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OpenCart Multi-Vendor Plugin: Reviews and Benefits

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OpenCart Multi-Vendor Plugin: Reviews and Benefits

Read time 13 min read
OpenCart Multi-Vendor Plugin: Reviews and Benefits

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OpenCart Multi-Vendor Plugin: Reviews and Benefits

OpenCart is a common PHP-based eCommerce platform that allows you to build an online store, add, manage, and sell products while allowing your customers to utilize a virtual cart while buying them.

The platform has one of the largest communities of website developers and owners. Over 390,000 online stores use OpenCart, making it one of the best sites to build your eCommerce website and sell your products confidently.

Like WordPress, OpenCart is an open-source platform, which means that everything about it is script-free. You can modify or customize it as you see fit, and the best part is, you have a lifetime of free updates and support.

Whether you have an existing website or not, OpenCart can provide tons of themes and templates designed to make online shopping smooth. With myriads of support tools and plugins, you can effortlessly add them to the back end of your website to open gateways for purchases and payments.

Apart from themes and template provisions, OpenCart extends other unlimited features for categories, products, and manufacturers to prospective e-commerce entrepreneurs. With the platform, you are also set up for SEOs and multiple currencies, to name but a few.

Sadly, despite its versatility, the platform doesn’t come with an OpenCart multi-vendor plugin out of the box. However, OpenCart allows you to expand your online store’s capability via extensions. There are more than 13,000 additional extensions available for download, including the OpenCart multi vendor extension nulled.

Among these extensions is a plethora of OpenCart multi-vendor plugins available to convert a typical store into a modern and intuitive multi-seller marketplace with support for service integrations, shipping, social media, marketing, and accounting, among others.

Did you know? 0.6% of all websites use Opencart

OpenCart Multi-Vendor Plugin Review

In a nutshell, a multi-vendor plugin is not really a module or an extension. Rather, it is a simple independent open source script that introduces a wide variety of online selling capabilities.

OpenCart multi-vendor plugin, for instance, which is built on the latest version of OpenCart, allows a user to create an online marketplace where both the owner of the website – the admin – and the customer, can sell their goods and services. In such a scenario, the admin can earn money through membership plans and sales commissions.

OpenCart Multi-Vendor Plugin: Reviews and Benefits

(Opencart store, multimerch.com)

With the online marketplace becoming such a demanding arena for businesses and entrepreneurs, many of them are adopting the right platforms to maximize sales. While OpenCart is equally important as a place to start if you are already a member, then creating a marketplace is just a click away.

Through an OpenCart multi vendor free plugin download and a few extensions, you can add this feature to your website and enable multiple product sellers such as in large e-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Walmart, Etsy, etc. 

This tool has a remarkable seller management panel where customers who wish to sell their products on your site can create their accounts and sell.

Although one can create a multi-vendor marketplace on OpenCart in different ways, the best option would be to use the OpenCart multi-vendor plugin. If you are a website pro, you can easily get the multi vendor OpenCart GitHub plugin online. 

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As a plugin, it is typically hidden from the end-user, but it consistently works in the background to bring the desired functionalities.

Through the multi vendor OpenCart GitHub plugin, or one of the modules from the official website, customers can easily apply to become sellers on your website.

Features and Benefits of OpenCart Multi-Vendor Plugin

The best OpenCart multi-vendor plugin is designed to convert your online store into a fully-fledged e-commerce store. It includes compatibility for a wide range of capabilities encompassing distinguished seller/supplier product collection and distribution. Additionally, it provides feedback support, SEO, order management, commission management, and lots of other essential features.

The plugin comes with a personalized shipping feature where any customer who signs up and wishes to add their rates for shipping can do so based on the shipping location as well as the product’s weight.

Opencart seller's dashboard

(Opencart seller’s dashboard, opencart.com)

As with other multi-vendor websites, the OpenCart multi-vendor plugin makes it possible for different sellers to offer similar products at different prices. As a customer wishing to sell on the platform, you can also upload products in bulk, and even respond to questions directed to you by customers regarding your products.

Features of the OpenCart multi-vendor plugin include:

1. Multiple Seller Signups

OpenCart multi-vendor plugin, as already mentioned, allows multiple vendors or sellers to register on your website and sell their products. Nonetheless, you, as the admin, can remain in control by managing their activities from the back end of your website. The plugin only gives the vendors access to the front-end where they only operate from the Dashboard.

2. Vendor’s Account Approval

Before the seller begins offering his/her services, they create a profile by simply completing the sign-up process and accepting any other necessary prompts. From the back end of the OpenCart multi-vendor module, you can approve the profiles of each customer. Once they are approved, the vendor can begin listing their products, which are also under your review. You can approve or disapprove of them.

OpenCart Multi-Vendor Plugin: Reviews and Benefits

(Vendor’s account approval interface, opencart.com)

3. Multiple Theme Compatibility

Using an OpenCart multi vendor theme, you can transform your marketplace into a neat interface, providing an enriching experience to customers as they go through the listed inventory.

This multi-vendor plugin is fully compatible with all the OpenCart themes, including the support for the OpenCart multi vendor extension nulled plugins. You can easily get the OpenCart multi vendor free themes on the official website as well. Here, you can check the detailed information on the plugin’s compatibility with the multi vendor / multi seller marketplace opencart nulled extensions.

Usually, the plugin includes a patch for any of the OpenCart multi vendor themes it supports. But the responsiveness depends on the theme itself. 

OpenCart Multi-Vendor Plugin: Reviews and Benefits

(Responsive Opencart theme, colorlib.com)

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4. Vendor Commission Management

If you are a shop owner, you get to benefit from OpenCart’s commission management. This versatile feature permits the setting of commission on both global and seller/vendor level in a base market module. That is, you can set commissions based on global seller management, product category, and fixed and percentage-based commissions. You can also calculate commission with tax and on unit price.

OpenCart Multi-Vendor Plugin: Reviews and Benefits

(Vendor commission management, Purple Tree Software)

Setting a commission priority based on the products sold on your online store requires another add-on referred to as the OpenCart Marketplace Advance Commission. Here, you can craft commission rules depending on the price, set fixed, and or percent-based value. Better yet, you can upload a CSV file.

5. Easy to Use Seller Dashboard

OpenCart multi-seller plugin comes with an intuitive seller dashboard with personalized features meant to make the work easy for vendors. The dashboard gives a highlight of the platform where they can extract various statistical data to see how well their niche is performing.

Sellers can access information such as total orders, sales, and buyers, low stock products, order status whether it is still in processing, has been completed or canceled, sales analytics, and location of the customers on a world map. It also shows the latest orders with the associated details such as the date, order ID, price, and the customer.

6. Marketplace Income

Using the marketplace module that comes with the multi-vendor plugin, store owners can determine the total sales of each seller, the commission, the admin’s pay, as well as the pending payments. Using this module, you can also extend payments to the seller using a mass payout feature.

7. Product Attribute Mapping

The OpenCart multi-vendor plugin is incorporated with a feature that allows you to map product attributes based on categories. With this feature, when a customer adds a new product and places it in a specific category, the mapped attribute will appear automatically.

This is extremely handy, especially when managing the products uploaded by the seller. It allows you to add, edit, or delete the mapped attributes, and add other categories.

8. Marketplace Notifications

If many sellers join your OpenCart store, you are going to need a reminder to keep up with the many pages they visit on your site. Therefore, OpenCart multi-vendor plugin notifications are handy.

Through the marketplace notifications, both you and the sellers receive different types of notifications. Vendor notifications are available from the dashboard. However, some notifications are visible to both the admin and the seller. This includes:

  • New placed orders
  • Changed order status
  • Order return requests
  • Product approval
  • Out of stock items
  • Product and seller review received

9. Marketplace Seller Review

Once a user is logged in to the OpenCart store, they can leave reviews and ratings to the sellers. Admins can manage these reviews in several ways, including enabling or disabling their status, creating fields for review, adding, and editing or deleting the reviews.

10. Seller Order Management

Here, sellers are given the freedom to manage their orders. They can view the complete order details provided by the customer, print an invoice, cancel the order, add product descriptions and or comments to their products, and change the order status.

As an admin, through this component, you can:

  • Be notified when the order status changes
  • Set order sequence
  • Select order status for your sellers

Also, through order management, the minimum value of a cart can be set or the quantity of a product be restricted for discounted items.

11. SEO Management

One of the greatest benefits of using the OpenCart multi-vendor plugin is that you get to utilize the many SEO tools to drive traffic to your website. The module allows you to develop search-engine-friendly (SEF) URLs that are popular with the various existing search engines.

These SEO tools include meta title addition, descriptions, and keywords for the product listing. You can choose to use keywords as screen names apart from creating SEF URLs across various pages. Similarly, you can add any extensions with the SEO URLs.

To maximize the SEO capabilities, you can install the OpenCart Advanced SEO extension, which can be used to create XML sitemaps, display vivid snippets, check snippet preview compatibility with mobile devices, as well as make lots of social media integrations.

12. Custom Shipping

From the dashboard, sellers can manage shipping using parameters such as the country, the ZIP codes, the weight of the product, the price, as well as the maximum number of days for the item to be delivered. 

Sellers can also set shipping methods, the tax class, view the approximate date of delivery, download a sample CSV file for reference, as well as add a flat rate for product shipping.

13. Seller Separate View

One of the reasons the OpenCart multi-vendor plugin is a popular choice for sellers is that it delivers a separate view rich with customizations, tools, and other features, just like the admin. However, this is available after the admin enables the corresponding setting in the marketplace’s configuration.

14. Full Language Including RTL Support

To cater to the global marketplace, the OpenCart multi-vendor plugin is compatible with many languages, including the Arabic RTL (Right to Left) design. 

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15. Opencart Multi-Tenant Support

Apart from the support of various other extensions, including the multi vendor / multi seller marketplace opencart nulled plugins, this platform is compatible with the OpenCart multi tenant support.

The OpenCart multi tenant module helps the admin add the seller’s location from the back-end and the vendor can also do so from the profile page. Using these settings, customers can easily search for products or sellers based on specific locations and or distances. This way, they can determine which seller can easily deliver their order at their doorsteps.

Did you know? Opencart is used by over 5,000 websites.

OpenCart Multi-Vendor Benefits to Customer

Given that not everyone who wishes to sell products online wishes to have a website, multi-seller platforms such as the OpenCart marketplace are great tools to help customers.

They get a chance to explore a wide variety of products on a multi-vendor store other than from a particular website because they are looking for the best deal.

As OpenCart store owners can target a worldwide audience by offering a plethora of products and services, customers enjoy benefits such as:

  • Establishing a reputation with a seller through interaction, reviews, and ratings.
  • Exploring and comparing different product prices from the same website, but with different sellers.
  • Conveniently finding sellers that are near them for fast and affordable deliveries.
  • Viewing a seller’s profile and checking the reviews left by other customers for reliability and flexibility in their orders – if allowed by the admin.
  • Easily contact sellers through their pages by raising tickets for their queries or order statuses.
  • Making certain orders a priority and viewing the approximate duration for the delivery.

OpenCart Multi-Vendor Latest Features

The most recent features for the OpenCart multi-vendor plugin includes support for add-ons such as:

  • Price Comparison

This feature helps consumers in comparing the prices among the many vendors for a similar product. Using the same feature, sellers can also add to their existing product listing with different quantities and prices.

OpenCart Multi-Vendor Plugin: Reviews and Benefits

(Opencart price comparison, opencart.com)

  • Product Mass Upload

This add-on, as the name suggests, allows sellers to upload products in bulk using CSV, XML, and XLS files. Consequently, the admin can use this feature to upload a lot of products at once for him/herself and into the vendor’s store.

These products can also be exported or updated in bulk or through a one-by-one selection.

  • Product Question Answer

The OpenCart Marketplace Product Question Answer serves to benefit consumers more by allowing them to get detailed information about a certain product by posing a question. Several answers can be provided by every party, including the admin, the seller, and the customer.

Notably, sellers can also use this module to approve or disapprove certain questions or answers regarding their products. There is, however, no need for the OpenCart store owner to approve of the seller’s answers.

Remember, these three updates are add-ons, which means that you must first install the OpenCart multi-vendor plugin before using them.

  • Mobile App

Today, the convenience of an online store is determined by its support for smartphones and desktop interfaces. These applications save time while enhancing a user’s shopping experience. So, it is crucial for you, as an OpenCart store owner, to use plugins that have a compatible mobile app for both Android and iOS devices.

This app converts your OpenCart marketplace into a fully-functional mobile unit that negates the need for desktop platforms when customers don’t necessarily need them. 

Everything is accessible on the go. Through the OpenCart multi vendor mobile app, customers can explore your store through their smartphones. It provides access to services such as seller’s lists, collections, profiles, dashboard, order history, the sell pages, user reviews, and location. Customers can also contact the seller through the app.

OpenCart Multi-Vendor Installation

After purchasing or downloading the OpenCart multi-vendor plugin, you get a zip folder for the installation. The installation process begins by unzipping the folder on your device and choosing the current version of the OpenCart store.

For instance:

  • If you are installing the plugin for the current version of the marketplace, that is 3.x.x.x, you will find 5 folders after unzipping the folder – admin, catalog, image, system, as well as the theme patch.
  • After unzipping the contents of the file, transfer the 5 folders into the OpenCart root folder on your server.
  • Then locate the OpenCart Marketplace extension from the admin panel and the “Extensions” folder. Click on the ‘Install’ button to execute the corresponding program.


OpenCart multi-vendor plugin can be easily installed by any OpenCart online store owner. The plugin serves to increase your business returns by increasing sales through more traffic while offering support for adding and managing different vendors. It is one of the best ways of increasing your site’s capabilities.

More details of this multi-vendor plugin can be found here.

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