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Most Popular Locksmith Directory Listings

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Most Popular Locksmith Directory Listings

Read time 9 min read
Locksmith Directory Listings

Test your SEO in 60 seconds! Diib is one of the best SEO tools in the world. Diib uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your traffic and rankings. We’ll even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.


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Are you looking to create your locksmith business profile while extending its scope? You should try directory listings to increase the popularity and returns of your business. While they may seem to have plummeted their reputation over time, they play a significant role for your local locksmith directory. From Google My Business to Yelp, Yahoo! Foursquare, and Yellow Pages, there are lots of locksmith directory listings for your business.

The Directory Listings Legacy

During the dawn of the Internet, only a few businesses had websites and very little income was to be earned from it. The challenge to accessing these sites, however, was that you had to memorize their domain names. However, this changed as the Internet shot up and folks could not recall all these domain names.

Yahoo! was the pioneer to list the top sites into a web directory that only featured the most popular websites alphabetically. If people wanted to find any good website, only one site was important – Yahoo! As businesses grew, they were itemized under categories and subcategories for ease of access.

If you had your business listed in various web directories, it showed that it was off the charts. As such, your business would have high search engine ranking leading to enhanced visibility.

The Rise of SEO

Soon, browsing through all those categories and subcategories became inconvenient and that is when search engines kicked in. At this time, the Google algorithm was hassle-free unlike how complex it is today.

This algorithm ranks some sites better than others based on factors such as keywords. While Yahoo! had its search engine, Google took the lead over the then giants due to its enhanced search engine algorithm. Some of the things that caused directory listings their reputation include spams and unreliability as time went by.

What is a Directory Listing?

A directory listing refers to an online list of businesses within a particular niche, category, or location. If you want increased popularity and revenue, ensure your locksmith business is featured in the list of trusted locksmith directory locally.

Directory listings are not going anywhere and it is a high time that you get your business listed. And since we know that they are many and you can be confused, we have reviewed 25 of them to make your selection much easier. Having your locksmith business Name, Address, Phone number (NAP) data listed on the local locksmith directory to improve its visibility. You should also consider including inbound links as they are vital to your business site’s domain authority.

Are Online Directories Still Convenient Today?

Unlike a few years ago when the Google algorithm was easier, these days it is far more complex. They still stand out amongst the search engine’s best ranking beckons. However, they are not perceived uniformly.

When compared to an excellent applicable link from a prominent website in your profession, online directory listings have less effect. Does this mean that directory listings are inept? No, they play a significant ranking role especially for your local locksmith venture.

Where Do You Submit Your Data?

There are many directory sites that specifically list the location and industry out there that you can submit your information to. However, it is recommended that you list your local business with the most powerful listing sites first before going to niche-specific directories.

Most Popular Locksmith Directory Listings for Your Business

Here are the 25 most popular trusted locksmiths directory for your locksmith business.

1. Google My Business

Currently the gramps of website directories, Google My Business is the most popular business listing that you can use for your locksmith business. After all, Google is the globe’s largest search engine and an indispensable requirement for online marketing. If you want your business to appear in a widely-recognized locksmith agency, you can never go wrong with the optimized Google My Business listing. Having your business listed on Google My Business lets your business pop up on the local searches map, for example:

Locksmith Directory Listings


With deep experience since its founding in 1994, BOTW (Best of the Web) is a reliable online directory with over 16 million business listings. If you are looking to list your locksmith business in a site with high traffic, BOTW is the way to go. This site boasts 40k to 60k monthly visits, with almost half of this traffic originating from the US. It makes it a great locksmith SEO as you will be widely accessible within any US state.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot is a reputable CMS that helps clients build brand awareness by listing businesses in their directory freely. If you want to market your locksmith agency business locally, this site offers everything you require with an easy sign up process. When you sign up, you just need to complete the site’s inbound certification, and then you can create and publish your locksmith directory profile. HubSpot boasts over 2 million followers and 4.5 million visits per month.

You will be interested

4. Yelp

If you want to list your locksmith business with the top review site for local industries, Yelp is the way to go. Perfect as a locksmith directory, Yelp provides your clients with all the necessary info about your business with positive reviews. This site boasts 35 million mobile app users per month as well as 211 million reviews. While this sounds amazing, however, you must ensure that you are getting positive reviews to thrive here. Here is what Yelp looks like:

Locksmith Directory Listings

5. About Us

About Us was initially founded as a business domain directory but currently allows any sites, including your locksmith business website, to be submitted and debated. With an average 200k site visitors per month, which other directory would you prefer to list your locksmith business?

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6. Yahoo!

Yahoo! is the pioneer of business listing when the Internet was gaining popularity and penetrating into businesses and people alike. This portal site combines a websites directory classified in a hierarchy of categories and a search engine. You can list your locksmith venture online using the Yahoo! Local category that is dedicated to business listings and increase your popularity. With an Alexa Ranking of 5, the site offers both free and premium package options.

7. Foursquare

If you have a new locksmith business and want to be found fast and easily, Foursquare has exactly what you are looking for. This local search and finding service mobile app assists users find your new venture or where you are located. The application allows clients to share their locations and can amass points, coupons, and prize badges when they register at places. For example:

Locksmith Directory Listings

8. AreaConnect

If you want your locksmith business to be visible across 3,594 towns and cities throughout the US for free, try AreaConnect. It is a business directory search website that offers info via various yellow and white pages, as well as local directories for a smarter search. Regardless of the US town or city your locksmith business is situated, AreaConnect directory listings will make you visible.

9. Manta

Do you own a small locksmith business and wonder if you can list it? Meet Manta, an online business directory and search engine that suits your needs. The site offers all the info you need to network your locksmith business for free! With this directory, you can link and develop your locksmith business via the Manta community where clients can purchase from, partner with, and link to businesses. It boasts a domain authority of 87. For instance:

Locksmith Directory Listings

10. LinkedIn

Surprised? I figured as much! To most people, LinkedIn is just a social networking site for the business community. That being true, the site allows listed members to link networks for persons they recognize work wise.

As a locksmith, you can use LinkedIn to grow your expert network too for free. Get on board and search for businesses within your niche and create your business profile. LinkedIn profiles attract nearly all industries.

11. Spoke.com

Are you looking for an open forum that allows the community to find and discuss businesses, business people, commercial news, and more? Spoke is a fantastic choice! You can add your locksmith business directory here and be visible to the world. Spoke boasts a listing of approximately 5 million people and 1.4 million businesses. When it comes to traffic, the company receives more than 80k visitors per month. That is great potential for your locksmith business’ popularity in a flash.

12. Instagram

Yes, that Instagram app you know and use every day is a great platform for businesses too. Other than taking selfies and videos on your smartphone and posting them for comments, you can use this social network platform constructively. You can share your locksmith videos and images publicly or privately for free! Instagram is an influential platform that does not require plenty of time to create. You can also feature on locksmith niche categories using hashtags.

13. Facebook

Yet another free social networking platform and site, Facebook is an excellent place to list your locksmith business. Like the case above, you can create your business profile, upload videos and pictures, as well as send messages to connect with friends. You can have your friends and family follow your locksmith business page and share the info with friends and their friend’s friends. Facebook is also reputable for a colossal customer base, many client reviews, and has the highest volume among all social media platforms. For example:

Locksmith Directory Listings

14. YellowPages

At the mention of directory listings, YellowPages is the first thing that comes to mind. Owned by YP, a local marketing solutions provider, YellowPages is an online business directory that centres on helping local businesses, like your locksmith venture, grow. YP was established in 2012 and was conveyed by merging AT&T Advertising and AT&T Interactive. The company’s directory listings are free and draw high traffic volume in the US. This is good news for your local locksmith business.

15. US Directory

An online yellow pages index, the US Directory is a platform that allows customers to search for online business listings and everything they need to know. That means your locksmith business information such as phone numbers, local directions, maps, addresses, and more is taken care of. US Directory is a premium service only and advertises your locksmith deals to clients. With substantial web traffic in the US, you can never go wrong listing your business here.

16. Bing Places

Bing Places is the most popular directory listing and search engine runner’s up globally. It might seem unlikely given that the Bing search engine is used by almost 6% of the global populace.

However, bearing in mind that Microsoft controls the computer market and Bing stands out as Edge and Internet Explorer default search engine, you might change your thinking. If you list your locksmith business with Bing Places directory, you can reach all computer clients.

17. Angie’s List

If you are looking for a recognized directory listings site with authority for your locksmith business, Angie’s List is an ideal choice. Perfect for creating links to rank in search engines like Google, this premium subscription platform includes supporter reviews for local firms. Here, you can have your locksmith business ranking via a report card based on your product’s price among other aspects. Angie’s List boasts around 9.3 million monthly visits with more than 95% traffic being US-based, which is a good sign for your locksmith business’ success.

Locksmith Directory Listings

18. Better Business Bureau

With both free and premium packages, BBB or Better Business Bureau is aimed at assisting individuals find and promote trustworthy businesses, charities, and products. BBB is based on a customer rating system and informs and helps clients find reliable businesses. If you want your clients to differentiate your locksmith business from scammers and sham businesses in your niche, BBB is the way to go. The site also offers the Accredited Listing forum that allows you to calculate revenues within your four months of investment.

19. eLocal

Just like the name suggests, eLocal is a directory that lists businesses within a specific location. If you want to be found by your immediate neighbor or people you fellowship with, this would be a great start.

eLocal receives approx. 85k visitors per month with people looking for contractors, restaurants, doctors, and now your locksmith profession if you list your business.

20. HotFrog

Do you wish to list your locksmith business via regional or topical significance? Meet HotFrog, a local listings website for regional listings with global reach. With more than 2 million listed businesses online, HotFrog distinguishes itself from other directories.How so, you may ask? HotFrog offers your free promo content that supports brand publicity. Imagine being given a free business press release for your locksmith business!

21. Chamber of Commerce

That small locksmith business also deserves to be in reputable directory listings, and that is what Chamber of Commerce has been offering since 1998. Available in both free and premium listing packages, the site is also a resource centre for small business owners. The Chamber of Commerce has over 2 million business members plus monthly traffic of between 450k and 600k. This is an incredible site to list your locksmith agency for improved status and yields.

22. SuperPages

Remember those days when printed phone books were the order of the day? Yeah, that is when SuperPages was established! It stands out among the deep-rooted local citation and online directory sources and is the progeny of Supermedia. Old is gold, so they say! If you want your locksmith to feature in the oldest local directories, the SuperPages directory has a place for your locksmith business listing. For instance:

Locksmith Directory Listings

23. NextDoor

Nothing sells your business offerings like recommendations from satisfied customers. That is why NextDoor offers a free business directory listing for your locksmith venture to make you accessible in your neighbourhood. It brags 100 million visitors a month. The site boasts an admirable interactive client base with 67% of followers giving business references on the platform. One great feature offered by NextDoor is that everybody within 2 miles of your locksmith business sees a post on the feed once it is posted.

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24. City-data

Ever considered expanding your locksmith business but wonder which website will increase your popularity across the US cities? Listing your business with City-data makes you accessible to all local US cities as the site uses government stats and estimates. Advameg, which owns and operates City-data, provides clients with all the info they need to know about any city or town in the US. You can join over 50 sites listed on City-data and find just how easy it is to be visible everywhere in the US.

25. DexKnows

DexKnows is a perfect site for locksmith business directory listings whenever you want to tap the local market. What I mean is that this site lists the best local locksmith agencies in your region and it wouldn’t hurt to be among the listings. Or would it? The site brags about 200k visitors per month that are looking for business listings in their specified area.

Diib®: Your Locksmith Directory Listing Experts!

While you should avoid them, directory listings, sometimes, come in handy. This is especially for your local locksmith business and locksmith SEO. It increases the business popularity and revenue alike. Just make sure your NAP info is consistent in all listing sites, including backlinks, and a detailed business description with multimedia. Before you surrender your locksmith business links, ensure the online directory is niche-relevant and has a reputable profile.

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This is an online listing of businesses that can give information such as: name, address, contact information, services, products and even reviews. Not all are created equal and some come with a fee while some remain free of charge.

Here are some of the top directories to list your business with.

  • Google My Business.
  • Bing Places for Business.
  • Yahoo! Small Business.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Facebook.
  • Whitepages.
  • Yellowpages.com.

Actually, yes, directory submission is still very much alive, well and effective in 2021. You can rank without them, however, it is much easier to get the traffic desired when you are listed in as many places as possible.

Find the most ideal directories for your business or website. Before you submit, find the category that best matches your material.


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