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How to Write the Best Event Planning Blog: Pro Tips

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How to Write the Best Event Planning Blog: Pro Tips

Read time 8 min read
How to Write the Best Event Planning Blog: Pro Tips

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Blogging is one way of online marketing. There are different types of blogs. These include event planning blogs. An event planning blog is a type of blog that gives insight on different events and the events industry. These blogs are useful for information and any event planner can use blogging as a marketing strategy. There are various factors that help you to build a good event planning blog.

Why have an event planning blog?

There are a number of online marketing platforms. Some are simple to use and even free. Among the platforms are social media that is easier to handle than a normal blog. Why then should an event planner consider blogging yet there are all these other platforms?

It is alright to have presence in social media platforms, mainly because the platforms host numerous people. However, blogging helps you to have your content well built on your own platform. When you begin to build your blog, you get a host and platform. Such platforms include WordPress.

The platform allows you to build your content in a bigger and better way. Compared to social media, blogging allows you to be thorough with your content. Social media accounts are not similar to a blog since a blog can have all content about your event, planning and other information. Also, it is true that not everyone is on social media.

Blogs are viewed as a professional platform, especially by professionals and experts. They are a good way to reach professionals and experts. Social media is good for content marketing. However, it has become a common place for everyone. With a well optimized blog, you get to stand out.

How to write a good event planning blog

Identify your target audience

Before you embark on writing and building your blog, you need to know who your target audience is. Your target audience are those that will read and review your content. This factor is important as it will determine your type and level of content.

In events and event planning, there is a wide range of content that you can write on. Your target audience will guide you and limit you in a number of ways. When you are writing about children events for instance, the content would be different from content about corporate events.

Take time to know more about your target audience. Get to understand what they like. Know what they would love to read about event planning. You can get all this information by searching common events planning keywords on search engines such as Google. As you search, the most searched and optimized words pop up. For example:

How to Write the Best Event Planning Blog: Pro Tips

This optimization shows you that your target audience is commonly searching for that particular content. Blogging is like any other business that requires you to study the market before launching into the market and business. Understanding your target audience will guide you into being relevant. Blogging for a general audience may have your blogging content become irrelevant to many.

Choose your blog niche and keywords

With your target audience in mind, decide what you want to focus your blog on. Event planning blogs 2021 are focused around niches. This makes it easy for you to select a suitable niche.

Carry out research on commonly searched words in the niche you select. There is a wide range of blog topics for event planners. Searching for common keywords is like doing market research for any business. You do this to know what your target audience commonly looks for. The commonly searched for words should be your main keywords. Your topics should also be about the keywords. You can find these keywords by using tools such as Google’s keyword planner, for example:

How to Write the Best Event Planning Blog: Pro Tips

Have a content strategy

When you already have your audience and know what you wish to write about, you need to plan your content. Have a strategy that helps you not appear random in your blogging. In the strategy, break down your content into what informs your audience and what is fun for them.

Create a list of keywords for your event planning blog and create topics from these keywords. Plan on the time and season when you will publish content on each of the topics. A content strategy is your plan for achieving a good event planning blog.

Make your topics unique and creative

When viewers search for particular keywords, the first thing they see is topics of the result findings. Someone is more likely to read through content from a catchy topic than from a simple topic that is not well crafted.

You will be interested

Choose topics that boost your keywords and get the attention of readers. The topic influences readers to read your blogs. Vary your topics to avoid monotony for your audience and to keep them interested in your blog. Note that when you structure your topics well, you show the readers that you are an expert in your field. Shallow topics show that you are an amateur and you will get few viewers with shallow topics.

Additionally, try to go for topics on events planning that interest you or that you are familiar with. This is advisable because you will most likely deliver good quality content on topics that you know well as compared to new topics and ideas. You may research new topics. However, those that you are familiar with are advised.

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Content Marketing

Good quality content

Writing is what makes a blog and good writing makes a good blog. Blogging is procedural; from the niche, topic and then to the content. When readers click on your blog topic, ensure that the content is worth reading.

Good flow of content

Have a detailed introduction for your topic. The introduction should clearly show your position on the topic as well as tell the reader what the blog piece is about. Note that how you introduce your blog will either motivate or demotivate a reader.

From the introduction, let your main content have good flow. The points should build the main idea well and not be scattered in the blog. Conclude your blog well with an opinion, question or recommendation. The conclusion can simply be a summary of the blog content.

Short sentences and short paragraphs

In writing a good blog, you need to have in mind that people mainly go through blog articles online. They may do it on their phones or other devices. Having short sentences in your blog makes it convenient for most of your readers. Additionally, the short sentences guide you in presenting clear and precise information. People do not want to be reading a blog written in long wordy sentences. Long sentences mainly have the reader struggling to identify the main point amidst lots of words.

Short paragraphs in a blog make your blog appear neat. They also guide you in ensuring that you go directly to the point as you build your content. Only write what is important and have 3 to 4 sentences per paragraph. With short paragraphs, you can easily avoid repetition of content.

You can also use images and other additional information such as statistics and graphs to boost your content. These make your blog look good and provide additional information to your audience. Additionally, ensure that you review your blog content before publishing the blog. Going through your blog gives you the chance to correct any errors that may be there.

Promoting an event planning blog

Blogging is part of online marketing. Like any other form of online marketing, blogs need to be promoted. This boosts optimization and helps your blog to reach more people. You can promote your event planning blog in a number of ways:

Content marketing

Content marketing is a leading form of brand marketing for businesses. This is a good strategy for marketing your blog. Content marketing helps you to attract visitors to your blog. This strategy has a fundamental power of return that continues to increase in value, with time. Content marketing therefore helps your blog content to gain value as it is the main asset for your blog. The content reaches many people through online optimization.

Use of web tools

Web tools, such as Twitter Cards, are also helpful when it comes to promoting your blog content. Through web tools, your content is easily available and accessible to people. Use the web tools to reach more people and interact more with your audience. Here is an example of a Twitter Card used by CNN to promote their blog:

How to Write the Best Event Planning Blog: Pro Tips

(Image Credit: ContentKing)

Use of influencers

An influencer is a person who has a large following on social media. It can be an actor, musician, coach and so on. Get into an agreement with an influencer who is relevant to your particular industry. Agree to have the influencer market your content and you pay a fee.

Influencers are good brand ambassadors and they are efficient because their posts reach many people. They also have fans that are likely to believe in the good of a particular brand because they posted it. You can therefore get an influencer that you can afford, to help you market your blog.

Social media marketing

This is a common way of online marketing and it helps to boost optimization. Depending on the type of your blog and your target audience, you can use social media to promote your blog. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram will work well with a young audience while LinkedIn is for a more professional audience. While creating your social media page make sure to add a link to your blog so it is easy for your potential customers to reach you.

How to Write the Best Event Planning Blog: Pro Tips

Event planning blogs

Blogs have a great impact in the events sector. There are numerous reasons why your target audience would love to read event planning blogs 2019. They could be searching for jobs or the latest news on events and different trends. If you are an event planner looking for information on how to go about your event, searching for keywords helps you to narrow down your search.

There are various features that stand out in most of the popular event blogs. The blogs are mainly informative on content related to the events industry. The content varies from technology in the events sector to latest news, trends, and blog topics for event planners, how to plan different types of events, events requirements and so on.

We hope that you found this article useful.

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Event planning blog samples:

1. Event Manager Blog

Event MB is arguably the event industry’s largest online media resource for innovation, information, trends and latest technology. It was started by Julian Solaris in 2007. Skift got this blog in 2019, making it the largest independent blog in the events sector. It is one among the best event planning blogs 2021.

Through this blog, there is so much one can learn about events. The online source is suitable even for amateur event personnel. The blog now has more than 300, 000 readers and intends to keep up the good work so far achieved. It is one of the event planning blog samples that can guide you well as you begin your blog.

How to Write the Best Event Planning Blog: Pro Tips

2. Gallus events

The Gallus Events is an event manager blog that offers events consultancy services. This company has a blog that focuses on well elaborated mind jogging articles for its readers. The blog aims at giving readers thought leadership and it mainly targets event planners. You will find topics such as event sustainability and event industry trends in the blog. You also get content on varying event planning tips and expert opinion from professionals in the events sector. This is a leading blog that would be very helpful to you as you plan on building your own event planning blog.

There are a variety of event venue blogs and conference planning is among the categories. For content on planning of conferences, review well created meeting planner blogs for good insights.

The blogs include:

3. Velvet Chainsaw

This is among the well built event venue blogs of 2019. It aims at bringing the best change out of events professionals. The blog is popular in the events sector as one of the best meeting planner blogs. It is known for great mind-jogging content that is run by forensic consultants who assist corporates in reviewing and bettering their live events.

The blog expounds on physical necessities for conferencing all through to too much reliance on unreliable content in planning. The content on this blog advises planners and corporates on how to improve and make good changes towards a better industry.

How to Write the Best Event Planning Blog: Pro Tips

Simple steps for blogging an event

Event blogs can be very simple to create especially when starting out. Maybe you are attending or have attended a particular event and wish to share your experience so that people learn something from it.

Have a content plan

The content plan guides you on what information you need to gather at the event. Begin planning prior to the event by putting in place the resources that are needed. You can also prepare by going through post-event blogs to get more insight. Plan how to arrange your event manager blog content.

Take pictures while at the event to use for the blog and gather relevant information. The content you put in the blog must be relevant to readers. It should target event planners that plan similar events or are planning to do the same. It should also target event attendees to give them an idea of what to expect at such events.

Gather needed resources

In gathering content for such a blog, you will most likely require a smartphone with a clear camera. Capture as many relevant photos as you can to ensure you have enough for your blog.

Have a target of the moments you want to capture. For an event, the following are the photos to take:

  • Photos of the outside and inside of the event
  • Photos of the host(s), event organizer and the speakers
  • Selfies with the organizers and speakers
  • Photos of the event program
  • Photos of the evening mingling
  • Screenshots of interesting comments and tweets about the event

Create a follow-up post

Attend the event with the aim of doing a follow up blog. After the event, you should have so much content that pushes you to do the follow up post. The post comes immediately after an event because it is at that time when the event is still fresh in the mind. Waiting longer may have the follow up post not being created as it should. Therefore, plan after the event to find time for it.

Share your event blog

Sharing content online is the best way to get to people. The great advantage of advanced technology is that we have social platforms today that bring so many people together on one platform.

Use your social media channels and handles to share your event venue blog content. Share your links for people to follow and review. You can also share with colleagues and request them to share on their own timelines. Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook even allow you to boost your post to reach more people.

Note that the more people you attract to your blog, the better for you. Therefore put in effort in sharing the link to the event blog. You can share the content more than once on different platforms as they advance.

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First off, you plan the content you would like to share. Make sure you have all the information you need including photos, time, place and popular people. Schedule a time to do a followup blog post and then SHARE!

One of the most important traits a good event planner has to possess is an open mind. It is about your client and what they want. Find a way to be organized and efficient, a way that works for you. Read other event planner’s blogs and stand out on social media.

  1. Initiation
  2. Planning
  3. Implementation
  4. The event
  5. Closure

The most important thing to do is to optimize your blog for your target keywords. Add pictures and make sure there are no errors. Write engaging and entertaining posts your readers enjoy.

Blogging is very much alive and well in 2021. In fact, content marketing is one of the top ways to improve the SEO and ranking of your website.


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