a high risk of losing on conversion by not sending abandoned email campaigns to potential customers. 

Undertake A/B Testing

Knowing what is working and what isn’t working for a website isn’t always easy. However, this can be sorted out by conducting several A/B tests. Find out what types of CTA, colors, headlines, and layout work for your website. You can incorporate creativity into your tests by changing the format of your copy or testing new types of CTAs. For instance:

How To Get More Website Conversions Fast

(Image Credit: OneSignal)

Localize Your Content

Mobile users often visit your website to find directions, look for contact information, look up reviews, and search your locations. As such, it is critical to optimize a website for local marketing. It could be through creating local content, managing online directory listings, or adding location pages to a website. Localizing web content can help improve mobile conversion rate and make a website perform better in local searches. You can apply most tactics for improving conversion rate to mobile CRO.

Adjust Your Mobile Site

Desktop and mobile experiences are worlds apart. For example, email subscriber form may appear smaller or nonexistent on a mobile-optimized website. CTAs used on mobile websites may also differ from those used on desktop sites. Your content offer could be the same, but the way to access the call-to-action isn’t. Less content makes a difference on a mobile site. After all, we all want to eliminate distractions on our mobile sites and keep the interface as simple as possible. A hamburger menu can help simplify navigation and make it easy to get around a mobile website.

Get Creative with Your Marketing

Optimizing a site for a mobile experience isn’t enough to increase mobile conversion rate. You can get creative by running mobile-optimized marketing campaigns. Your campaigns can be in the form of push notifications on mobile apps or SMS text message campaigns. Creativity and thinking out of the box can help increase your website conversion rate.

Streamline the Purchase Process

Ordering an item on a smartphone should be simple and straightforward. An easy to click and see the payment model makes a mobile site easier to navigate. Also, reducing steps in the checkout process can make the site user-friendly and increase conversions. Experts recommend trying to reduce or eliminate the restriction on online forms that contain payment information. A restriction such as a too detailed character or name can discourage a potential customer from filling your mobile forms. A mobile-optimized site should allow visitors to check out as guests and use whatever payment option they prefer. Popular online payment options include PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. However, the payment process should be made pain-free and easy. A complicated payment and check out process will only cause frustration and lower the conversion rate.

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Optimize Your Site for Mobile

Google’s switch to mobile indexing has made mobile optimization more crucial than ever. Your Google rankings might decline if you don’t optimize your website for mobile. That could reduce traffic to your website and lower the conversion rate. Fortunately, there are proven tricks to optimize a site for mobile. However, it is worth noting that desktop and mobile experiences are different. Google offers a myriad of free testing tools that can help gauge how friendly a website is. These tools can also recommend how to make your website convert better and draw more traffic. A few ways to optimize a website for mobile include improving page speed, compressing images, and increasing the mobile font. You can also test your website to make sure it is mobile friendly with Google’s Mobile Friendly Test, for example:

How To Get More Website Conversions Fast

(Image Credit: The SEM Post)

Increase Your Website’s Speed

The speed of a mobile website can be an obstacle to conversion. The time it takes for content to appear on the screen can increase or reduce your conversion rate. Research shows that 40% of web visitors abandon websites that are slow to load. A one-second response delay can result in up to 7% decline in conversion. Example of tools to turn to when your mobile conversion rate is low is Google’s speed test tools. They are designed to test the speed of a website and recommend areas that need improvement. You might need to compress or make your images smaller to improve the speed of your mobile website. Take a look at the speed test below:

How To Get More Website Conversions Fast

(Image Credit: seomofo)

Make Your CTAs Easy and Quick to Follow

Clear and concise CTAs can help draw more traffic towards a website and increase the conversion rate. Web users have no attention or time to click or follow complicated CTA links. The same applies to including too many options to a website. A variety of options are, to some extent, beneficial, but too many options can make it challenging to make a decision. So, every action you need your web visitors to take should be straightforward and possible to accomplish in a few clicks.

Replace CTA Links with Buttons

Links can serve as a call-to-action, but research claims that buttons can boost clicks by 45%. A CTA that behaves and looks like a button can result in more clicks than a link. However, consider giving it a 3D effect so that it can pop up off the page whenever someone visits your website. Get creative by making the font turn bold or color change whenever someone hovers over your CTA. Also, using clear directions can increase clicks and the conversion rate.

Make Your Pages Skimmable

One way to increase conversions is to make your pages skimmable. However, that can only work with descriptive headings that outline the main points. Every page on your website should be skimmable and have a clear and concise title. After all, most web users don’t read everything; instead, they skim. Writing shorter paragraphs and breaking them with lists and images can also make a web page skim-friendly. Large chunks of text will only keep potential customers away.

Use the Language Your Audience can Understand

Obscure, complicated, or too simplistic language can alienate a section of your target audience. So, use the language level that matches your target audience. Free online tools such as Readability Score can help determine if your language matches your audience’s preferences. 

Offer Discounts

Offering discounts or free shipping to customers on their next purchase can increase your website conversion rate. Also, don’t restrict users to sign up first before making a purchase. Instead, offer them a one-time checkout to eliminate or minimize potential obstacles. For example:

How To Get More Website Conversions Fast

(Image Credit: On Tap Blog)

Include Your Contact Information on Each Page

One way to build trust with customers is to include your contact info on each page. Make sure the contact info is easily accessible and use colorful themes as they are associated with high conversion rates.

Include a Headshot

Never feel afraid to include a personal photo near your call-to-action or sidebar. It can build trust and confidence by showing that there is a trustworthy person behind the brand. Also, offering a price-match guarantee shows that you are concerned about your customer’s expenditure. The image below shows an example of a headshot of the co-founder of Diib:

How To Get More Website Conversions Fast

The first step to improving website conversions is to sign up for an A/B and website conversion funnel. These solutions can help you figure out what to work on to increase website conversions. The best conversion site can also help see how changes are affecting your conversion rate. 

Diib®: Effective Website Conversion Tracking

Requiring online shoppers to sign up before checking out and testing your call to action are sure ways to increase website conversions. Other proven techniques that can help increase conversions include experimenting and testing options such as product size, colors, and forms and eliminating links that have no purpose. Diib Digital tracks all conversion and conversion metrics, allowing you to see the effectiveness of your conversion campaigns and giving you actionable insights for improvement. Here are some of the features of our User Dashboard we’re sure you’ll love:

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If your goal is to rank in the top 10% you want your conversion rate to be higher than 11.45%. If you have a goal to be ranking in the top 25% you need to be converting at 5.31% or higher. However, the average conversion rate is about 2.35%.

If your conversion rate is low it might be because you are giving your website viewers too many choices. The focus point on your pages should be a CTA that draws your viewers attention and causes them to do just that. If you want conversions give them less choices so they are more likely to go to the pages you want them to.

The percentage of users that successfully complete a purchase or goal of your website out of the total amount of visitors is the conversion rate. The higher your conversion rate the more successful your marketing strategy is.

Google Ads has an average conversion rate of 0.57% on their display ads and a conversion rate of 4.40% on their search ads.

To calculate conversion is simple, find the number of users that completed a goal on your website and simply divide that number by the total users that visited your website during that same period of time. For example, if I had 70 people complete a purchase or goal on my website out of 1,000 people that day my conversion rate would be 7%.


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