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What is a Blog Statement Analysis?

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What is a Blog Statement Analysis?

Read time 11 min read
What is a Blog Statement Analysis?

Improve your content marketing + SEO in 60 seconds! Diib uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your traffic and rankings. We’ll even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.


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Analyzing any content is intended to determine the validity of the content. There are various types of analysis. They include financial analysis blog and statement analysis. In a blog, statement analysis studies the words in the blog intending to identify truth from untrue statements. In a blog in the digital era, most statements are the opinion and expression of the author. 

Blog analysis is, therefore, important to review the truth in these statements. The analysis also helps in boosting blog optimization. This article reviews statement analysis in blogs.

What makes a good blog post analysis?

In analyzing a blog post, you need to make it competitive. The more competitive a blog post analysis is, the more effective it will be. Competitive analysis is a type of marketing strategy that helps you gain better knowledge about your competitors and their strengths. Through competitive blog analysis, you get a deeper understanding of the following about your competitors:

  • Their content plan
  • Their strengths and weaknesses
  • Their marketing strategy
  • How they threaten your blog/channel
  • Their opportunities
  • Your competitive advantage against them

You may be wondering why it is important for you to have to do the competitive blog post-analysis. In any business, a business owner must have a good understanding of the market and its demands. The blogging sector is considered to be a market like any other. As a blogger, therefore, you are doing competitive blog post analysis to help you understand the market. Through this and statement analysis blog, you get to know your competitors and how you can work to beat them.

Additionally, competitive blog post analysis helps you to improve on your blogging. It motivates you to work on a competitive advantage that helps your blog tick well. You are also able to review your marketing strategy to do better. From the strategies of your competitors, review those that can work well for you and see how to implement them.

Another way to have an effective competitive blog analysis for you is by identifying gaps and weaknesses in your competitor’s blogging. Such a gap might be weak customer service for instance. Capitalize on your competitor’s weakness to boost your competitive advantage. In the market, you will generally be doing what others are not doing and this boosts you.

Competitive blog analysis also helps you boost your optimization. You can achieve that by keenly reviewing the content of your competitors. Identify what readers find to be lacking in your competitors’ content. You can easily get that information from comment sections or reviews. Work on filling the gaps that are there in their work and content. Have your content capture that which your competitors do not have and that is on-demand from readers.

How to carry out blog analysis

Analyzing any kind of content requires a level of knowledge and tools. No matter the sector that the content lies in, analysis can be tough. However, there are several tools available to help you carry out a good blog analysis.

Facebook Page Insights


Among the greatest inventions of technology is social media. Social media has continued to advance and change over the years. Facebook still tops all social media platforms, especially due to its many users. Facebook is now very useful when it comes to any business. It is where the customers are. As a blogger, have a Facebook page to promote your content. A Facebook page also helps you to analyze the way your readers interact with your content. A Facebook page requires no expertise; it is simply using social media for your blog analysis. 

It can also be used to show some of the financial analysis of money spent on boosting posts and ads. Analytics of a Facebook page generally gives the page admin a view of how the page is doing. Only admins can have that view. You have to opt-in as a page admin to view your page analytics. The Facebook Page Insights shows you the content that people view and the content that is not viewed. This will help you to improve on your content to make you more marketable. To begin data collection using your Facebook page, go to Facebook Page Insights and give it about one day. 

After the given time, reload the tab and click on ‘people’. This allows you to view your audience. You get to see the gender, age, and even location of those who view your page and content. This great platform is good for understanding and boosting your audience. For example:

What is a Blog Statement Analysis?

(Image Credit: Marketing Land)

YouTube Media Analytics. Are you a video content creator? YouTube is the best platform to analyze your video content. Most people who use YouTube, especially new users, do not use the platform’s media analytics. This may be a hindrance to the success of their YouTube channels and content. 

YouTube media analytics give users great insight into the performance of their videos and how to improve. There is also the comment section on YouTube that allows video viewers to give their views. This analysis platform also helps you to view the progress of your competitors. For all your YouTube videos, you can see the following using YouTube Media Analytics:

You will be interested

  • The gender and location of the audience
  • The average time of viewing
  • Daily overall views

To use this analysis tool, go to your YouTube channel analytics and select the video you wish to review. Proceed on to the ‘traffic sources’ and the ‘suggested videos’. This is where you get to see which of your videos were recommended and those that need more work to get more interaction and recommendation. 

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Syncs with Google Analytics

Content Marketing

Google Analytics


Yes, Google is among the best analytics platforms. The good thing about Google Analytics is that you can get so much information and at no cost at all. Any blogger who wishes to grow needs to make use of Google Analytics at some point. Google Analytics helps you to watch your entire web page’s effectiveness. Google gives you a review of your best content and where readers search for you. You also get to know how readers interact with your site. For instance:

What is a Blog Statement Analysis?

(Image Credit: Neil Patel)

To use Google Analytics, open the site, and go to site content. From here, open landing pages. Here, set the secondary dimension to source and sort by bounce rate. Based on the source, the site brings up pages with a 100% bounce rate. This setting allows you to see the web sources that give you the most inactive traffic. You also get to view your site pages that need some fixing. This could be to improve traffic on these particular pages. Google Analytics is best for statement analysis BlogSpot and improving your site.

Matomo (Piwik)

This is a self-hosted open-source that works as an alternative to Google Analytics. The advantage of Matomo (which was previously referred to as Piwik), is that you own your content. It may not have advanced analytics features, but Matomo source is self-hosted and this protects your content. It also ensures that competitors are not able to out-do you in ads or in any way. 

Google Search Console

This is another analytics tool by Google. It can be used for different kinds of analysis such as and statement and financial analysis. This is generally a search boosting tool. The content tool helps you to make your site easier to search on Google and other search platforms. It also improves your visibility on Google. Through the Search Console, your sight gets boosted and improves in optimization ranking.

Through Google Search Console, you learn ways to improve your site. This gives viewers a better experience when they visit your site. As a blogger, a better site boosts the number of viewers in a very big way. This is the best tool for you if you hope to make money from your site. To use this Google tool, go to the search console site and then click on performance and click ‘view full report. Ensure that the boxes labeled ‘CTR’, ‘Impressions’ and ‘Position’ are all checked. With that, click + to add a filter and then select ‘query’ and type the word ‘how’. 

This will have the site filter all search queries and give you particular results that contain ‘how’. It is a more effective search compared to one that gives you all search results. The ‘how’ in the setting narrows down the results. You can use other good keywords in your search for more discoveries and opportunities. Using a search console is among the simplest ways to have your content featured in Google. The image below shows an example of Google Search Console analytics:

What is a Blog Statement Analysis?


You can use UberSuggest as a blog analysis tool. Using UberSuggest, you can research how competitive your chosen keywords are. You also get to know how much every blog click will cost you as well as how the platform is working for your competitors. The platform is easy to use as you simply search for the content you are looking for.

UberSuggest gives you results from your search and even suggests similar phrases as per your search. The similar suggested information might help you in reviewing your future content and strategy. This platform also offers a particular number of searches as compared to a wide range from the keyword. UberSuggest is also very easy to use for statement analysis BlogSpot and does not require you to login. Here is an example of keyword ideas from UberSuggest:

What is a Blog Statement Analysis?

(Image Credit: Neil Patel)

How to use UberSuggest

You simply go to UberSuggest and upon accessing the platform, you easily begin to search. When you search your keywords, give the tool some time to run, and filter your results. The tool searches are normally filtered based on competition and the terms that are least competitive are ranked at the top of the results. It is the best tool for research and brainstorming. 


This is a business management software that is used for different purposes. It is also useful for content and financial analysis blog. Trello helps to layout your content into columns and organizes content planning for you. The planned boards are editable and you can add collaborators to each of them. This allows you to manage your content better and distribute work remotely among your employees. Trello is a good blog analysis tool for plan layout. For example:

What is a Blog Statement Analysis?

(Image Credit: Trello Blog)



AllTop is another open and free platform that is used for statement analysis Blogspot com. This platform keeps you up to date on trending information and content that is popular among readers. This tool is also useful in monitoring your competition in content marketing. This tool’s greatest feature is that it is simple to use. It is the easiest way to get the latest news and information. The tool places news in different boxes depending on the source of the news. There are headlines to every news item and the tool only enables you to view titles from the boxes. To read the content of the headlined news, you need to click on the ‘read about’ button.

To use the tool, simply go to alltop.com and select your category. With a selected category, you can review the headlines and read about the news and information. AllTop is very easy to use and it keeps you informed on everything you need to know concerning improving your site.

We hope that you found this article useful.

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Competition Analysis

Analyzing the competition is a good way to improve statement analysis Blogspot com and your blogging site. We have reviewed several ways to help you analyze blogs that are your competition. 

Know who your competitors are

There are three different kinds of competitors. There are direct competitors in any sector. There are also indirect competitors as well as substitutes. Direct competitors are those that are offering the same content as yours. If you have a food and recipe blog, recipe bloggers are your direct competitors. 

Indirect competitors offer similar content and to the same market. If you have a recipe blog, for instance, a health and nutrition blogger is your indirect competitor. Substitutes are competitors whose content can be chosen as a substitute for your content. For instance, one can choose to use Snapchat instead of Instagram. 

Knowing your competitors helps you to plan your content in a way that makes you more competitive with all your three types of competitors. It is equal to understanding your business market better because blogging is like any other sector. SWOT is a great place to start the analysis of your competitors. 

Grow and validate your posts with online tools

Optimization is important for your blog to have more views and readers. Important factors to consider before embarking on growing your site using these tools include the following:

  • Search Engine Optimization: This is how your blog ranks on Google. Understanding this helps you review your strategy in terms of content and marketing. 
  • Site traffic: This is the number of people who visit your blog site. 
  • Load time: The time it takes for your site to load content for readers.
  • Mobile responsiveness: Is your blog site optimized for mobile use?
  • Content quality: How interesting are your blog topics? How detailed and relevant is your content?
  • Content frequency: How often do you post content and do you have a consistent pattern in posting?
  • Content-length: How long are your articles? Is the length of your articles consistent in all the articles?
  • Sharing of content: How frequently your audience engages with your content. How many people share and recommend your content?

Tools for market research in blogging


This is a reliable tool, especially in gathering information about your competitors. Using the Ahrefs tool, search your keywords and the site gives you the main statistics, links, and domain ratings for your competitors. For instance:

What is a Blog Statement Analysis?

(Image Credit: Backlinko)

The tool also enables you to view the content of your competitors and their statement analysis blog. You can view the content that is most viewed, shared, and liked. This tool also has special features that enable you to see the links of those who send referrals and recommendations to your competitors. 


This tool can be used to identify potential competitors. You simply need to search for keywords or a particular niche. The results on the platform can be narrowed down to the competitor’s recommendations, shares, and more information. You are also able to view the competitors’ recommenders and influencers. For example:

What is a Blog Statement Analysis?

(Image Credit: Social Media Strategies Summit)

Using this tool, you also get to know information such as average traffic on the competitor’s content, domain authority, and more. Such information helps you to place yourself against your competition and helps you to be better. 

Neil Patel’s SEO analyzer

This is an inbuilt web tool through which you can compare your site against another or two or three other sites. You simply put in your website and that other site or sites. The analyzer proceeds to produce an SEO and marketing analysis. The results also give you a marketing checklist and competitive intelligence. Part of the competitive intelligence includes SEO score from the comparison as well as site traffic rank. 

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An analysis is an important part of blogging. Blogging, like any other sector has its market and the blogging market mainly entails readers. Using the content in this article, you can take your blog to a better level, reach more people, and earn more money from it. 


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