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Grow your website with Diib and Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce!

Grow your website with Diib and
Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce!

With over 500k members here, we know (and love!) small business owners, and we’ve seen over and over again how much local SEO makes a difference in your sales and traffic. And, we know you’re busy. That’s why we’ve partnered with Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce!

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Rank higher on Google for certain keywords

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Custom growth insights to help you grow online

Thanks to Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce, you're getting Diib Pro for only $19.99/month. That's over 50% savings!


Click “Get Started” or enter your website above. Sign up for your Diib account.


You’ll be taken to your exclusive promo page to check out. Your code will be auto-applied, so just enter your payment info and start saving over 50% on Diib Pro!


Go into your Diib dashboard and explore all the benefits! You’ll want to do the following when you first log in: sync your Google Analytics, sync your Facebook Page, and add a competitor under “My Competitors”.


Claim your FREE DA 67 backlink (worth $500)! Once you sign up, you’ll get an email with your backlink offer. Just submit the form and we’ll create a permanent backlink for you, which help boost your website’s strength. 

Everyday we help over 500k members in 160 countries

Why is Diib valuable for small businesses?

When you join Diib Pro, we work in the background 24/7 to find new ways for you to rank higher in Google and improve your user experience. We check your website for 100s of issues each month and alert you if anything needs improvement, or if you’re missing out on a keyword ranking opportunity (which means more sales).

Small businesses need a different type of SEO, which is also why you’ll have access to live webinars, meetings, and great insights on how you can win at SEO.

Look at our features

Growth Plan

Diib combines your actual analytics data with a deep analysis of your website, competitors’ websites, and industry benchmarks to tell you how to quickly grow online. Diib works 24/7 to create custom growth objectives and alerts to help you improve your SEO and increase your revenue.

Competitor Analysis

Diib makes it easy to keep a close eye on your competition! You can add up to 10 competitors and we’ll keep you up-to-date on how much traffic they are getting, as well as show you how they are doing with their SEO (keywords, backlinks, etc..). 

Backlink/ Keywords Analysis

We scan for both good backlinks that will help you rank higher and spammy ones that can hurt you and need to be disavowed in Google. You can see your backlinks and also see who links to your competitors. We’ll continue to monitor your website and if we detect any spammy backlinks that might hurt your rankings we’ll alert you.  


RankGuard® can tell you if your website already deserves to rank higher on Google for certain keywords! Follow a few easy steps to improve your rankings in Google and beat the competition. You’ll also see the benefits of ranking higher for that keyword! 

Keyword Explorer

Outrank your competitors with Diib’s Keyword Explorer! Adding high-quality articles and blogs to your website is the easiest way to get more visitors to your website. Research your competitors for 1000s of new keyword ideas to write about with Diib’s powerful Keyword Explorer. 

Weekly Snapshot

Your Weekly Snapshot gives you a quick glimpse into how your business is performing online: traffic and rankings changes, social performance and local map (if applicable) statistics, new opportunities for growth, security, speed, and SEO overview. 

Social Media

In today’s world, mastering social media is a big part of growing online. Diib is here to help make it easier. We sync to your social media data and give you insights based on real data.

Receive Full Support from Diib!

Because you’re a local chamber member, you’ll also have access to exclusive interactive webinars, support, and resources from the Diib team. We’re dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and we’re always available to answer any questions you may have.