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10 Proven Methods to Market Your Medical Practice

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10 Proven Methods to Market Your Medical Practice

Read time 9 min read
10 Proven Methods to Market Your Medical Practice

Test your SEO in 60 seconds! Diib is one of the best SEO tools in the world. Diib uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your traffic and rankings. We’ll even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.


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Medical practice marketing is a key component involved in establishing an online presence and maintaining a solid influx of clients and appointments. Without knowing how to market a medical practice, garnering the trust of locals in your area and receiving recommendations and referrals will likely become much more difficult and complex.

Taking the time to better understand medical practice marketing and the various tools and solutions available for you today can help with strategizing marketing campaigns and routes that are sure to provide the best returns and results possible.

Launch a Professional Website for Your Practice

Marketing your medical clinic is a necessity, even if you have established a professional reputation in another area, city, or region as a doctor or healthcare provider. Without an online reputation, expanding your reach, relocating, and branching out with the type of care you provide may become increasingly challenging. One of the best ways to market your medical practice is to launch a professional website of your own.

General practice marketing involves the creation and development of an official website. Building an official website for your medical practice is a way to showcase the services you provide as well as your location and other important and relevant contact details. Using an official website for your medical practice is also key to help with boosting your website’s SEO, or search engine optimization.

Why SEO Matters for Medical Practices

Operating a successful medical practice not only requires the knowledge and expertise of healthcare professionals, but also the ability to reach and appeal to patients in need. Using an official website or blog for your medical practice, you can quickly boost and improve your site’s SEO, or search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is a tool used by individuals as well as professional digital marketers alike to help with increasing brand awareness and online visibility. When a website or online storefront is optimized for the web, it is much more likely to appear on the first page of search results from top engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and DuckDuckGo.

If you have a local medical practice and search for nearby practices near you, you are likely to discover competing offices and healthcare providers if your website is not optimized for search engines. The most successful family medical practice marketing involves SEO and improving the overall ranking of a healthcare practice’s website within top search engines today.

Create a Regularly Updated Blog

Creating a regularly updated blog is another medical clinic marketing technique that can help to establish a professional and authoritative online reputation. Using a blog, share news and relevant healthcare updates or technologies that are most relevant to the everyday lives of your current and prospective patients.

Why Consistency is Important

Not all websites run successful or engaging blogs, especially if they are left unattended or not updated for lengthy periods of time. A major aspect in family medical practice marketing involves consistency, especially when developing a blog for an official medical practice’s website.

Whether you have a lot of local competition or if you are simply new to the healthcare industry, consistency goes a long way for those in the medical field. Post to your blog regularly and consistently, avoiding lulls in your updates and the content you share.

Avoid going days, weeks, or even months without updating your blog, as this may signal to your visitors that you are uncaring or not dedicated to your practice. The more updated and active your blog appears, the more likely you are to gain the trust of patients who may require your services and assistance. Consider using a content calendar to keep track of how often you are posting and making sure you are staying consistent, for example:

10 Proven Methods to Market Your Medical Practice

(Image Credit: A Considered Life)

Provide Useful and Engaging Content

Use your blog to provide useful and engaging content that is difficult to find anywhere else online. The more unique and interesting your content is, the more likely users are to read and share it with others with the use of social media.

Research trends, keywords, and phrases that are most relevant to your medical practice for your medical clinic marketing strategy. Use various keywords and terms in your blogs and within topics and headlines to help attract readers and boost your website’s SEO.

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Use Social Media to Connect and Communicate With Patients

Social media is another general practice marketing tool used for all healthcare businesses and medical practices, even in highly competitive areas. Using social media is one of the quickest and most budget-friendly tools to promote any business or brand, including private practices as well as large corporate hospitals and medical facilities.

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Brand Yourself on Social Media

Help to introduce the brand of your medical or healthcare practice by branding yourself on social media. Use a set color scheme, logo, slogan, and other brand-specific identifiers to help visitors recognize your medical practice each time they see your website or its content online.

Communicate With Patients and Followers

Using social media to communicate with patients and followers is also an ideal way of marketing your medical practice, especially if you are establishing yourself for the first time or if you are new to a local area. With social media, answer questions and respond to comments or reviews with complete and open transparency. Using social media to showcase transparency and to connect with current and prospective patients can help to spread the word of your professionalism as you work towards building a professional reputation. For example:

10 Proven Methods to Market Your Medical Practice

(Image Credit: Search Influence)

Share Content on Facebook and Other Social Media Platforms

Use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to share content you have created on your website and blog. Sharing content directly to your social media pages can significantly help to drive traffic to your website, effectively boosting your site’s search engine optimization and online visibility.

Additionally, using social media platforms to share pages of content and blog posts directly from your medical practice’s website is a great way to spread brand awareness in local groups and communities. Appealing to those in your local area can be challenging if there are already established doctors and medical practices near you without a proper marketing strategy in place.

Create and Launch an Email Newsletter

Launching an email newsletter is one of the best medical clinic marketing techniques used by private practices as well as large expansive healthcare practices and medical facilities. With email newsletters, reach both current and prospective patients on a personal and more intimate level, which is essential to optimize your reach whether your goal is to spread the word about your services or attract new patients to your practice itself. The image below shows an example of a email newsletter from a medical practice:

10 Proven Methods to Market Your Medical Practice

(Image Credit: COR Medical Group)

Benefits of Using an Email Newsletter

One of the biggest draws of using an email newsletter is that it is extremely affordable and cost-effective, providing an opportunity to reach out and connect with patients on a more personal and intimate level. You can use email newsletters to keep in touch with current patients, remind patients of appointments, and even to promote the content you are producing and sharing on your blog and with your social media pages.

Email newsletters provide ample opportunity to communicate with patients while learning more about what they need from you as their preferred medical practice and/or healthcare provider.

Harness the Power of Glowing Patient Reviews

The power of glowing and positive patient reviews cannot be understated. Using testimonials and patient reviews can help to spread the word about your business while also assisting you with gaining the trust of new and prospective patients.

Appealing to new patients as the owner or manager of a medical practice is not always easy or straightforward, especially if they are already well-established medical doctors and healthcare professionals available near you.

With the use of testimonials and reviews from your own patients, you can easily showcase your skills, credibility, and reliability with your online website and presence. Incorporate the reviews and testimonials you have received from previous or current patients on your website, within your portfolio, or even within social media campaigns and promotions you are hosting or launching. For instance:

10 Proven Methods to Market Your Medical Practice

(Image Credit: Etactics)

Contribute to Magazines and Other Health Publications

If you want to stand out from the competition in your local area, reach out to local health publications and regional magazines that are relevant to you. Contributing to magazines and alternative health publications is a way to make a name for yourself while also helping to boost your own credibility as a medical and health professional.

Getting started as a contributor or even as a guest blogger is possible by contacting publications and health magazines directly both online and off. Use networking platforms such as LinkedIn to help connect with prospective magazines and publications who are currently accepting new writing applications and submissions from medical practice owners and healthcare professionals.

Network and Mingle in Your Community (Both Online and Off)

Networking is a fundamental aspect of running any successful business or brand. Knowing how to effectively network and mingle can help you to make the best connections at the right time to grow and scale your medical practice.

Attend networking events and conferences to meet other individuals in your local area with medical practices of their own. Watch speakers and presentations on methods to help market and spread the word about your medical practice and the healthcare services you provide. Network with prospective partners who may have a vested interest in helping to promote you in exchange for promotions or other agreements.

Improve the SEO of Your Medical Practice

Improving the SEO, or search engine optimization of your medical practice is also a necessity, even if you intend to only appeal to those in your local area or region. If a website is not optimized or properly formatted, it may not catch the attention of virtual crawlers used by top search engines. When your website is not crawled or virtually detected by a search engine, it will not appear within search engine results, even if your website is the optimal source of information or care.

Knowing how to effectively boost and improve the search engine optimization of your website can help you to solidify your ranking and position within search engines as you establish a professional reputation and name for your medical practice.

Keywords and Content

Whenever you are in the process of crafting new pages or content for your medical practice website, be mindful of the keywords, headlines, titles, and meta descriptions or tags you use. Selecting the right keywords and content to cover can make or break your website’s overall optimization. Spend time using tools such as Google Trends to discover which keywords and trends are best to focus on based on your current medical practice, the type of healthcare you provide, as well as the target audience of patients you intend to reach. Here is an example of what Google Trends looks like:

10 Proven Methods to Market Your Medical Practice

Social Media Marketing

Boosting your website’s SEO is much easier once you have an established social media marketing presence. Using your social media presence to improve your SEO is possible by cross-promoting content from one platform to another as well as by sharing content from your website directly to your social media pages. You can also boost your medical practice website’s SEO by researching and implementing popular keywords, phrases, and trends that are most searched in your area or region online.

By creating content that is relevant to your local prospective patients and implementing keywords that are most likely to resonate or be searched, you can quickly help search engines to better identify and rank your website’s URL.

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Launch PPC and Third-Party Ad Campaigns

Another way to help increase the online visibility and exposure of your medical practice is to launch third-party advertising campaigns along with PPC, or pay-per-click ad campaigns.

PPC campaigns are easy to use and allow anyone to get started with a campaign, regardless of your starting budget. With a pay-per-click campaign, place a bid of how much you are willing to pay per visitor you receive with each individual advertisement you launch and place online.

PPC campaigns can run as little as a few dollars to more than a few thousand dollars daily, depending on the websites you intend to advertise on as well as the keywords and phrases you are using or targeting with the PPC campaign you launch itself.

Anyone involved in the healthcare or medical practice industries may be required to pay a higher than average cost per click with their individual PPC campaigns. Healthcare industry ads and campaigns are typically more expensive and costly overall due to the ROI they provide as well as the amount of competition there is in any given market.

It is also possible to launch third-party campaigns by working directly with companies and websites or online communities that are most relevant to you and your medical practice. With third-party advertising campaigns, contact those you intend to work with directly or opt for a third-party service to manage, launch, and monitor individual campaigns you create.

Any time you use a PPC or a third-party advertising campaign to promote your medical practice as well as your official URL, you are helping to boost and improve your overall SEO. By taking the time to immerse yourself in various facets of running a medical practice and building an online reputation and presence, you can maximize your reach and visibility while remaining relevant and successful in even the most highly competitive and saturated medical markets and fields.

Use Incoming Data to Your Benefit

Using data and analytics you receive on your medical practice’s website is one way to maximize the optimization of your digital marketing campaigns. Data has become one of the most sought-after commodities by business owners, marketers, and think tanks alike. As you receive incoming user data and analytics, use it to determine which pages of your website are most popular and which areas or content may require editing or improvements.

Track Analytics Over Time

Tracking the data and analytics you receive for your website over time using systems and solutions such as Google Analytics is essential. With services such as Google Analytics, gain valuable insight into the navigation of your website, its current site map, as well as content or search terms that are most popular among your visitors, patients, and prospective patients. Putting the data and analytics that you collect to work for you is possible within your content, social media, and search marketing campaigns. The image below shows an example of Google Analytics:

10 Proven Methods to Market Your Medical Practice

(Image Credit: Neil Patel)

Diib®: Custom Analytics for Marketing Your Medical Practice

Knowing how to effectively market a medical practice takes time and plenty of work, especially if you are new to a location or if you are surrounded by extensive competition. Taking the time to develop your medical practice marketing strategy and the campaigns that are right for you can help you to establish and maintain a professional reputation online as you continue to grow and scale as a business.

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Marketing in the medical field includes using that are customer centered such as providing accurate information, being transparent, and communicating to reach existing and prospective clients. This also helps promote health to the public.

Marketing for hospitals helps form a bond between client and medical provider. When hospitals utilize marketing strategies they form connections with their patients by having an open line of communication. The patient feels like they can always contact the medical provider.

Marketing for healthcare providers is important because it helps you stand out from your competitors when patients use search engines. Healthcare marketing also helps you reach out to prospective clients and show that you are a specialist in your field.

Most healthcare providers use marketing strategies to help enlighten returning patients as well as prospective ones to the services that are provided in their practice. By helping your patients understand the different services that can be provided you are helping them learn which medical facility will be best for their situation.

Here are a few ways you can spread the word about your healthcare services:

  • Design a well written and easy to navigate website.
  • Figure out your branding and be consistent with it.
  • Utilize SEO (search engine optimization) strategies.
  • Create a social media page and post frequently.

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