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SEO for franchise websites

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Owning and operating any kind of franchise can be incredibly rewarding, especially if you consider some franchise SEO strategies. What are some of the advantages that are associated with heading a franchise? Running a franchise, first of all, can be a terrific thing for entrepreneurs who are interested in significant profits. It can be terrific for entrepreneurs who want to be able to expand relatively easily or for the business owner who wants to be able to secure loans without many hassles. If you want to reap the rewards of franchising, then you need to do your part. That means that you have to do your part to spread the word about your franchise and all of its services or products. Zeroing in on digital marketing and on search engine optimization, or SEO specifically, can do a lot for franchises that want to take things to the next level and higher.

It can be wise to come up with and implement a franchise SEO strategy that actually works. If you’re all about franchise SEO that’s effective and modern, then you should look into all of these practices as soon as possible. Exploring the universe of local SEO for franchises can accomplish a lot for your business. Local SEO, in brief, is all about marketing businesses that are local via the Internet. People often call it local search engine marketing, too.

What exactly makes local SEO for franchises so indispensable these days? This type of SEO enables franchises to access all customers who are local to them. It enables franchises to boost site traffic. It even enables franchises to get target audience members to visit them in person.

Local SEO for franchises is a pretty straightforward concept. It revolves around website optimization techniques. The goal behind local SEO is to encourage websites to appear in search engine results that revolve around geography. If an individual is on the lookout for a vintage clothing shop in a certain town or city in Connecticut, then he or she may conduct a local SEO search.

If you’re interested in creating an SEO strategy that franchise owners and employees can count on, you should take all of the following factors into consideration. You should think at length about using keywords that involve geography as part of your page content. Contemplate implementing meta titles, meta descriptions and title tags. Featuring information that’s centered around location on your site and in your advertising efforts can be extremely helpful.

Helpful Local Franchise SEO Suggestions

Google Maps can do a lot for smaller franchises that want to take things up a notch or two. It can help you considerably to mention your various locations on your Google Maps listing. Target audience members who want to locate physical stores often rely on Google. This famed search engine presents web surfers with maps that include all sorts of choices. It presents users with directions for GPS use, too. If you have a franchise location that isn’t accessible through Google Maps, then you need to do something about it without any hesitation. You should proceed by creating a Google My Business account. Signing up for Google My Business is a total piece of cake. All you have to do is stop by the Google My Business site. Once you do that, you should move forward with the guidelines that are on hand. Once you set up your account, people will be able to pinpoint your business’ specific location via Google Maps. This will simplify the process of possible customers being able to gain access to you. If you want to make it a walk in the park for customers to secure reliable directions, then the assistance of Google Maps may be priceless. Sign up with Google My Business here, you can also view a step by step guide on setting up your account. The page will look something like this:

SEO for franchise websites

Test Out Local SEO Keywords For Your Franchise

If you want your smaller franchise to go the distance, you should test out the use of local keywords when you do your SEO keyword research. Test out the use of keywords that are centered around specific locations. These kinds of keywords can go a long way for franchises that want to strengthen search engine visibility dramatically. You may be at the helm of an exercise center in New York, New York. If you are, then it may help to say something about a “gym in Manhattan”. You can incorporate these words in vital components such as headings and title tags. It can even help to incorporate these words into basic content.

An SEO tool can help you sort through the thousands of keywords and target the exact ones your franchise needs. Diib offers a keyword research tool that will allow you to find just the right keywords for your businesses, track their progress and will even allow you to see what your competitors are ranking for. Check out this screenshot of the Diib keyword tool.

SEO for franchise websites

Associated Points of Interest Near Your Franchise

What else can you do to get your franchise’s SEO practices moving in the right direction? It can help to take full advantage of local points of interest if at all possible. Zero in on the names of specific areas. Zero in on prominent tourist locations such as amusement parks, zoos, museums, art galleries and beyond. It isn’t uncommon for people to conduct searches for eateries that are close to historic attractions of all kinds. If you wish to reap the rewards of these kinds of searches, then you need to select your keywords wisely. Your aim should always be to see to it that your small franchise appears in search engine results quickly. If you want your franchise to have a rock-solid Bing, Yahoo! or Google presence, then you need to master the art of local keywords. Consumers depend greatly on Yelp and Google Maps alike these days. Consumers who are pressed for time (and patience) frequently turn to search engines.

Yelp And SEO For Franchises

Doing your best with Yelp can be an intelligent idea. Yelp, in a nutshell, is a renowned website that focuses on reviews for all varieties of businesses nowadays. If you want to enhance your franchise’s approach to SEO, you should include any and all of your business locations on the Yelp website. For instance, when googling “gym in manhattan”, just under the Google My Business and Map listings you see two organic listings for YELP. Meaning, YELP is a significant ranking factor and way to have your franchise seen by thousands of people.

SEO for franchise websites

Yelp has a reputation for being a review website that makes audiences feel fully at ease. People rely on it to conduct searches for nearby businesses. They rely on it any time they have to assess businesses that can accommodate their individual requirements well. How do they assess businesses using Yelp? They check out in-depth reviews that users post. They check out clear and sharp images that they post as well. If an individual is thinking about making a reservation for a meal at a Tex-Mex eatery, then he may analyze the establishment’s Yelp presence. He may focus on pictures that depict its interior design setup, appetizers, main dishes and more. For instance:

SEO for franchise websites

Include ALL Of Your Locations And Reviews for Better Franchise SEO

It can be a huge mistake to fail to include any and all franchise locations on the review website. Why exactly is that? It’s because failing to do so can make it possible for desired customers to overlook you. Franchises always have so many prospective customers who may be trying to find services and products that run the gamut. The last thing you want is for a web surfer to look for your local franchise solely to come across a site that’s in place for a distant location. If you make a point to set up pages for all of your locations, then you enable people to pen reviews for different places. This can be a major boon for nearby audience members. It can help give them more accurate information regarding businesses that are on their radars. Take McDonald’s, for example, we all know their advertising game is on-point. When you Google McDonald’s Utah, the following map shows points of all McDonald’s locations with a red map tag. Additionally, locations are listed below. This is, in part, thanks to Google My Business profile with all franchise locations.

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SEO for franchise websites

Target audience members often want to discover the pros and cons that are attached to individual franchise locations. People want to easily access hours of operation, specific restaurant info and phone numbers. They want to be able to check out reliable product and location images, too.

Keep Branding Identity For Your Franchise

It’s crucial to make sure that your approach to identity branding is unwavering. You should apply this unwavering approach to your branding across the board. It can be unpleasant to realize that your branding style for a specific location just doesn’t match another. Harmony is the key. It’s not at all atypical for franchises to commit a significant local SEO error. What error is that? They often move away from branding that’s already in place for their businesses. Prominent franchises are easy as pie to recognize. Target audience members can recognize well-known franchises through logos, colors and more. Failure to maintain a branding approach that’s tried-and-true can be incredibly bewildering to any and all customers. It can even discourage them from stopping by your franchise locations in the future. I’m sure we can all picture the logos of our favorite brands. Take a look at the following, even at a glance, they shouldn’t be hard to recognize.

SEO for franchise websites

Unwavering branding is paramount for all franchise websites in this day and age. You need to brand your franchise site in a manner that makes sense in conjunction with your physical business. It can be intelligent to zero in on a color approach that doesn’t change. It’s essential to choose specific colors that “speak on behalf” of your franchise and all of its objectives.

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Encourage Reviews For Your Franchise

You should prompt your customers to post comprehensive reviews of your franchise. You should do a bit more than that as well. Prompt them to post exhaustive reviews that correspond with your various franchise locations. Don’t forget just how critical reviews on the Internet are for contemporary business achievement. Physical stores that are devoid of any reviews online can be perplexing to customers. They can leave them scratching their heads and trying to figure out why the reviews just aren’t there. What exactly makes reviews such an essential part of SEO franchise glory? Reviews, in short, present audience members with opportunities to get others’ thoughts. Consumers may want to discover how other individuals view products and services that pique their interest levels. Reviews even have the ability to strengthen franchise search engine rankings. If target audience members conduct searches that feature keywords that are in your franchise reviews, it may enhance your Google rankings in a big way.

Review assessments are the wave of the future in the franchise SEO strategy realm, and understandably so. Review assessments assist businesses that are trying to get their customers to pen and post reviews. These assessments can even assist businesses that are trying to communicate with consumers who are keen on posting reviews.

FACT: A new PowerReviews study finds that 97% of consumers depend on reviews to inform purchase decisions…The majority of consumers read between one and 10 reviews before making a purchase.- Businesswire

Include Schema Markup To Improve Your Franchise SEO

You should try your hand at the world of schema markup. People sometimes call schema markup “structured data,” too. Schema markup has the ability to enhance franchise SEO methods substantially. If you rely on schema markup, you present widely known search engines with responses that correspond with the information that’s part of your site. You may have a store page that revolves around schema markup that features details about the site such as: stock, review numbers, photos, links and even price tags. Search engines depend on all of these details for various meaningful reasons. They depend on these details as a means of comprehending and crawling site content well. If you’re searching everywhere for ranking that is suitable and precise, then you should look into schema markup. It can pave the way for superior rankings all around.

It’s not at all atypical for search engines to utilize these aforementioned details for the establishment of “rich results.” What are these results? They make websites look a lot better any time they’re part of search engine results. Rich results can entice people to head to your franchise site. They can entice people to steer clear of your rivals’ sites, too. Here is what these rich results will look like in a google search page:

SEO for franchise websites

Including schema markup to sites is something that calls for a degree of technical mastery. If you want to do your best with schema markup, it may be a terrific idea to work with digital marketing professionals who specialize in the SEO realm. Google has a schema markup guide that can simplify matters for you considerably. If you want to steer clear of hassles and setbacks of all kinds, Google may be able to aid you. It has a testing device for any and all structured data requirements. This device can pinpoint difficulties in the first place. It can even help resolve them forever.

Security: SSL and HTTPS Improve Your Franchise SEO

Upgrade the website for your franchise. It can be priceless to upgrade your franchise’s site without delay. You should do what you can to make your site functional and dependable for mobile device browsing. You need to put a lot of time into site security matters. You should strive to attain a HTTPS site that’s equipped with SSL certification. This kind of certification can do a lot for franchises that wish to dodge the headaches of hacking and identity breaches. These issues are extremely common the globe over.

Site Speed: A Fast Website can Be a Game Changer For Your Franchise SEO

You should do what you can to see to it that your franchise site is speedy as can be. Audience members have no tolerance for sites that are sluggish and that take ages to load. If it takes your franchise site more than three seconds to show anything, then you run the risk of your audience members exiting prematurely. They may make the rapid decision to check out your rivals and their website approaches.

FACT: 47 percent of visitors expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds, and 40 percent of visitors will leave the website if the loading process takes more than 3 seconds. -Website Magazine

User Experience Matters For Your Franchise Website

Don’t forget to put a lot of energy into user experience, it matters. You need to put together a franchise site that can present visitors with five-star user experiences in any circumstance. It’s critical to have a franchise site that is a piece of cake to navigate via desktop computers, laptop computers and mobile devices alike. It’s critical to see to it that your franchise’s contact details are prominent and in the middle of all the action. Intuitive websites are anything and everything in recent times. You need to guarantee that your franchise site deals with any and all pertinent questions from customers. Remember to craft a site that is professional looking and easy to read.

We hope that you found this article useful.

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Get Help From Digital Marketing Gurus

It’s okay if you’re not someone who knows anything about digital marketing; if you don’t have a clue about why search engine optimization matters. If you’re a franchise owner or representative who would love nothing more than to be able to forget online marketing duties, then you should search for a credible franchise SEO company that operates in your area. There are so many firms nowadays that specialize in SEO methods of all kinds. There are also an abundance of contemporary firms that specialize in SEO specifically geared to those companies who operate within the franchise realm.

Diib® Works with Thousands of Franchise Owners

Owning and operating a franchise website (or a number of them) likely already has your plate full. Diib understands the time commitment it takes to run a successful company and have a powerful SEO strategy. Our digital dashboard allows you to add up to 30 company websites and manage them thoroughly. Here are some of the ways we differ from other SEO companies:

  • We offer our franchise clients insights into not only their own website health, but that of their key competitors.
  • Custom Alerts keep you informed on your website health and subtle google algorithm changes that can affect your traffic.
  • Objectives offer suggested ways to improve website health and overall traffic.
  • Monthly collaboration with our growth experts can fine tune your SEO efforts.
  • We sync with Facebook to give you insights into specific post performance, user demographics and conversions.

A successful strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. Partnering with Diib will turn you into an SEO expert in no time at all. Call today at 800-303-3510 to speak to a member of our human growth team or click here for your free 60 second website scan.

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There are several SEO sites that offer free trials and free scans, however, if you are really serious about improving your SEO and website health, paying a minimal fee for professional advice is definitely worth the time and money.

There are several tips that even beginners can master in regards to their SEO health. THe first is to research & use relevant keywords. Optimise page titles & meta descriptions and, finally, optimise page content.

Many companies offer free checklists and guidelines to incorporate SEO into their websites. Diib, for example, offers a free 60 second site scan with a custom guide to your website health.

The simplest way to do franchise SEO is to use one website and create an area/city specific local landing page for each location. Beyond that, it is possible to build a page under each location’s subdirectory.

Blogs are a great way to increase traffic and conversion rates of customers. You could focus on your different locations and what is unique about each. Is there something special happening in that city at that time? There are so many angles you could take.

Your social media presence also brings in more awareness about your brand. It increases your visibility and more and more people will begin to recognize your brand. You can link to individual locations and offer deals on specific items.

Keywords are likely the most important part of optimizing your website. Start your title tag with your target keyword, then describe what users should expect when they click through to your website. Avoid stuffing keywords into your title tag.


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