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How to Write Content for Your Email Marketing

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How to Write Content for Your Email Marketing

Read time 7 min read

Improve your content marketing + SEO in 60 seconds! Diib uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your traffic and rankings. We’ll even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.


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Many experts in the field of marketing for some reason put an end to e-marketing. This is a huge delusion, because he lived, lives, and will live, because. When used correctly, it works great for both cold emails and hot emails, attracting new leads and keeping a loyal audience. Yes, stamps and mass “non-live” mailing in the last century, which no one can attract. Customers simply do not open such emails or, even worse, send them to spam, which harms the entire company.

Don’t worry, we’re here to figure out how to write content for your email marketing. Well, let’s get started.

No. 1. Study your target audience

The very first and most important thing for an effective email marketing campaign is to understand your target audience. Users have become extremely selective in reading content, regardless of the source of its submission, it is important to understand to whom exactly it is sent. With the help of understanding the target audience, it will be easier to adapt the content – its form, style, speed, and style – so that the user will definitely like it, and the latter will surely want to interact with it and with your brand as a whole.

Before you start, find a potentially interested audience, collect statistical data on their interests, analyze the information received and create a ready-made base with which to continue interacting in the future.

No. 2. Develop a strategy

Goal – Be sure to think through and write down why you are launching an email marketing campaign. This could be:

  • increasing the audience or searching for a new one;
  • increasing brand awareness;
  • increase in traffic to some pages or the entire site;
  • promotion of new products and services;
  • drive traffic to a webinar landing page
  • increase in sales;
  • increase in the number of subscribers.

There may be plenty of other excuses to start a campaign, but the main thing is to think it over from the beginning. Then it will turn out to more effectively set up all the ways to achieve the desired. You can select several marketing goals at once and solve them at once. But at the initial stage, it is better to focus on one thing. When the audience is prepared, and you successfully run several campaigns, try to combine them.

No. 3. Study Your Competitors

To understand how email marketing works and what can help improve it, study the work of competitors. This is a healthy way to increase your efficiency and understand what is worth doing and what is better to refuse.

Evaluate the work of various companies from the smallest to the largest, both in your niche and in related ones. Don’t be afraid to learn from others and adapt them for yourself.

No. 4. Use a strong headline

Even if the client doesn’t open and interacts with the email, the worst thing that can happen in your e-commerce campaign is getting the email spammed. This can lead to blocking your account or sending all your messages to spam, where users will not look for them, much less read them.

To avoid this, just add a strong title. Users concentrate their attention for only a fraction of a second. During this time, they should understand who writes to them and for what reason, as well as become interested in what they read. Write in the topic the main idea stated in the text – concisely, clearly, concisely, and transparently. You should not take a clickbait headline, it can play a cruel joke and the letter will go to spam.

No. 5. Add personalization

Be sure to personalize your content.  Address the user by name and offer only what he will be interested in. After studying the target audience, it will be easier to rank clients and collect separate lists, each of which will have clients that differ depending on interests, gender, place of residence, etc.

It will also help to create a client portrait, for this it is necessary to collect information and form a certain image to provide more personal data.  Just like customizing your online inovices gievs you a professional look same way personlizing your email makes the reciever trust you more.

No. 6. Use SEO

In email marketing, every word counts. SEO should be used to provide really working content. With its help, it is easier to attract the target audience and improve the quality of interaction with it. In essence, SEO and e-commerce are complementary concepts.

With the help of optimization, it is easier to evoke the emotion you want in customers and express the essence with a few key phrases. Incorporate persuasive words, sensory phrases, alliteration, and analogy into your content to create a composite to impact the reader’s subconscious.

No. 7. Write Properly

If it seems to you that no one has been paying attention to spelling and grammatical errors for a long time, this is not so. Eliminate them and double-check the text before sending. Yes, writing texts, in general, can be difficult, especially without inheriting mistakes in them. Therefore, sometimes it is worth entrusting their creation to professionals. You can use the help of the EssayWriterPro, which will not only eliminate errors but also make the content interesting.

No. 8. Thanks for the feedback and quick action

Any content in your email marketing campaign should have some kind of call to action and not be limited to a one-way hit. Through letters, you should get closer to your customers and build a constructive dialogue.

You will be interested

At a minimum, you should leave a link to a direct answer, but it is better to offer to continue the interaction if there are questions about what was written. This will demonstrate your customer focus, which will increase user loyalty.

You can also write a call to action. It will allow you to keep the client and his interest in the brand, because. without it, the user may want to close the email as soon as possible. It is important to abandon primitiveness and correctly lead the client to the call. To do this, you will need both an analysis of the target audience (for a better impact) and simple psychological techniques (to maintain interest).

Do not be afraid to use the time limits of any action and the urgency of the offer, this has a great effect on the subconscious, forcing you to experience the necessary emotions to continue the dialogue.

If you choose to write call-to-action emails, be sure to thank your customers. This can be a “thank you” in advance for their step, but it’s better to provide really useful information, a discount, a referral incentive, or a coupon for the action.

No. 9. Optimize the look of your content

The letter should look clear and attractive to the client. Be sure to make an optimized structure with paragraphs and short sentences. Separate blocks of different meanings and highlight the most important in bold or in a different color.

Also, highlight the link you are asking the user to follow. For example, bright colors. Strange as it may seem, the user may simply not notice it among the rest of the canvas of text.

If you use buttons, each should have its own call to action. They should also be made attractive.

Do not be afraid to use emoticons and interesting expressions, pictures, and videos, as well as other types of content in the text. Most importantly, make sure that these potential customers may like this approach.


We can’t provide you with a solid email marketing content plan that is sure to work in your hands. This is a completely individual process that requires a painstaking approach to solving, analyzing, and building your ideal formula. The main thing is that we have analyzed the steps to achieve the necessary results, having worked through which, you will surely get what you want. Use them to achieve your goals.

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