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5 Reasons You Need a Marketing Communication Strategy

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5 Reasons You Need a Marketing Communication Strategy

Read time 14 min read
5 Reasons You Need a Marketing Communication Strategy

Improve your content marketing + SEO in 60 seconds! Diib uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your traffic and rankings. We’ll even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.


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5 Reasons You Need a Marketing Communication Strategy

Building a business poses unique challenges. Many first-time business owners develop a taste for failure. Consequently, some give up. Meanwhile, others push through difficulties. If you are learning how to manage a business, maximizing your returns is vital. Otherwise, more efficient enterprises perform better than you. It may seem as if the deck is stacked against you.

However, the reality is much more intricate than appearances suggest.

Instead, you are simply a beginner, trying to swim among the masters. The modern economy has many established players. Few industries do not have a dominant player. Nevertheless, effective marketing can break through the gridlock. Then, you’ll start to hit your stride.

By developing an understanding of the fundamentals, you’ll experience the following benefits.

Key Reasons You Need a Marketing and Communication Strategy:

  1.  Building Your Brand Cultivates Your Talent
  2.  It’s One of the Most Valuable Skill Sets for a Business Profession
  3.  Push Consumer Demand for Your Products to All-Time Highs
  4.  Clear and Effective Communication Improves Customer Retention
  5.  By Investing Your Time, It Will Pay Off in Dollars

FACT: 72% small businesses focus on increasing revenue, but they also see great value in establishing new customer relationships (60%), and marketing and advertising (46%) (BlueCorona)

Marketing Communication Strategy Definition:

How would you define this concept? To us, it is straightforward. All experts create strategies to be effective. Without them, we have nothing to guide us. Communication strategies help maintain consistent messaging. Consistency gets the attention of customers, both old and new. In our opinion, marketing strategies show where and how to attract them.

Purpose of a Marketing and Communication Strategy

When you speak to a new customer, what is your goal? Most entrepreneurs focus on the end result. Then, they jump the gun. By assuming the sale early, we scare off timid consumers. Ultimately, our communication attempts fail. Suppose you wanted to deliver messages in a more palatable format. Then, you’d need to examine why some messages succeed.

Drawing in the Reader:

First, you need to get the attention of your prospect. To do this, you must break their preoccupation. People are often closed off to new brands. Therefore, you need to sneak past their psychological defenses. We recommend making your titles eye-catching. Click-bait is super successful despite delivering little value. It is because they make people want to engage. For example:

5 Reasons You Need a Marketing Communication Strategy

(Image Credit: AdEspresso)

Communicating a Message:

Once you have their attention, craft a narrative. People like to follow along with storytellers. Take your time. However, do not dilly dally. People cannot pay attention to your message all day. Straddling the sweet spot keeps prospects engaged while you build influence.

Closing With Emotion:

Finally, your conclusion needs to make them feel something. Anything they feel will make them more decisive. The last thing any business owner wants is an indecisive customer. Whether you get a yes or no does not matter.

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Your final statement should, one way or the other, provoke a response from the prospect.

Marketing Communications and Media Strategies

Now, let’s look at the components of a strategy. By disassembling a concept, you’ll deepen your understanding of it. Then, take the new perspective to your workshop.

After mastering the fundamentals, we can look at specific scenarios. For example, supply and demand determine everything’s price. In your industry, what stimulates consumer demand? Can you find a way to impact that? Further research will help you find answers to these questions.

Novel Perspectives on the Marketing Communication Strategy Definition

Definitions are not always as useful as people suspect. In fact, they can lock us into specific perspectives. Sure, sometimes, they are useful. However, creativity is rarely rule-abiding. Thinking outside of the box takes effort. Yet, it will, nearly always, pay off.

A Fresh Set of Eyes Can Always Help:

If you have difficulty reframing your perspective, consult with a colleague. A new person will not have the same cognitive restraint. Of course, you have a certain attachment to your work. It only makes sense. By introducing a new voice, we can disrupt your presuppositions.

Return After Some Much-Needed Rest:

Working for too long can be counter-productive. Don’t let anything consume you. Hard work is vital; however, too much is equally detrimental. When you start to lag, take a rest. Then, return refreshed and renewed. You’ll find it easier to exercise your creative prowess.

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Content Marketing

Strategies Require Intentional Development 

Intentions are everything in life. With them, we can move towards a destination even without a definite path. To develop intention, you must uncover your ultimate goal. Then, use it to orientate yourself. Once you find your heading, plow through any obstacles.

Learning From Previous Successes:

Of course, this is easier said than done. Nevermind such an issue. By looking at previous successes, we can find solutions. Regardless of the obstacle, others encounter the same. Some of them overcome it. Among those successes are a few notable examples. They tend to rise to the top of their field. Eventually, millions remember their name. The best leave behind some of their knowledge. Whether in interviews or books, their words continue to inspire future entrepreneurs.

Grab Inspiration Anywhere You Find It:

Inspiration does not need to come from fame. In many cases, the best techniques are well-kept secrets. Suppose you were looking for something unique. Would listening to well-known stories show you anything? Perhaps, it would. However, something with less renown might do even better.

Commitment Is Equally Important to Creativity

Knowledge is an important tool on the journey to wealth. Nevertheless, by itself, it is insufficient. Unless you leverage your knowledge, it may as well be a paperweight. Although they may be ornamental, they serve little purpose. On the other hand, practical applications succeed despite shortcomings.

The One Thing Money Cannot Buy:

The difference, often, lies in the entrepreneur’s commitment to their enterprise. The more devoted you are, the more you will do to succeed. Why do some people rise above even when they come from disadvantaged backgrounds? It is relatively straightforward. They wanted it enough. Most likely, they encountered even more obstacles than you. Nevertheless, nothing stopped them. Sure, the occasional bump in the road is expected. By pushing through, they manage what others can’t.

Discipline Is Valuable in all Areas of Life:

How does someone maintain a commitment to their ideals? It is not as if they are uncaring robots. No, on the contrary, they are even more passionate than most. Instead, they rely on discipline, one of the oldest tools humanity has.

Developing Your Marketing Communication Strategy 

Marketing communication is a nuanced field. Without expertise, it may seem unnavigable. Regardless of your background, it is something you can master. By putting in the time, your breadth of talent expands. Eventually, your talent will be among the most well-endowed. However, you need a roadmap to get there.

Tracking Variables to Ensure Continued Growth 

What you want to improve must be measured. Otherwise, you’ll get lost on the way to progress. Most modern-economic theories account for numerous variables. It would be nearly impossible to track them all. Focus on the following to fine-tune your efficiency. Here is an example of two of the following:

5 Reasons You Need a Marketing Communication Strategy

(Image Credit: ShareASale Blog)

New Customers Added:

Most businesses keep track of their new customers. It is an obvious choice. Despite its prevalence, we recommend tracking it. However, stopping there is selling yourself short.

Existing Customer Sales:

How much are your existing customers spending? Is that more or less than last month? If you cannot answer these questions, you know what data you need to start tracking.


Finally, referrals are the easiest way to acquire new business. Yet, most entrepreneurs fail to capitalize on them. Although it is a more challenging metric to track, it’s still worthwhile. Even adding a simple survey to transactions might lend a clue.

On the Importance of Retrospective Analysis 

After you collect all of your data, it is time to do some analysis. The first few times will be inconclusive. The most intricate statistics are lacking in an important variable, time. Without enough time, the effects of your strategy won’t manifest.

Trends Take Time:

Trends are what you should keep your eyes on. Sometimes, you may have a good month for no apparent reason. It could be that people felt lucky. On the other hand, your strategy might be paying off. Unless the change is consistent, we have no way to tell. The image below shows a trend growing over time:

5 Reasons You Need a Marketing Communication Strategy

(Image Credit: Content Marketing Institution)

Consider External Sources of Variation:

When you work retail, you know the holidays are a busy time. Most businesses have a season. Although they stay open all year, certain months outperform others. If you are familiar with your industry, this should seem familiar. You’ll have to parse your records with that in mind.

Objective Evaluation 

Delusions are not, necessarily, full-blown hallucinations. No, they are, often, nearly imperceptible. When you invest your blood, sweat and tears, wanting good results is understandable.

Presumptions Blind You to the Truth:

Going into your books with a favored outcome is a mistake. Everyone knows researchers can look for answers to support an outcome. If you are serious about improvement, brutal honesty is a necessity. Otherwise, you merely massage your ego. As good as it may feel, it does nothing to further your progress.

Data Only Helps if You Allow It:

Neglecting to look at your metrics is never a good idea. By leaving it alone, your data can’t do anything. Its purpose is not to relieve your emotions. Instead, it is meant to inform you. Although by ignoring it, you may feel better in-the-moment. You’ll feel even better if you push past those difficult feelings. Not only do you conquer the obstacle, but you will also improve business performance.

Communication Strategies in Service Marketing

Communicating is not an easy task. We may use it all the time. However, most of us forget to develop our skills actively. Ultimately, this gives you an advantage. When you perform better than average, people notice.

What Makes Communication Effective? 

Effectiveness is a difficult idea to pin down. To us, it means that you achieve the desired result using the applied method. Others may differ in their opinions, which may have merit. Regardless, this definition will serve our purposes here. Therefore, the following traits are vital for effective communication.


Your audience must understand what you mean. Not everyone has the same level of education as you. Thus, you might want to review your work and change uncommon words.


The longer your message, the fewer people finish reading it. Saying something with a lot of words is easier than keeping it short. Conciseness is a sign of a real expert.


People prefer when you avoid beating around the bush. If you keep skirting around, you’ll have a hard time gaining their trust. Even if you must state an uncomfortable truth, you should. That would be better than losing the perception of authenticity.

How Can You Improve Your Messaging?

Authentic messaging will always catch people off-guard. Most of the time, marketing is meant to make us feel how we want. Rarely, messages show us the truth. These are always the most impactful.

Minimalism Is More Than a Movement:

Adding more is an easy mistake. Nevertheless, you might see improvement by subtracting something. Sometimes, a bare-bones delivery is jaw-dropping. Also, take a look at the graph below showing that using easier words make a bigger impact than using hard to understand vocabulary:

5 Reasons You Need a Marketing Communication Strategy

(Image Credit: Medium)

Crafting Novel Methods to Reach Consumers:

Feel free to experiment. Of course, remember to learn from other sources. However, throughout history, the best always innovate. If we only copied others, newer technology would never develop. The same can be said of all human activities.

The True Value of Communication Strategies in Service Marketing

How much you impact customers is a direct result of how you communicate. Even people with great intentions struggle to captivate audiences. On the contrary, remorseless salesmen close their deals, almost always.

Strategies Are Useful in all Fields:

When you deepen your strategic knowledge, you arm yourself for economic competition. When you are competing on a global stage, each advantage improves your odds. Communication skills are just one example.

Master Strategists Have an Advantage in a Competitive Economy:

All too often, we allow masters to discourage our initial expeditions. Mostly, it seems, from a deeply-rooted fear of failure. If you conduct a critical examination, the truth is evident. All masters began with the same knowledge we all possess. Only with continued effort do they become such intimidating titans.

We hope that you found this article useful.

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Applications for the Real World 

Real-world applications are crucial. Without them, you are wasting time studying theory. You could have told Aristotle about nuclear engineering. Without the right materials, the world would have remained unchanged. Just like fission, your ideas are powerless on the page.

Marcom Strategy Example

Look at a few of the most successful companies of the modern era. They all share something in common. Each of them has an entire department dedicated to marketing.


As the leading search engine, Google leverages its platform in wild ways. Today, it is hard to see anything on the internet without going through them.

Old Spice:

Of all the commercials that play, which do you remember the most. Tons of people know about Old Spice, strictly because of Terry Crews. Fame is, particularly, effective when cloaked in the outrageous. For example:

5 Reasons You Need a Marketing Communication Strategy

Red Bull:

Our final marcom strategy example is slightly more subtle. Old spice had a beautiful campaign during the early 2000s. They released several videos online that appeared to be recordings from customers. By the end of the videos, they would reveal themselves. However, these videos were a hit. Instead of spending a minute talking up their brand, they would entertain. This simple change produces remarkable outcomes.

FACT: Driving sales (51.3%) and building brand awareness (48.4%) are the two top digital marketing priorities for small businesses (BlueCorona)

Benefits of Efficient Marketing for Your Business

Why should you invest effort in something other than your business? Well, wisely-invested time might have an even greater payoff. If you learn how to market your business, you’ll outperform your competitors.

Retentions Becomes a Breeze to Manage:

Every customer you work to earn should be thought of as a long-term investment. Are you tired of letting old-customers go? Remind them of what brought them to you in the first place.

Finding New Markets Is Easier Than Ever:

Once you start to succeed, you’ll want to expand. The best places to expand could be obscure. By using your data, you’ll know which markets are more primed for business.

The Power of Word-of-Mouth Advertising:

Referrals are, without a doubt, the easiest business to earn. Your previous clients do all of the hard work for you. All referrals want is for you to meet their expectations. As long as you deliver, you’ll gain a lifetime customer. For instance:

5 Reasons You Need a Marketing Communication Strategy

(Image Credit: Groove HQ)

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This is the process of mapping out the different kinds of communications you can use to reach your target audience or market. This includes your message, where you want to communicate that message and who your target audience actually is.

Marketing communication tools are programs designed with the specific purpose of communicating with your audience more effectively. You then need to decide the best ways to use these tools to maximize their efficiency.

Marketing communication helps to get the products and/or services from manufacturers to end users. It also helps to build and maintain trust between the marketer and his target audience. Advertising and sales promotion will continue to play important roles in the marketing communication mix.

Marketing is the concept of developing strategies to satisfy customers with specific products and/or messages. Marketing communication, on the other hand, are specific tactics used for promotion and implementation of the overall market strategies.

The four main categories of communication avenues or styles include: verbal, nonverbal and visual.


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