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How to Write a Beautiful and Lucrative Photography Blog

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How to Write a Beautiful and Lucrative Photography Blog

Read time 12 min read
How to Write a Beautiful and Lucrative Photography Blog

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A photography blog provides an opportunity for you to not only show your individualized style but share your creativity and style with the world. It provides an avenue for one to share their passion and make money while doing what they love. Deciding which style of photography you love and would captivate your audience is essential in helping you realize your goals. This blog provides a set of guidelines to help you create and maintain a beautiful lucrative photography blog, attract and generate sales and some tips to help you stand out.

Advantages of having a photography blog

You may be wondering whether you need a blog and what impact it may add to your website or business portfolio. Having an art gallery may seem enough, but it hinders your business growth and does not allow you to expand quickly. Some of the advantages of having a simple photography blog include;

  1. Provides a platform to share your work

You should create a photographer blog post that gives you a platform to share your style. You get your own space to keep your clients updated on what you are working on and create content to enrich the other artists and amateurs in the field. For example:

How to Write a Beautiful and Lucrative Photography Blog

(Image Credit: Jimdo)

  1. Increase your clientele

A blog is open to many people opening you up to the world. It ensures you not only get a chance to tap into more clients from your area but attract more people across the world who love your work. With the rise of the internet, you can now share and sell your work to people around the world.

iii. It helps you sell more pieces

A blog provides you with a doorway to hold online shows and an online open shop where your clients can buy your work. This action means you get to sell more pieces as the more people interact with your work, the more they are likely to find something fascinating they would like to purchase. This action then translates into improving your business.

  1. Provides a networking avenue

Having your own blog provides a chance to interact and meet people in your field. You get a chance to interact with other like-minded people through webinars, talk shows, or interviews that enable you to create quality content for your clients. 

  1. It helps you find your niche

The photography world has numerous sections and having a blog will help you discover and understand your niche. By continually sharing your work, you realize which photography line you are more gifted in and enjoy creating. It therefore helps you learn more on how to make a photography blog that reflects your work. This develops a basis that helps you realize what your niche is and helps you improve it building a formidable empire. Here is one example of a niche, this niche is beauty:

How to Write a Beautiful and Lucrative Photography Blog

(Image Credit: Barely There Beauty)

  1. Improve your skills

The constant sharing of your work and demand for more content when one has a blog means you spend more time reading, researching, and practicing. The more you spend time doing something, the better you get at it. The time spent in building your content and editing it for your blog will see you improve your skills, enabling you to get better at what you do.

vii. Builds your brand

Having a lucrative photography blog helps you build your brand. It provides steady traffic to your website and allows you to share your work with the world, helping you build a name and improve your brand. With proper consistency and hard work, you can build a reliable blog trusted by millions of people online, helping you sell more pieces and build a good reputation that opens more business doors.

Tips on how to start your own photography blog


You will be interested

Formulate a plan


Setting up a photography blog that attracts quality clients entails more than just posting photos and images. You have to start by formulating a plan and learning how to start your own photography blog. Formulating a plan helps you understand why you want to create a photographer blog and write down your goal and vision. Having this information is vital in creating a realistic plan and setting your goals and vision. 

This process helps you deal with your fears and eliminate any spirit of comparison as you are busy learning how to make a photography blog that resonates with your style than comparing what is out there. A plan thus gives you the inner motivation you need that will keep you going in tough times. Here is an example of a simple photography blog plan:

How to Write a Beautiful and Lucrative Photography Blog

(Image Credit: ExtraEssay)

Assemble your tools


Once you have your plan laid out, ensure you write down a list of all tools required. Assembling your tools ensure you have all you need to take high-quality images or videos. Ensure you get tools that allow you to do quality work both during the day and at night. Tools such as tripod stands, lights, fans, among others, are essential in making your sessions easy and more interesting.

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Content Marketing

Gather your content


When creating your photography blog, having enough content to start is essential as it helps you create consistency. Decide whether you want to post daily, thrice a week, or weekly. The goal is not how many times you post in a day or week but developing consistency to ensure your blogs constantly have new content.

However, having scheduled uploads help your clients look forward and create time to visit your site. It would help if you also focused on having assorted content to ensure you keep your clients interested and engaged. With time you will realize what in your post gets more attention and which type of photography interests you more.

Did you know??? Articles that are >3,000 words get 3x more traffic, 4x more shares, and 3.5x more backlinks than shorter articles. And listicles get 2x more shares than other blog post formats. (HubSpot)

Create a user-friendly blog


The key to having a lucrative blog is investing in one that is user friendly. Once users can easily log in and navigate your site, they are likely to spend more time on your site and take a keen look at your work. A user-friendly website also enables your clients to buy products from your site and increase your traffic, enabling you to get more leads and close on sales. Having navigation bars such as the one below help your website become more user friendly:

How to Write a Beautiful and Lucrative Photography Blog

(Image Credit: foregroundWeb)

Hone your skills


One of the key things to focus on when creating a lucrative blog is honing your skills. Take some time to learn from other professionals, especially those with established blog sites. Having more information on how to edit your work and ensure high-quality content is essential to improve your skills and attract more clients. You should note that improving your skills does not mean that you are not good or ready to start a blog. Still, not everyone knows what it means to start and run a blog, thus acquiring this information and learning how to present your work in a way that not only inspires your audience but captivates them to want to purchase your pieces is an integral [art to help you improve your skill.

Decide on the blogging site for your work


You can use numerous blogging sites when setting up a photography blog; however, deciding on which one best suits your style, is understood and loved by your target audience, fits in your budget, and meets your needs is essential. When deciding on a blog site, ensure you not only use price top to help you determine the site but choose the one you and your audience can easily navigate and understand. This action ensures you have an easy time updating and maintaining your blog while your clients get to enjoy a user-friendly blog site. 

Pick a domain name


One of the major factors on how to start a photography blog will have to be the name. You need to pick something catchy, authentic, and unique. It has to be a name that’s easy to remember but has sentimental value to the art. Picking a domain name can get confusing, especially if it’s your first time; thus, ensure you take your time to go through all the suggestions keenly and available names if what you had in mind already existed. Do not feel bad if you cannot get a name you like but visit sites that issue art and photography ideas to grant you inspiration in getting a domain name.

Prepare your budget

Having a budget is essential in deciding how to start a photography blog. It helps you prioritize your blog needs and stay objective. A budget also ensures you cover everything from maintenance, purchase of plugins, paid advertisements, and decide on the type of plan for your blog. These factors are essential to ensure 

Tips for maintaining a lucrative photography blog


Creating a photography blog may be a walk in the park for some; however, maintaining a simple photography blog requires time, patience, and dedication. Some of the things you can focus on to ensure your blog thrives and brings in the sales you hope for include;

Have a social media presence

Having a social media presence is ideal for a blog’s success as it provides various platforms to reach potential clients faster. Most people in the digital era use at least one social media platform, meaning that you are likely to catch their attention and direct them to your site if you post your blog updates in these spaces. Social media also has a significant role in helping you advertise new content and collect feedback and information on the current trends. Here is an example of a travel photography blog social media page:

How to Write a Beautiful and Lucrative Photography Blog

(Image Credit: Julee Klein Marketing)

You also get an opportunity to display your content using teaser short videos that are likely to create interest and attract people to your blog. You should start by identifying two social media handles you and your current or potential clients use often and start by those. Afterwards, when the following is substantial, you can introduce others to ensure you have accounts that bring you income.

FACT: 94% of marketers use social media for content distribution. (HubSpot)

Invest in marketing automation

Marketing automation plays a major role in helping you sustain your blog. It provides a professional alternative to help you engage with a current and prospective client. Marketing automation ensures those who visit your blog get personalized services by having chat boxes that can easily collect their information or give them overview information of your pricing and the things you offer.

 It is essential to invest in marketing automation. It provides you with an automatic calendar that helps you schedule your uploads, allows you to keep track of your email campaigns, and sends targeted messages to your clients to help you sell your work. 

Learn more on digital marketing


To have a blog that does well online, you need to understand more about digital marketing. Digital marketing provides you with strategies that help you shape your content and carry out your marketing strategies. They ensure you are up to date with the latest marketing strategies your blog can enjoy and help you unpack how to use them for your benefit. 

The course also helps you know the different things required by search engines and provide you with information that gives you an upper hand and properly manages your site. You can be a good photographer and have amazing content; however, if you do not know how to advertise your work, then developing a lucrative photography blog properly may pose a major challenge.

Optimize your website


The goal of setting up a photography blog that brings good returns is ensuring you get it right with your optimization strategies. Adhering to Search engine optimization ensures you give search engines what they are looking for to help them rank your blog well. High rankings mean you get to enjoy more traffic, appear at the top of search engines and have your content matched with the right audience. 

Thus, SEO plays a major role in helping your blog succeed and is one area that should be carefully handled to ensure you do not sabotage your blog. Some of the things to focus on to ensure you get higher ranks in search engines include; getting high-quality backlinks, properly indexing your webpages, and regularly updating content.

Target quality customers

A successful photography blog means you have frequent purchases of your work and sign individual and contract jobs. All this relies on what people say about you and how well you describe to the search engine who you are targeting. Research on which type of people are likely to purchase your content, then explain your potential client to search engines. This action means that they can narrow down clients from the specification issued, allowing you to attract quality clients and enjoy purchases. 

You should also ensure that clients who love your work and appreciate it get to publish their content on your blog as research shows that most people are likely to hire a person based on what was said about their services. Most people who go through your site read the review section to get a feel of your service; thus, they are likely to enlist your services if they get good comments. Client testimonials are also essential in building your brand and eventually affect how much you charge for your work. The more people praise you, the more clients you attract, and the higher your chances are to leverage on price.

We hope that you found this article useful.

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Optimize your mobile app

Most people in the digital era use their mobile phones to carry out almost all their research. More people are currently looking for services using their phones compared to other devices like laptops or iPad. Thus, it is essential to optimize your mobile application to ensure your user has a good experience. Having a well-optimized app will boost your sales by ensuring you do not miss out on a client. 

FACT: The first five seconds of page-load time have the highest impact on conversion rates. Website conversion rates drop by an average of 4.42% with each additional second of load time. (HubSpot)

Have an email campaign

Email campaigns help you close more sales by identifying where you lost your visitors. They enable you to formulate different emails that help you address clients at the different sections of purchase. By having an active email campaign, you enhance your relationship with past clients, helping them keep you in mind and benefiting from referrals. Here is an example of a photography email campaign:

How to Write a Beautiful and Lucrative Photography Blog

(Image Credit: Wix)

You also get a chance to build a connection with potential clients by offering them discounts or other incentives that are likely to help them invest in your work. Email campaigns also enable you to keep tabs on your blog’s content and attract people and what your clients respond to more. This information is essential in helping you formulate content your readers love and help you get feedback on the things they would like to see included that you may not be showcasing.

Have a YouTube channel

Photography entails more than just taking pictures; thus, having a YouTube channel is essential to help you show your skills and expertise. You can post videos of your creative process or use your work to form videos that would capture your audience’s attention. A YouTube channel also provides you with a platform to bond more with your audience and drive traffic to your creation. Having a YouTube channel gives you an opportunity to hold webinars or classes that will enable you to advertise your blog and generate more content for your site.

Invest in an online course

Having a proper understanding of the online space is essential for every creative. Undertake an online course to ensure you understand how to patent your work online and understand online rules and regulations. Having accurate information ensures you do not endanger your hard work or risk the sales.

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Blogging is a great way to make money with photography. Not only can it act as an advertisement for your photography business, you can earn money by offering advertising space on your blog.

There are many tips for starting your own blog. We’ve picked out the most basic.

  • Choose a name for your blog and get it hosted.
  • Start your blog by adding WordPress.
  • Pick a simple theme to make your blog your own.
  • Add two key blogging plugins to find your readers and track stats.
  • Write compelling content to create a blog that your readers love.

The biggest reason that blogs fail is that they aren’t producing engaging, high quality content. Quality overrules Quantity.

We ask bloggers to report on results and each year, around 1 in 4 bloggers report “strong results.”

Starting a blog can be easy and fun. You just need to be passionate about the content you produce and be consistent.


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