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Tips to Marketing Your Headhunter Agency

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Tips to Marketing Your Headhunter Agency

Read time 9 min read
Tips to Marketing Your Headhunter Agency

Improve your content marketing + SEO in 60 seconds! Diib uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your traffic and rankings. We’ll even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.


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A headhunter agency focuses on offering employment recruiting services for employers. It can also be referred to as a recruiting agency. The head-hunting agency hires head hunters who are tasked with finding people who qualify for particular jobs.

Just like in any type of business, headhunter marketing is essential. This is an industry that is quite crowded and for your agency to be top-notch, you need a good marketing strategy. Hard work in the recruiting business gets you far. However, to be outstanding requires more than that. There are other factors to consider such as content marketing and more interactions. Also, have a budget for marketing and it will be worth the investment.

FACTS: 51% of companies say updating old content has proven the most efficient tactic implemented. In fact, the majority of companies (67%) use organic traffic to measure their content success. (HubSpot)

Approaches and interactions

The most basic way of marketing headhunters New York is approaching and interacting with your potential clients. Each business, organization, and company is a potential client for a head-hunting agency. Have a plan for approaching and interacting with these employers to sell your services. With the help of your recruiting agents or brand management recruitment agencies, approach the employers via email and also physically. This is the start of a relationship with your potential clients. Here is an example of a template of an email you could send to potential clients:

Tips to Marketing Your Headhunter Agency

Some materials would help you boost your interactions and marketing when approaching employers. Invest in brochures and fliers that entail all details about your services. This helps to back up what you say and spares you from having to explain everything in a limited amount of time. The marketing material is also good since as a human being, you may omit some important information during your interaction.

Once your agents or the brand management recruitment agencies approach, some employers will require you to present your services in detail. Some other employers will appreciate your approach and promise to get back to you. Some already work with a particular recruiting agency. From the feedback you receive, you can access those that would be immediate clients and those that would require long term marketing.

In building your interactions, you should also purpose to attend seminars and workshops. Such forums are organized a lot with many bringing together employers and other relevant partners. Interactions during such platforms help you to build a good network for your agency. Share about your business on such professional platforms and give out your fliers, brochures, and business cards.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a leading form of marketing in business. It entails selling something that your competitors do not have. Being unique helps you to get to an outstanding level with your headhunter agency. Strive to offer something that attracts employers to your agency.

A good way to create competitive content is by studying the market and understanding it well. There are executive marketing recruiters that can help you with this kind of research. Learn what your competitors offer their clients and what the clients say about the recruiting agencies. From what your competitors offer, you can position yourself in the competitive market. You get to know what to offer and that which you can add to what is already there. From what the employers say is where you learn how to be competitive. Learn from the employers what they feel head hunting agencies should improve on to serve them better. One way to do this is through surveys, for example:

Tips to Marketing Your Headhunter Agency

(Image Credit: Orion Talent)

This is like a review of the recruitment agencies by the clients and it is, therefore, an important aspect in business. The idea is to help you stand out in a crowded market. Some employers work with recruiting agencies and you can research their review of the services offered. Should you identify a gap in the services offered by market competitors, work on ensuring that you fill that gap. Let employers know the content of the services you offer as that is what employers will be purchasing. Ensure the content is competitive and unique compared to what is already being offered in the market.

Digital marketing

Times have greatly changed, especially with the advancement of technology. Technology has impacted every sector including the business sector. Marketing in the business sector is not the same as technology has improved the marketing aspect. There are many ways of doing digital marketing and it is the most convenient way of doing marketing. It is convenient because many people are online nowadays and you carry the marketing out at the comfort of your location. You can carry out digital marketing in the following ways.

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Content Marketing

Social media marketing 

Social media is one of the greatest inventions of technology. Millions of people all over the world use social media and businesses have not been left behind. There are different social media platforms and they differ. The differences include the audience and even the age gap.

Tips to Marketing Your Headhunter Agency

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(Image Credit: Social Factor)

As a business, get to know your target audience in social media marketing. When you know your target audience, create a social media marketing strategy. From the target audience, you will know which social media platform to use. If your target is young people, for instance, Instagram and Facebook would be the most appropriate platforms. For more professional users, Linked In and Pinterest are more suitable.

Social media platforms have a way to accommodate businesses and promote brand visibility. Social media is also where ‘everyone’ is and your brand will grow better when you use social media. Start by creating your online platform on social media. It can be a page on Facebook or LinkedIn or an account on Instagram. When creating your platform, include all important details like you would on a company website. It should be an online one-stop place for clients that acts as a branch of your agency online.

With your social media site well structured with adequate information and contact information, you need to ensure that people view it. Depending on the platform you choose to use, there are ways to promote and boost the site. You can also boost and promote what you post or rather your content. Promoting content means that your content reaches your target audience.

Through business manager features on a particular platform, enter your payment method. That step is followed by specifying the details of your promotion. Select the age as well as the preferences of your target audience and the location you wish to reach. Social media platforms help you to reach interested people and this helps to grow your clientele and also to improve your brand visibility. You can also run ads on your offers and services and these get to reach more potential clients.

People on social media will mainly be going about their own business and depending on a user’s interest, your ad or content will appear on their site. It is, therefore, important to ensure that what the viewer sees will motivate them to want to follow you and learn more. This motivation can come from attractive images of great content. For example:

Tips to Marketing Your Headhunter Agency

(Image Credit: Recruiting Social)

The more interaction you have online, the better you get to optimize your brand. You can have offers for viewers who interact and share your content online. This is a great way to increase interaction on your online platform. Give incentives for people to share your content as this will reach more people and encourage interaction.

Optimization helps your brand in a big way as people who are interested in something search for it with their preferred keywords. You can optimize your brand by sharing content that is relevant as per the most searched keywords. Optimization also happens when there is active interaction on your site. The more people check your content and respond, the more it boosts the optimization. When your brand is optimized, people will view your content at the top of the result findings from their online search.

It may sound tough, but social media marketing has a great impact on businesses and investing in it should not be ignored. The good thing about it is that the knowledge on how to go about it is available and easy to understand. You can designate the marketing department in your agency to focus on social media marketing or you can outsource executive marketing recruiters to work on your social media marketing management. Marketing on social media requires close monitoring and is like an office you have online. People send inquiries often, especially when you begin to have a huge following. Your prompt response to customers is also very critical.


Another way of marketing headhunters online is by having a blog site. Blogging is a way of putting the content of your business together in writing. By writing blogs, you attract interested persons and offer information concerning your sector. This builds interest in your business and you get more following online. From blogging followers, you get referrals and new clients.

Before you begin to blog, get to know what content is most suitable in your market. You can research the most searched keywords online. This tells you that what is being searched the most is what is on-demand and you should blog about that. When you know what to write about, you should come up with a list of relevant and great topics. A list of topics helps you to get organized and creative while avoiding repetition and random blogging.

With a comprehensive list of topics on what you wish to write about, take time and carry out research. Learn the facts and details on everything you want to blog about. You don’t want a situation where your blog is not comprehensive enough or has uncertain details. You also want to avoid including misleading information in your blog as this will tarnish your brand image. You can create your blogs by yourself or hire professional expertise.

Blogs require particular features to be professional and of good quality. These features include:

  • Short sentences and paragraphs
  • Well researched content
  • Images to enhance the content
  • Content that is clear and direct to the point
  • Use of simple language and professional terms

FACT: The majority of companies (67%) use organic traffic to measure their content success. If fact, 86% of companies produce blog content compared to other formats. (HubSpot)

We hope that you found this article useful.

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Contracting a marketing agency

A headhunter agency is a business like any other. One way of marketing recruiters NYC as a business is by hiring the expertise of a marketing company or agency. The agency works with you to ensure that your brand is well sold out and that you grow your clientele. The marketing agency reviews your marketing strategy and helps you come up with a more effective plan.

The marketing plan may entail marketing to existing customers as well as new ones.

Marketing to existing clients flows more easily. It is easier to keep a customer that you already have than to get a new one. The best way to keep your existing customers is by keeping in touch with them. Always update them on your services and changes you may put in place. Also, offer them an upgrade of services and other incentives that make them feel at home with you. Listening to your existing customer also helps to build the relationship you have with them. Understand that in business, the customer is always right and this should guide you in working to ensure that your customers are always satisfied.

When it comes to acquiring new customers, the agency, through its recruiters for marketing executives, helps you to get your brand known. This can be done through online marketing, marketing campaigns, and approaching potential clients. When dealing with a marketing agency, you create a plan and draft the budget. Once the budget approval is done, the marketing company advises on the most effective ways for the brand to grow. They also advise on the best ways to get new clients. Most marketing agencies have links with many other companies and these act as their main network for clients like your headhunter agency.

It becomes the work of the marketing agency to work out their targets with you to reach new clients and the market at large. The agency handles everything including digital marketing for your agency. It mainly works through recruiters for marketing executives. All you are required to do is approve their budget and input. As an agency, you will hold the marketing agency accountable and demand results. Marketing through a marketing agency mainly works for big companies though. This is because it is a rather expensive way of marketing.

Offer seminars

Offering seminars to people is another way to have interactions. Through the seminars, you also build more networks for your agency. Invite stakeholders for a seminar or webinar about the market or business. It could simply be a seminar that allows participants to brainstorm about the industry and how to grow it better.

This move helps you to appear professional and like a reference point for the market. You appear to take a lead when you get to invite leading key players in the business world, especially those in your line of work. This kind of platform is also good to analyze the market and identify gaps that need to be filled. Such a move would make you more competitive. You also get great referrals from such a move.

Seminars also help to show your potential and existing clients that your agency is not just about the exchange of money for services. You show your clients that there is room for closure and learning from your business. Those that are not yet working with you may also get challenged and want to be part of you. Here is an example of a live event that you could hold:

Tips to Marketing Your Headhunter Agency

(Image Credit: Beamery)

Join corporations

There are many corporations through which you become a part of a team and get to learn. Corporations are good as two heads are better than one. There are corporations in every sector anywhere in the world and you can select the ones that suit your business in the best way. These corporations are governed by their set guidelines or constitutions and they have benefits to members.

Among the benefits of being in a corporation is that together you protect your industry and businesses. It could be protection from unfair laws or directives. The corporations also help to champion the rights of their members and will help in marketing recruiters NYC. When you are part of a corporation, you also get priority when there are offers and opportunities available.

There are different types of businesses in a corporation and once you join, you interact and share about each business. From the interactions, you land on new potentials and you get to market your agency to them directly. Such interactions could result in new clientele for your recruiting agency. Corporations are also a way of building your brand and getting it known in the market. Your brand gets recognized by other big corporations and this is a plus for your headhunter marketing plan.

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