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Your 2020 Guide to Get High Quality Backlinks

How to get backlinks

Solid Strategies to Acquire Backlinks

If you’re at the helm of a small to mid-sized business of any sort, then you probably devote a lot of time to thinking about strengthening your presence on the Internet. You most likely spend more time than you ever thought you would pondering what you can do to strengthen your website traffic specifically. The truth is that top-notch backlinks can do so much for brands that want to take the digital world by storm. Do your best to acquire good, solid, viable backlinks and you’ll see your Google rank improve. Here are the top 17 strategies our growth experts recommend to get those quality backlinks you’re after.

Zero in on Infographics

Infographics without a doubt are among the most beloved options that can accommodate people who wish to boost site traffic. They can even secure top-notch backlinks. How do you create backlinks? You can put time into mastering infographics and grasping their ins and outs. Comprehending them is a piece of cake. Showing them to others is just as simple. It’s critical to take a prudent approach to infographic selection. You should prioritize infographics that can give your audience members access to distinctive and fascinating anecdotes. It can help to stay on top of subjects that are trending at the moment. Assess the things that the members of the general public are trying to find. Once you do that, you can set up an infographic that involves reliable statistics. If you create infographics that people can show others easily, you should be able to get on the path to backlink glory.

FACT: Infographics receive 62% more backlinks than text alone.

Spend Time on Five-Star Content

First-class content is and has long been vital for people who want to figure out how to get backlinks for website requirements. If you’re a part of that category, then you shouldn’t dismiss the power of impressive content even for half a second. It’s imperative to zero in on A+ content all throughout your site without any exceptions. If you’re keen on bringing in links, then you cannot brush off effective and irreplaceable content. The content you post empowers websites to figure out whether you’re worth a link. Content has the ability to communicate much about your brand and its diverse offerings. If you have web pages that are devoid of pertinent details, it spells bad news for your brand. You should prioritize content that’s professional. You should prioritize content that other people cannot find elsewhere and that serves a tangible purpose for all of your audience members, as well. Here is an infographic you can’t dismiss:

How to get backlinks

Recognizing Solid Links

How do you create backlinks? You can start by figuring out how to recognize solid links yourself. It’s critical to grasp that links aren’t all similar or even close in caliber. Some are particularly valuable. If you rack up links that are associated with credible websites, then they’ll without a doubt boost your rankings on prominent search engines. If you rack up links that are associated with questionable sites, on the other hand, your search engine rankings won’t change much at all. You should take the time to grasp the sites that deserve your energy. You should steer clear of any and all sites that are devoid of much substance. It may be in your best interests to search for websites that are equipped with impressive Alexa Ranks. These rankings confirm website credibility. If a website has an Alexa Rank number that’s high, you should probably steer clear of it. If it has one that’s low, then people may associate it with credibility. For example, the Alexa Rank for Google is the lowest possible, which translates to credibility:

How to get backlinks

Contact Websites That Feature Links to Your Rivals

Do you want to figure out how to get backlinks 2020 style? If your answer is yes, then you should think about contacting websites that feature any links to your biggest rivals. Doing this can help you recognize any and all websites that may have high odds of giving you a link. The first thing you should do is search for sites that showcase the links of your rivals. Diib offers a Competitor Backlink Checker that can assist you with this. You can put a maximum of 10 websites into this device for assessment. It’ll present you with the “names” of all sorts of backlinks. This filter can present you with information that can teach you about site gaps. It can help you pinpoint rival sites that receive links any time yours does not.

How to get backlinks

Work on Broken Links

Do you want to find out how to get backlinks for website achievement? If you do, then you should work on any links that are broken. It isn’t uncommon to find broken links. It isn’t uncommon to find links that just do not take people where they need to go. Comb your surroundings for links that fit into these categories. These sorts of links may present you with an opening that can help you rack up first-class backlinks. If you spot a link that’s broken on any kind of site that is pertinent to your business, then you should drop its publisher a line right away. Alert its team members to the fact that the mistake exists. Give a link that they can swap it out for as well. Here’s a good example of what that letter might look like:

How to get backlinks

(Image credit: Neil Patel)

Put Time Into Image Links

Images that are seen on web pages frequently are equipped with source links. These kinds of links occasionally do not direct surfers to the correct sites. They’re occasionally broken, too. You should stay in the loop with regard to any and all of these sorts of openings. It can be particularly wise to do so for sites that have your graphic links. If another site utilizes your graphics, then it needs to pay you back with a site link. Stay on top of any sites that do not “credit” you with any links.

Closely Monitor All Rivals

Do you want to master how to create backlinks for website success? If you do, then you should take the time to closely monitor any and all of your business rivals. Staying in the loop with your competitors can help you stealthily figure out what you need to do next. Quietly analyzing all of their actions can help you boost your organic traffic in a big way. Zero in on your primary rivals and on their digital marketing practices at all times. Here are some key ways to keep track of your competitors:

  • Search for link-building methods they depend on.
  • Search for link scoring methods they depend on.
  • It can even be effective to assess their content marketing styles for good measure.
  • Think about registering for speedy alerts that can inform you any time your rivals put up new content.
  • Email newsletter registration can go a long way.
  • Be sure to follow the competition on social networks like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Alerts via the Diib dashboard can help you monitor your competitors’ backlinks and keywords; allowing you to adjust your tactics accordingly.

Concentrate on Internal Links

Internal links are essential for businesses that want to head effective blogs. Links that are internal can come in handy for people who want to be able to utilize anchor texts. If you set up a strong internal link system, then you can assist individuals who want to be able to get around your site without issue. If you want to significantly boost user experiences, then thinking about internal links is optimal. You may be able to track down devices that can instantly and rapidly produce internal links that can suit your blog. This may be particularly easy for individuals who rely on the WordPress platform. It’s preferable, though, to set up internal links manually. You should restrict your individual page internal links to less than 100. This can be favorable for search engine optimization applications and ease of use.

Definition box: “Internal Links: Internal links are links that go from one page of a domain to a different page on the same domain. They are commonly used in main navigation.

Promote Your Content

First-rate content is a lovely thing. Note, though, that it cannot do much for businesses that do not grasp the things that can spread the word about it effectively. If you want your outstanding content to do its job for you, then you need to make sure that people can find out about it in the first place. Email outreach practices can be an effective way to promote your content and highlight all of your highest quality articles. You may want to reach out to people who have sites that have monthly “summaries”. Google can assist you with this. Focus on queries that revolve around roundups. You need to concentrate exclusively on results that have come from the last month or so. Newer results can help your cause as well.

FACT: According to the data, 81% of SMBs still rely on email as their primary customer acquisition channel, and 80% for retention (Emarsys, 2018).

Think About Guest Articles

Guest blogging can do so much for businesses that want to be able to connect with brand new audience members. If you want to take your backlink game up a notch, then you should try your best to publish pieces on websites that are widely known in your field or industry. Doing this will help people find out about the content you have to offer. It will help strengthen your brand’s visibility significantly as well. It may affect more than backlinks alone, too. That’s because guest articles may do a lot for your business’ image on the Internet and beyond. They may help you rack up additional followers on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Guest blogging can aid businesses that want to take charge of their interactions with consumers. They can strengthen audience sizes.

FACTS: Only 6% of bloggers publish the majority of their original content as guest posts.

62.96% of readers perceive blogs with multiple authors to be more credible.

Investigate Your Social Media Choices

If you want to get backlinks, then it may help you greatly to utilize the power of social media. Social media platforms can help you find out about different choices that may be on hand to you. You may be able to search for guest blog openings via Twitter. Consider registering for notifications that can clue you in to any openings that may be relevant to your interests. Make sure that you include social media account links any time you pen and share relevant guest pieces. If a reader appreciates your work, she can continue to monitor your activities and offerings via social networks.

Pen Testimonials

If you’re searching for simple ways to rack up first-class backlinks, then you should think about testimonials and all that they can do for you. Pen testimonials that go into your designated websites. Coming up with testimonials is a pretty swift thing. If you do so, you’ll be able to get links that are associated with credible sites as well. If you’re a bona fide customer, then you should be able to secure a link for all of your efforts. Testimonials like this one on the Diib® website can give you helpful backlinks.

How to get backlinks

Develop Relationships with Bloggers and Influencers

You may be able to secure links for your site by dropping renowned bloggers and journalists lines. Prioritize email outreach. If possible, you should do your best to retrieve updated contact details for bloggers and influencers that have positive reputations within your field. Don’t panic if you cannot necessarily locate an email address easily, either. You can also try dropping a quick note with the assistance of social networks like LinkedIn and Google+. Influencer marketing can be highly effective and mutually beneficial to both parties. Here is a good example of influencer marketing that can help you build backlinks:

Highlight Your Generous Side

Surprisingly, you may be able to secure backlinks through being generous. Try donating money to non-for-profit groups. This can make a speedy and basic option for people who want to boost their backlinks considerably. Search for sites within your field that take donations. After you do that, feature links to websites that have given donations as well. Just put in your donation sum. Include the URL for your site.

Become an Interviewee

Do you want to figure out how to get dofollow backlinks? You should become an interviewee right away. Interviews that take place on the Internet are a big deal at this moment in time. They make simple and effective options for people who want to rack up hordes of site backlinks. If you get credibility within your sector, you’ll start to receive an abundance of interview requests. Before that, however, you have to concentrate on getting things off the ground. Search for sites that perform and post interviews. Let these sites know that you’re interested in collaborating with them and that you have proficiency to share, too.

Zero in on Dofollow Backlinks

“Dofollow backlink” first got a mention through Google all the way back in 2005. The aim behind this kind of backlink is and was to see to it that search engines do not rack up spam. The aim also was to provide users with superior search journeys. What exactly makes these kinds of backlinks so desirable? They can strengthen page rankings considerably, first of all. These backlinks can lead to content that ranks a lot better. This content can go toward numerous keywords at the same time. Dofollow backlinks, last but definitely not least, can make Google view any site in a much more credible manner.

If you want to figure out how to get dofollow backlinks with ease, you can rely on the sheer power of social media platforms. Facebook is a social network that simplifies the process of securing these sorts of links. Google+ is yet another social network that can do a lot for people who want to get these backlinks.

FYI: By default, all links are dofollow backlinks unless they are modified to be nofollow links manually or are automatically changed by a website setting. Search engines crawlers follow dofollow links. In contrast, nofollow links have a bit of code that asks search engines to not crawl them or count them as votes of quality.

Showcase Different Brands That Are Out There

Do you want to link back to your website? If you want to do so the smart way, then you should showcase a brand that’s on your radar. A spot on your site can do a lot. It can lead to the development of a rapport that’s positive. It can encourage the other sites to give you coveted links as well. Showcasing a specific brand on your site can be advantageous for all sorts of valid reasons. The brand may express its gratitude via social media postings. It may even do so via its official website. If you want to broaden your horizons and audience dramatically, then you shouldn’t even think twice about working alongside brands that are a lot like your own. Don’t forget that helping another brand may do a lot for your own efforts at the end of the day.

Diib®: For a Backlink Strategy that Works!

It can be overwhelming as a small to medium sized business owner to tackle a backlink strategy alone. Diib works hard to ensure that all your SEO business needs are addressed. We have developed proprietary software designed specifically to address your backlinking needs. Here are some of the features that you’ll enjoy:

  • Objectives to help you isolate and remove bad backlinks.
  • Guidance to fix older backlinks that point to pages that have been deleted from your website.
  • Alerts that tell you about your Domain Authority and number of follow/no-follow links pointing to your website.
  • Competitor backlink research for up to 6 of your most intense competitors.
  • A monthly call with a Growth Expert to learn ways to grow your domain authority.

If you’re ready to up your backlinking game, click here for a free 60 second site scan or call 800-303-3510 to speak with a growth expert.


When it comes to Google rankings and YouTube videos, embedding your video on as many relevant sites as you can will definitely help your efforts. However, this won’t help your YouTube ranking, which is another ball game altogether.

Backlinks, no matter the size of your business, still play a vital role in SEO, even in 2020. What’s more, you can link your site with the most popular, highest ranking sites out there through guest posting.

According to Google, who really sets the rules, you should NOT buy backlinks. Buying backlinks does work, however, there is a hefty penalty imposed by Google for getting caught doing so.

Google doesn’t set a limit of how many backlinks you can do per day, however, they do make sure those backlinks aren’t spammy. The point being, if you purchased 100 spammy backlinks you may be penalized, however, if you naturally built 100 backlinks, you wouldn’t be. Quality over quantity.

Toxic backlinks are backlinks that can and do harm a website’s search engine optimization (SEO), or the ability to rank well in a Google search. They need to be removed in order to maintain the health and integrity of your website.

There are a few ways to detect bad or toxic backlinks. First off, you will likely see a sudden drop off of your traffic levels. Specifically, organic traffic will harm your ranking. You may also receive a warning email from Google.

Backlink strategies have a long history in online marketing. They help to improve traffic, ranking, reputation and can even enhance relationships. There are so many methods of obtaining backlinks, all within respectable limits.

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Welcome to diib! Our analytics platform syncs to your Google Analytics account (not required to start) in just 60 seconds and helps over 250,000k business owners affordably grow their website by showing them how to grow. We offer a free basic website scan and a variety of PRO memberships starting at just $29.99 a month.

With so many members we are also able to provide wholesale pricing combined with very high-quality work on services such as:

  • Quality backlink development (DA10-DA80 websites)
  • Professional Google Analytics installations
  • Website speed analysis and optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Article writing and publishing (500-5000+ words)
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