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UI/UX Design Tools for every Designer to be aware of

As a designer, there’s a certain degree of skill and talent that you need to possess whether you have it organically or it’s something you learn through education. However, any designer needs tools in order to truly maximize their potential when working on a project.

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UI and UX are two very important elements in a product whether it’s a website, app or software. Failure to provide sufficient levels of both will likely lead to the product not having the impact your team desired or the long-term success you’d hoped for.

Why are UI and UX design tools important?

User interface and user design most likely have the most influence over the customer’s engagement with the product you create. Regardless of how good the concept might be or how much you have to spend on said product, without great UI and UX, it could easily flop.

With UI, it’s the difference between a visitor who just tries out the product to one that converts to using it whether it’s offered for free or as a subscription or one-off fee. UX when done well can not only fulfill your user’s needs but it can also help build brand loyalty. Loyalty to your brand will hopefully lead to a long future for your business.

With that being said, here are some UI/UX design tools for every designer to be aware of.

Use Maze for remote testing

Testing your design is important to ensure all the elements and features you’ve put in, work and function as they should. When you bring in users to test the interface, the probability of encountering an error for each participant is 31%. It’s important to do as much testing as possible and for many at the moment, doing it remotely is crucial.

With Maze, it’s one of the best ux tools to have available. It allows you to build and share tests no matter what type of project you’re working on and it can help you collect user feedback wherever and whenever needed. Feedback is important to making the right choices that will ultimately suit your intended audience, the best.

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Maze can assist with all types of remote testing, whether it’s concept testing before you start the design process to testing your first prototypes. Conduct user surveys to deepen your understanding of what the user needs for a better experience on the interface and throughout the use of the product.

The seamless integration feature also offers designers a faster and easier user input from start to finish. Connect existing tools that you already use in order to streamline everything to one platform.

Balsamiq for wireframing software

Wireframing is an important part of product development when it comes to designing great web apps. Wireframes are created to help arrange elements of the site or app to find the best possible solutions. Since 2008, Balsamiq‘s commitment to getting rid of bad user interfaces has been it’s main drive.

UI design is made accessible for designers but also caters to a range of other roles from business analysts, business owners and product managers. It’s a tool that can be utilized by all those getting into UX.

The software is a fast, focused wireframing tool that it’s one of the most used within the industry to date. The wireframing software is easy to use and therefore suited for those who may not have the most experience in wireframing.

With interactive prototypes, it can be a great one to see your site or web app visually. It also has collaborative features which is great for when your team is working remotely.

Sketch for collaborative design

Sketch is a great one for a collaborative design process. From artwork to playable prototypes, it offers everything you need and more to create some amazing work for your project.

For user interface especially, it’s a great tool that can help with everything from grid and layout views to scale your designs for various sizes to infinite typography options. It’s a popular tool for many designers that need a tool that encompasses everything needed to perfect your interface.

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There’s a wide range of features that can help create the best in usability when it comes to a product. With integration for other apps, it fits in seamlessly with the rest of your toolkit. However, the only downside to this tool is that it’s a benefit for Mac users only. So if you’re after a tool like Sketch but for Windows, then you’re not going to be able to use this tool in particular.

On the flip side though, having a tool that’s tailored to MacOS is going to make things a lot easier when it comes to navigating Sketch as a new user.

Adobe XD to design user-friendly interfaces

For UX design, Adobe XD is one worth mentioning on this list. Adobe as a brand is one of the leaders in design tools for many years now. From the early days of Adobe Photoshop to the present, where Adobe XD comes in. A dedicated tool that helps design user-friendly interfaces and provides the features necessary to develop user experiences that will make your product stand out from the crowd.

From wireframes to animating and prototyping, all the features allow you to collaborate with those that are involved with the development of your project. Some of its most notable features are 3D transformations that can showcase your work in a new dimension. As well as components where you’re able to create reusable buttons and cards across all elements of your design.

For every $1 invested in UX results can return $100. There’s certainly an advantage from focusing heavily on the user experience of your target audience when designing. Adobe XD can ensure that ROI is similar for you and your team’s project.

FlowMapp for planning and preparation

Detail is in the planning and when it comes to preparation, FlowMapp is considered a useful tool that’s trusted by more than 200,000 users worldwide.

FlowMapp consists of a mixture of intuitive tools that collect, collaborate and organize your user experience. As well as helping with strategy, the main focus for you as a designer will lie in it’s design and development capabilities.

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If user experience and beauty is required for your products, websites and apps, then FlowMapp ensures this through its collaborative tools. Create sitemaps to see workflows easily and build flowcharts to help craft the development journey.

Research your users with FlowMapp’s insight into behavioral patterns and use storytelling to plan the customer’s journey ahead of time. Overall, it’s a great UX tool for those who need exceptional web design.

Origami Studio for an all-in-one design studio

Origami Studio gives any designer the chance to design, animate and prototype any product, all in one place. Their Canvas feature is a new way to visually layout any of your prototypes with freeform drawing tools. There’s also text editing and visual components that can really elevate any product design you’re working on.

From editing dynamic layouts and creating quick interactions to building interactive components, Origami Studio helps create products that are innovative and demanding of the spotlight.

You only need to check out their examples page to see the incredible graphics and use of technology for product design. These downloadable prototypes are worth a look to see the potential that Origami Studio has for your product development.

Marvel for all digital product design

And finally, not to be confused with a popular media franchise, Marvel is a great design platform for digital products. From rapid prototyping and testing, it’s a great solution for those looking to enhance their digital product design.

Rapid prototyping can help speeden up the development process and quickly helps to identify the right solutions for you. Through it’s intuitive design it can generate design specs and connect those existing tools that you’ve been using to streamline your workflow.

Marvel is one that can be used every day in order to scale your design to where it needs to be. A lot of digital products have been designed using Marvel and have had notable success after launching.

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From Fortune 100 companies to schools and startups, this online design platform caters to many different organizations looking for the very best in digital product design. The online platform can quicken design processes, optimise your prototypes and collaborate with your team.

Like the others, Marvel has some great examples to convince you to try their services above all the others similar to it’s platform. It’s another one worth checking out to see what all the fuss is about.

Incorporate a mix of design tools that work for you

As a designer, the tools and software you use for your product’s development should possess everything you need. They’re a way to help elevate your talents and skill sets so each tool must be a perfect match.

Incorporate a mix of design tools where necessary and try out the recommendations above as most feature free trials before committing to an investment.

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