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How to Start a Beauty Blog to Market Your 2021 Products

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How to Start a Beauty Blog to Market Your 2021 Products

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How to Start a Beauty Blog to Market

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Beauty blogs are one of the most popular niches of blogs and are appealing to almost everyone with a taste in fashion or anyone interested in beauty. However, beauty blogs are capable of far more than just a platform for presenting your beauty tips, experiences, and recommendations. Most people are oblivious of the opportunities that come along with a successful beauty blog. Recently, many prominent beauty blogs have started to use their platforms to market products as well. A rapid increase in the sales of the marketed products was seen through this, as most people prefer to buy products that have any beauty blogger’s reviews on them or are recommended by them. This marketing strategy is becoming increasingly favored by brands in need of effective marketing and guarantees noticeable results with enhanced sales.

But starting a beauty blog can be a difficult task for people who are not familiar with the technicalities of running a blog. And for anyone asking themselves the question, “how do I start a beauty blog?” The following step-by-step process of starting a beauty blog might be helpful for you.

Planning your beauty blog

Choose your niche

If you are new to blogging and are unsure of how to start a good beauty blog, you will want to start with finding the right niche. Beauty is a vast area, and the niche within the beauty that you are interested in must be narrowed down—the more specific the area, the better. Makeup, skincare, hairstyling, etc., all are possible areas that you can choose based on your interest in the regions. However, a multiple purpose blog covering not only one but various areas is also a popular trend nowadays. Your individual beauty blog can be a recommendation blog or even a platform for you to share your experiences. The choice is yours. Here is a great example of a blogger that decided to focus on Makeup but also has a little bit of everything:

How to Start a Beauty Blog to Market

Choose a Platform

After finding your niche, the next essential element of a beauty blog is choosing your hosting platform. Many free platforms allow you to run your blogs free of cost. The most popular is WordPress.com. WordPress is known as one of the most convenient and reliable blog creator websites. It is responsible for making thousands of blogs and websites operational. Here are the benefits of WordPress blog hosting:

  • WordPress is free to use.
  • It provides endless themes to implement into your beauty blog.
  • It is flexible and gives you the liberty of controlling your blog independently.
  • Blogs on word press are easy to make and maintain.

Due to all these advantages, it is one of the best-known platforms for creating your blog.

Apart from WordPress, many other websites such as: Wix, Blogger.com, Linkedin, Weebly, Tumblr, etc. will also allow you to run a free beauty blog. Ultimately, you should feel comfortable navigating the platform you choose. Many platforms provide tutorials that can teach everything you need to know about the platforms before you get started. The image below shows what Wix looks like:

How to Start a Beauty Blog to Market

(Image Credit: Wix)

Choose a name for your blog

Choosing the name of your blog could be the hardest part of starting a blog. The blog name serves as an identity through which people get to know you and the products you market. Most creative blog names are based on the individual blogger’s name or nickname. In this manner, the public becomes familiar with who owns, and writes, the blog.

A humorous name, or one that is a play on words, will always stand out. If possible, try adding a little humor to the blog name; this will ensure that the audience remembers the name. Acronyms in blog names also conquer the audience’s attention, just as much as humorous names do. And if you are still struggling to come up with a proper name for your beauty blog, you can turn to software known as ‘blog name generators.’ The most common blog name generators are NameQL, NameSmith, Zyro, DomainWheel, NameMesh.

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Plan your theme in advance

Along with all of these elements, your beauty blog’s theme(s) must also be decided beforehand. To ensure your beauty blog is a successful one, you need a compelling and appealing theme. It is necessary to remain consistent with the theme in all your posts to become an identity for the blog. For example, if you choose to opt for light and ambient colors to be more prominent, make sure that your blog’s background, images, videos, etc., all follow the same theme. There are many possible free and paid themes on WordPress platforms that you can use for your blog to make it look aesthetically pleasing and professional.

Moreover, along with the themes, the posts you aim to publish on the blog should also be planned. First, work on building your reader base before you start marketing products. By doing so, you are subjecting the product to a larger audience and ensuring more significant sales and profits for yourself and the brand you choose to collaborate with. The entire process can take a bit of time, but is worth the wait and effort.

How to start a beauty blog and making it operational

Planning is only the initial stage, after which comes the critical stage, I.e., creating the blog format and making it operational. As discussed above, WordPress remains the top platform to create your blog on due to the multiple advantages that it offers. And so, below is a guide regarding everything you need know before you can claim your beauty blog on WordPress:

Creating a WordPress Blog

Choose a Domain Name

The basic necessity of creating a business blog on WordPress is to choose a domain name and purchase it. The Domain name or URL is the address of your blog through which people can access your blog. The process of buying a domain is straightforward; all you need is to choose a domain name and check its availability on any website that allows you to search the URL and check its availability, such as Instant Domain Search. The domain name must be similar to your blog’s name so that both seem connected. Once the domain name is checked, you can simply visit websites that allow you to buy domains such as BlueHost, Google Domains, etc., complete the registration process and purchase your very own domain. For example:

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How to Start a Beauty Blog to Market

Find a Hosting Network

WordPress offers two alternative versions, I.e., WordPress.com and WordPress.org. The fundamental difference between the two is that wordPress.org is self-hosted, and WordPress.com needs a web hosting service along with a domain to run your blog. WordPress.com is what is preferred for business-oriented blogs. On the contrary, WordPress.org is selected more for casual blogs that people run with no intention of monetizing or making money. A beauty blog worth marketing products would require you to create a blog on WordPress.com, and to do so, you’ll need a suitable platform. There are many web hosting networks available for download on the internet for free. The most popular ones are BlueHost, Hostinger, etc.

Install WordPress and Get Blogging

The chosen web-hosting network allows you to install WordPress and immediately choose a theme for your blog. The fun part is that you can customize your blog as you wish and make it as appealing as possible. WordPress offers many free and premium (paid) themes that you can choose from. Make sure that the theme of your blog is in accordance with your niche and aesthetics. This will make your blog far more attractive and catchy. There are many pre-designed themes for WordPress available for every niche too. You can easily import, purchase, or download these themes and use them without any effort!

How to Start a Beauty Blog to Market

(Image Credit: EasyBlog Themes)

Starting Blogging

Introduce Yourself

The first and foremost thing you should do after making your beauty blog operational is to introduce yourself and what inspired you to create the blog. This will enable the audience to get to know you and become familiar with your blog’s purpose. Your blog is your identity, and the content you wish to post determines your beauty blog’s future. So, it is essential to plan and then post anything on your blog thoroughly.

Post photos or videos

Photos and videos are what make a blog more fascinating. However, try only to post pictures and videos relevant to the niche of your blog. If possible, try to use photos to capture yourself rather than using photos from the internet. This provides authenticity to your blog and attracts brands and collaborators to your blog more. For instance:

How to Start a Beauty Blog to Market

Write Relevant Material

Along with photos and videos, written text is an essential element of any blog post. The written text should be relevant to the pictures or videos used and should be original, not plagiarized. The blog post can be about anything you wish to share, such as beauty tips, beauty recommendations, beauty advice, etc. The written text, along with images and photos, is what will make your blog post complete!

We hope that you found this article useful.

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Promote your Blog

A blog, once it becomes operational, still needs to be promoted to reach its target audience. Initially, people are unaware of your blog, as its reach is likely at a low point. But you can change this very easily through the following steps:

Create Social Media Accounts of your blog

Social media is the best platform for marketing and promoting your blog or even the products offered. Linking your blog to social media can do wonders for your blog. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc., have introduced the options of paid promotions that ensure a certain number of audience visits your blog’s account. The most intelligent thing you can do to promote your blog at no cost is by posting updates of your blog posts on the social media accounts and linking the posts to your account, sort of like hyperlinking. Most bloggers share the initial introductory paragraphs of their blog posts on social media accounts to catch the readers’ attention and link the posts with the original blogspot, ensuring a better readership. For instance:

How to Start a Beauty Blog to Market

Instagram Promotions

Instagram accounts mostly comprise photos and videos, and captions. By posting your pictures on Instagram and providing the URL to your beauty blog, you can convince more people to visit your blog, read, and even buy the products being marketed.

Facebook Promotions

Facebook allows you to share text posts along with photos and videos, which can be beneficial for your blog. You can easily create a Facebook page for your blog and post regular updates on it to attract more audience.

Collaborate with prominent bloggers

This is one of the most effective methods of promoting your blog. If you wish to attract the audience of another blog that is already prominent or is headed down the road of success, you can ask them to collaborate with you and promote your blog either on their social media or on their blog. This can be both paid or unpaid, depending on the individual you choose to collaborate with. Most famous bloggers require you to make payments to promote your blog. But most smaller scale blogs will be more than happy to collaborate with you free of cost!

Start Marketing

After your blog has gained a sufficient audience, it is time that you start marketing products either of any brand or personal; the choice is yours. By the time your blog reaches a reasonable audience, it is highly possible that any brand will contact you to collaborate with them or will send over a PR package for you to review. However, if you have still not been contacted by any brand, you can purchase any product by the desired brand and check them on your own to catch their attention. If they grow to like your brand reviews, they might hire you to market their products as well.

On the contrary, you can contact the brands and inquire if they are willing to collaborate with you. If you are a regular customer of the brand’s beauty products, you can quickly give your personal opinions regarding the products and provide recommendations. The audience is looking for someone to give them honest reviews and ideas about the products, and so, if you choose to do so, you are conquering the people’s interest and driving them towards your blog. Moreover, if recognized by the brand, they will eventually choose to collaborate with you and pay you to review their products once to catch the audience’s attention.

If aiming to market your products, you can simply do some attractive product photography and write a blog post regarding its advantages. You can publish this blog post on social media to attract a larger potential audience and ensure better sales of the product.

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One of the easiest and most lucrative ways to make money with your beauty blog is through affiliate marketing. Teaming up with relevant beauty brands to promote their products. You either get paid per click or a portion of each sale of their products.

Blogging is very much alive and well in 2021. People are searching Google everyday to find answers to their questions and this is why blogging isn’t going anywhere. Answer people’s questions, solve their problems. Not to mention people who religiously follow blogs.

One of the best ways to get noticed is through social media. Respond to messages, post your blog, engage with followers who make comments. Let your followers get to know you.

You can start a blog for as little as $50 a year. There are some platforms and plugins that can cost you more money, depending on your needs, however, you can do it very inexpensively.

If your blog has over 10,000 monthly unique visitors, you will likely create a nice revenue from your blog.


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