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Locksmith Blog: Keys to Succeed

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Locksmith Blog: Keys to Succeed

Read time 11 min read
Locksmith Blog: Keys to Succeed

Improve your content marketing + SEO in 60 seconds! Diib uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your traffic and rankings. We’ll even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.


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If you are a locksmith who is interested in blogging, it’s a great method to market your business. However, blogging is a skill. As such, do not expect success right away.

Developing new skills is something that takes time. If you want your blog to be successful, get ready to put in some hard work. The more time you put into it, the better you will become.

Nevertheless, getting started is always the hardest part. At first, you will not know what you are doing. Eventually, you will be as good at it As you are at locksmithing.

The Best Locksmith Blog Topics

What makes a blog great? To us, it is the quality of the content. Suppose you were a prospect. When you visit a website about locksmithing, what would you be looking for?

Aim all of your content at your readers. Do not make it for yourself.

Customer Feedback and Reviews 

Posting feedback from customers is an amazing idea. This is particularly effective when your customers are willing to submit video feedback. Video feedback is seen as more authentic.

Therefore, people respond more strongly to it. It would be even better if you can appear in any video feedback submitted. That way, you add a personal touch to each video.

Success Stories From the Field 

Do you have any memorable stories from customers? As a locksmith, you rescue people every day. Reach out to a few of your notable customers. Then, ask them if they would be willing to share their story on your blog.

Success stories are always captivating. They are particularly entrancing for people that are in similar situations. If they see you helped someone similar to them, there is a good chance you will get a call. For example:

Locksmith Blog: Keys to Succeed

Educational Materials for Everyone

Since you are a professional, you know a lot about your trade. Moreover, your customers probably do not know those things. Teaching your customers about your trade is a great way to add value to your content.

Make a list of all the things that you can teach to your readers. Then, use that list to create a content calendar. That way, you can post regularly without having to think about it too much.

Locksmith Blog Topics

  • Quality Content Will Be More Effective Than Lots of Content
  • Educational Posts Get More Attention Than You Think
  • Feedback From Customers Is Great Content
  • Make Your Articles Interactive
  • List All of Your Services and Describe Them

Commercial Locksmith Blog

Do you also offer services to commercial clients? If so, it is crucial for you to target them as well. Commercial clients have different interests than residential ones. Therefore, you need a different strategy for commercial marketing.

Locations: Make Them Accessible

First, make sure potential commercial clients can easily see where you operate. Otherwise, you might get a lot of calls that are a waste of time. For instance:

Locksmith Blog: Keys to Succeed

You will be interested

 Why Should Someone Visit Your Commercial Locksmith Blog? 

Put yourself into the shoes of potential commercial clients. What would get them to click on your blog? Typically, you need to have relevant material.

If the only thing on your blog is about residential services, why would they visit?

It might be better to host two different websites. One of them could be dedicated to your residential customers. The other could be for your commercial clients.

  • 1. Make Important Info Easy to Locate
  • 2. Include All of Your Service Areas
  • 3. Showcase Some Case Studies
  • 4. List Your Available Commercial Services

Locksmith Services Blog

Of course, creating posts about the services you offer is a no-brainer. That way, visitors can quickly determine if you can offer them the help they need. While listing your services is possible, we suggest writing detailed descriptions for them. The more information you can write down about them, the more informed your customers will be.

Blog Locksmith: Types of Services Available

Create a separate page for each of the services you offer. There are two benefits to doing this. One, customers can find the information they want. Two, search engines tend to rank pages better this way. For example:

Locksmith Blog: Keys to Succeed

On each of the pages, write detailed descriptions of the services. We suggest putting the price near the bottom of the page. That way, people must read through your content to find out the cost.

Rapid Response for Residential Calls

What is the most important thing for people when they call a locksmith? Usually, it will be the response time. When you get to your customer rapidly, they are happy. Therefore, creating content emphasizing your service speed can get you some new clients.

Automobiles Are Also Included

Does your business also offer help for people locked out of their cars? If so, you should definitely highlight this on your blog. Plenty of other locksmiths do not offer these services. Anything that makes you stand out from the competition is good content.

Key Concepts Regarding a Locksmith Services Blog

  • Make Your Blog Easy to Navigate
  • Work on Capturing Interest
  • Articles Do Not Need to Be Long
  • Services Should Be Describe in Detail

Keys to Blogging Success 

Blogging as a locksmith is no different from any other type of blogging. By learning effective blogging techniques, you can improve your own chances of success. Most of these techniques are universally applicable.

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For example “www.diib.com”

Used by over 250k companies and organizations:

  • logo
  • logo
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Syncs with Google Analytics

Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization 

Search engines are the most popular way people find content on the Internet. The vast majority of all Internet traffic is routed through them. By optimizing your page, you can rank higher on search results. The higher you rank, the more traffic you will receive.


Have you remembered to include hyperlinks on all of your posts? Hyperlinks are one of the metrics used by search engines to rank web pages. If you have not included them, you should start.

Always ensure that any hyperlinks are relevant to the content material. When the hyperlinks are not relevant, it will affect your search engine rankings. For example:

Locksmith Blog: Keys to Succeed

(Image Credit: Neil Patel)

Social Media and Viral Content

Finally, do you have any active social media accounts? Do not neglect these platforms. They are for much more than socialization. We recommend creating platforms on all popular social media websites. Just remember, you need to be active on all of them. Otherwise, you will not get any traffic from those sources.

General Blogging Guidelines

  • Analytics Will Be a Great Asset
  • Review Your Metrics Often
  • Optimize Your Content for Keywords
  • Search Engines Look for Hyperlinks
  • Social Media Can Be the Best Marketing Platform

The Appeal of Aesthetic Websites 

What is the first thing you do when you visit a website? For most people, they look at it. Sometimes, they leave before it even loads everything. Typically, this happens when the design of a website is atrocious. Poorly designed websites push people away.

Do Not Make Your Page Too Busy 

Twenty years ago, when you visited a website, it looked a lot different than it does today. Most of the time, they were full of various elements. As a result, the webpages were far too busy. You do not need to be a minimalist. Nonetheless, sometimes less is more.

Visual Images Always Captivate the Imagination 

When you post content, do you include any imagery? Human beings are visually oriented creatures. Meaning, our sight is our most important sense.

Put a few pictures on all of your posts. The more relevant the images are, the more effective they will be. By not including any, you make your posts much less engaging.

Consider Hiring a Pro Designer

If you are struggling to come up with a decent design, hire a professional. Besides, you are a professional yourself. You rely on people to call you when they need help. You should not be hesitant to do the same.

A professional designer can give your entire webpage a facelift. You might be surprised at how big of a difference something like that makes.

Why Looks Matter for Your Locksmith Blog

  • People Judge Things by Their Appearance
  • The Better Your Website Looks, The More People Will Like It
  • Poorly Designed Websites Can Post Good Content Without Results

Making Your Blog Interactive 

How do you judge the success of content on a blog? In our opinion, reader engagement is the most important metric. When you get your readers engaged, they are more likely to return.

Plus, engaged readers become new customers much more frequently. The best way to increase customer engagement is by making your content interactive.

Questions From Customers Should Be Encouraged 

The simplest way to create interactive content is by asking your readers what they want to see. For example, you could create a weekly question and answer column. Have your readers send in questions.

Then, create posts answering the most frequently asked questions. Your readers will appreciate this because it makes them feel valued. Since you listen to their opinions, you stand out from other content creators. Here is an example of a frequently asked question page:

Locksmith Blog: Keys to Succeed

Live Streams Are Growing in Popularity 

Live streaming content can also be very interactive. Using a live stream lets your customers interact with you and each other. Consequently, you can begin to develop a community. You could try hosting live streams on different platforms. This will expose you to the widest audience possible.

Building a Community 

Online communities can be incredibly virulent. If you have ever seen a viral post, you know what we mean. By making interactive content, you increase the chances of your content going viral.

Viral marketing is easily the most cost-effective way to market. You do not have to pay your customers to share your posts. Unfortunately, it is impossible to manufacture viral content. However, creating top-notch posts is better than effortless ones.

Notes on Interactivity

  • Make Your Blog a Conversation With Your Readers
  • Do Not Be Afraid to Go Against the Grain
  • See if Live Streams Might Be a Good Option for Your Blog

The Quality of Your Copy Should Be Superb 

Everything that you write should be written in perfect English. There are no excuses for grammatical mistakes or spelling errors. Each time you create content with them, it detracts from your legitimacy. Luckily, plenty of resources are online that can help you write perfectly.

Easy Reading Makes for More Readers 

Do not make the mistake of writing verbose sentences. Despite their grandiosity, they tend to dissuade people from reading. Generally, you want your content to be as easy to read as possible. That way, anyone can comprehend it without difficulty.

Do Not Use Too Much Jargon 

As a professional, you use a lot of jargon. While this may be fine in the field, you should not include it on your blog. When you do, it isolates you. Most of your readers will not know what you mean.

Therefore, it makes your content confusing for people unfamiliar with the industry. In some instances, jargon must be used. In that case, you need to carefully define the terms. This ensures your readers will not get lost. The image below shows one way you can do this:

Locksmith Blog: Keys to Succeed

Headlines and Titles 

Do you have a strategy when you create the titles for your posts? If not, you need to create one. Headlines are the most important part of any article you post online.

It is the first thing people see. If it is not eye-catching, they will not pay it any attention. On the other hand, a good headline gets people to drop what they are doing to look.

Tips for Better Writing

  • Proofread All of Your Work Before Posting
  • Style Guides Are Available Online
  • Commas Are the Most Misused Punctuation Mark
  • Spelling Errors Are Not Always Caught by Spell Checkers

We hope that you found this article useful.

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Optimizing Your Strategy 

You need to have a well-developed content strategy. In the beginning, these are difficult to predict. You need to have some data.

As you run your blog, you will collect data.

Ultimately, this will be one of the most important tools you have. By using analytics, this data will tell you when you are doing something right. It also will let you know when you are doing things wrong.

Content That Draws in New Viewers 

Each post you make should draw on the successes and failures of your previous posts. Always check the analytics for each of your pages.

Some of your pages will be more successful than others. You need to understand why. That way, you can implement new changes to your future content.

The Importance of Analytics 

Analytics refers to all of the data collected by your blog from your readers. This data tells you where they came from and what brought them to you.

You can use this when you are crafting new content. Focus on the things that bring in new viewers. Disregard things that are unsuccessful. Over time, your strategy will organically adapt. Here is an example of Google Analytics tracking a blog:

Locksmith Blog: Keys to Succeed

(Image Credit: Crazy Egg)

Content Quality Will Always Reign Supreme

Of course, you can never neglect content quality. Even with the best optimization, poor quality doesn’t capture attention. Unless you have value to offer people, they are not going to stick around for long.

Thus, your primary focus should always be on adding value.

Moreover, if you do not, optimizing your blog will not do much for you. Optimization is only effective when your content is already on point.

Adapting Strategies On-the-Go

  • Your Strategy Should Evolve Over Time
  • What Works Today May Not Work Tomorrow
  • Your Metrics Should Guide You

Diib®: Build a Better Locksmithing Blog

As a professional, you are always looking to expand your business. Running a blog is a phenomenal idea. Plenty of people go online to look for things before hiring a contractor. By answering their questions, you could become that contractor. Over time, your blogging skill set will improve. It is not uncommon for your first few posts to garner little attention.

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  • Monthly call with a growth expert

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Here are six simple step to start a locksmith blog:

  1. Decide what the name of your blog is going to be.
  2. Purchase a domain name and find a web hosting site.
  3. Install WordPress.
  4. Decide on a WordPress theme.
  5. Install WordPress plugins that will be useful to you.
  6. Publish your blog and create well written and thought out content.

A blog is a simple website that acts like an online journal of sorts. The latest posts and updates will be up at the top while the older ones will be below. A locksmith blog might have different services provided and it might also provide tips and tricks to help potential customers.

The tools below can help you write your locksmith blog for free:

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Wix
  • Ghost
  • Medium
  • Weebly

The answer to should I start a locksmith blog in 2021 is definitely yes. Blogs help you create effective content and build an online business. For locksmiths it helps create a bond between you and your potential customers. When they see that you took the time to explain in simple and easy to understand terms the way you do things they will know that they can trust you.

When writing a blog post on your locksmithing site you should write at least 300 words. However, remember that the more words you write the higher your ranking is likely to be. This is because you can fit more keywords into your writing and explain things in a more understandable way.


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Daniel Urmann

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Daniel Urmann is the co-founder of Diib.com. Over the past 17 years Daniel has helped thousands of business grow online through SEO, social media, and paid advertising. Today, Diib helps over 150,000 business globally grow online with their SaaS offerings. Daniel’s interest include SMB analytics, big data, predictive analytics, enterprise and SMB search engine optimization (SEO), CRO optimization, social media advertising, A/B testing, programatic and geo-targeting, PPC, and e-commerce. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) focused in Finance and E-commerce from Cornell University – S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management.

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