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Most Effective Facebook Ads for 2021 with Examples

Test your website’s SEO and social media score in 60 seconds! Diib is one of the best SEO and social media monitoring tools in the world. Diib syncs to Facebook and Google Analytics and uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your social media traffic and SEO rankings.


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Most Effective Facebook Ads for 2021 with Examples

Read time 11 min read
Most Effective Facebook Ads

Test your website’s SEO and social media score in 60 seconds! Diib is one of the best SEO and social media monitoring tools in the world. Diib syncs to Facebook and Google Analytics and uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your social media traffic and SEO rankings.


Easy-to-use automated social media + SEO tool


Automated ideas to improve Social Media traffic + sales


Keyword and backlink monitoring + ideas

Are you looking for the most effective Facebook ads that you can use for your business in 2021? Well, you are in the right place. 2020 was a year filled with its various challenges, mostly affecting businesses and advertising. However, those challenges have given rise to discussions on the most effective ads for the new year, particularly on Facebook, and how to use them to drive your business to success. We are going to give you an insight of how to make attractive Facebook ads and how to do Facebook ads effectively.

Before we look at the Facebook ads, let’s look at some of the best advertisement practices.

Best Practices for Facebook

You need to embrace these practices if you want your ads to be part of the most successful ads on Facebook.

Targets Specific Audience

The quality of your audience is crucial when you are choosing a Facebook ad. Quality is much important compared to size. This is because the ads’ goal is to engage with the consumers and ultimately lead to conversions. If you focus on acquiring more audiences who are not in tune with what you are selling, your relevance will dwindle. The last thing you want is to spend money and time on something that will bring your business losses. Therefore, target the ads to the right audience, and you will be smiling all the way to the bank.

When looking for a target audience, remember to take note of the following factors:

  • Age
  • Language
  • Sex
  • Behavior
  • Whether they have a connection to your other business.
  • Location

Relevance on the Specific Audience

When using a Facebook ad, the content must be relevant to the audience. You make money each time a person clicks on the ad. If the audience does not find your ads relevant to their needs, they will not click on them. Also, even if they click on them, it will be a waste of time and money. You need to provide relevant content to your audience if you would like to earn more revenue and rank higher on the relevance score.

Visual Content

The ads you provide must be relevant and visually appealing to your target audience. Also, avoid using generic visuals and ensure that your content targets the right audience. Your audience will appreciate the effort that you are taking by considering their needs.

Include a Value Proposition

It is not uncommon to find ads that are simply plain and not worth clicking. Ads should provide value to the audience for them to take an interest in them. Remember, the goal here is to succeed by absorbing as many “quality” audiences as possible. Telling your audience why they should click on your ad and what it contains; you are providing them with the right information for them to make a decision.

Ensure that you also provide information that is not far-fetched. Your information should be believable. You can add social proof if need be as one way to make attractive Facebook ads.

Test your website’s SEO and social media score in 60 seconds!

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Link Building

Call to Action(CTA)

A call to action, or simply CTA, is what tells your audience what to do after viewing your ad. You can add a sense of urgency to it to make a move concerning the content you are selling to them. For instance, “hurry while the stock lasts,” is a powerful CTA that tells the audience that if they don’t buy the product or service as soon as possible, it will go out of stock. Here are a few call to action options available through Facebook:

Most Effective Facebook Ads

(Image Credit: Bitcatcha)

Also, something like “Buy now and save 20 %” will let your audience know that the offer is limited and they should decide as soon as possible.

Now that we have looked at the best practices let’s jump right to good Facebook ads that you should be using in 2021.

Most Successful Ads on Facebook in 2021

1. Photo Ad

People like something they can see. Therefore, a photo ad is one of the most effective Facebook ads. Photos have been used since time immemorial because entrepreneurs understand their relevance in the business world. The pixels allowed on Facebook’s news feed is 1080 x 1080 pixels. This means that if you go beyond that, Facebook will crop the image, which may interfere with your content. Therefore, ensure the image is adjusted to the audience’s needs.

One example of a photo ad for Facebook is Monday.com. The tool helps you manage all your tasks in one workspace. The beauty of Monday.com is that it has many eye-catching visual features and templates that can be customized to suit your audience’s needs. Monday.com is also much easier hence saving you time and money. Here is another example of a photo ad on Facebook:

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Most Effective Facebook Ads

(Image Credit: Design Pickle)

The ad is also relevant to your audience who want a more organized workspace. The call to action at the bottom of the page is enough to invite the audience to take action.

2. Event Ad

An event ad is a tool that is created to promote a specific event. The ad encourages people(target) to come to your event. This is because its call to action(CTA) takes your audience directly to the tickets page where they can purchase them.

The tool is tailored in such a way that only the target audience can receive the ad on their newsfeed. Therefore, it is important that you have relevant content that can convince the audience to come to your event. Ensure that you have the following information as it is crucial at convincing the potential attendees; time, price, venue, and relevant CTA. The image below shows an example of an event ad:

Most Effective Facebook Ads

Image Credit: Hootsuite)

The key features of this tool are:

  • It is visually appealing thanks to the warm, enticing white space that draws you to the product.
  • The product is relevant to the consumers’ needs as it is tailored to provide them with solutions.
  • Strong CTA- the tool has a strong CTA that can persuade any person to take action.

If you check any of their ads, you will find valuable information that convinces you to click the ad, which should be a goal for any advertiser.

3. Special Offer Ad

A special offer ad is a type of advertising meant to promote a discounted price of a product or service, which can be redeemed only on Facebook. Special offer ad is one of the good Facebook ads that advertisers are embracing. The benefit of this ad is that it takes customers to the page where the offer is so that they can redeem the offer. This is an advantage because the customer does not waste time going through your website to find the offer.

The other advantage of the offer is that you can include all the necessary information in the ad to make a decision. Other types of information available include the offer’s purpose, its uses to the customer, the number of offers that have been claimed, and the price of the offer. For example:

Most Effective Facebook Ads

(Image Credit: WordStream)

An example of an offer ad is Boston Sports Clubs. This type of ad shows customers exactly what they would be signing up for. It is designed so that before a customer claims an offer, they already know what they are signing up for, which is boxing.

We hope that you found this article useful.

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Benefits of the Ad

The ad works so well because it is visually appealing. Instead of dull and boring colors, you are met with bold colors coupled with clear topography. This captures the potential customer’s attention.

The ad also has a clear CTA that tells the customers that they will miss out if they don’t make a decision soon. The ad is relevant to the sports enthusiast looking for a club to join, particularly those who’ve recently moved to the area. Boston sports club provides a cheap offer that no person can ignore. Each month’s $5 price is so appealing even if it is subject to change in the future.

4. Video Ad

Video ads are also common and are most effective on Facebook. People choose videos because they are more engaging. People watch about 8 billion video ads each day. One example of Facebook video ads is in-feed ads like organic posts that appear on the viewer’s news feeds. In-stream ads, on the other hand, are those that appear when you are in the middle of watching another video (sixty seconds after the video plays). They are similar to commercials. Each of the videos is great for marketers to pass their message to potential customers. However, keep in mind that for it to be effective, you need to post a video that is short and interesting. Here are just a few examples of Facebook video ads:

Most Effective Facebook Ads

(Image Credit: Exabytes Digital)

Therefore, as a marketer, you must create video content that is catchy and valuable. If you wish to learn how to do Facebook ads effectively, then you need to follow the rules and requirements on Facebook. Once you have created the video, upload it on the Facebook video ads manager. One example of a Facebook ad manager is Mercedes-Benz. The company has various enticing video ads with valuable content. Their video ads will inspire you to borrow one or two things that could help your business.

Another example is SofaLush, which provides visually appealing content that is clear to the viewer. A viewer won’t guess what the product or services entail or how useful it will be to them. SofaLush is also relevant to the viewers, particularly those looking for a couch. Instead of buying a new one, the ad provides you with another alternative of replacing it if you want more mileage.

The video comes with a “how to” description, which is an overall advantage to customers. Its CTA is also clear and convincing, thanks to the over 150 designs you can choose from.

5. Reach Ad

Reach ads are those that are meant to create awareness to your local customers. The ads will be useful only if you have a physical location that you need customers to visit and purchase goods or services.

If you wish for more customers to visit your store, you can start by making an offer that can only be redeemed once they visit the store. Once you have created the ad and posted it on the Facebook ad manager, make sure that it can only be viewed by people who reside close to your store. Also, ensure that you release the ads on the day of the event or a few days to the event. For example:

Most Effective Facebook Ads

(Image Credit: GoDaddy)

MU Campus Dining is an example of a reach ad that is effective at reaching the target customers. MU Campus dining is from Mizzou Campus Dining. It provides a catchy and related ad, which cannot be ignored, especially by the target audience, who are the students. The ad also has its logo, which is familiar to those who visit the campus dining. One reference line on the ad that is catchy is the “after the game.”

Benefits of the Ad

It is visually appealing. MU Campus Dining ad is filled with sweet treats that can dissuade any hungry person in the college. You only need to look at the ad once and your mind will be made up.

The ad is also relevant to the viewers as it is only being shown to the students on the campus. It also provides everything the students need by saying that they can fill up on food after the game. The CTA is direct and on point. It also provides customers with the option of finding the direction to the dining.

6. Retargeting Ad

A retargeting ad is a type of ad that keeps following you wherever you are on the internet. This is particularly after you have been on a certain website. This type of ad is meant to promote a list of leads for a specific group of people. As an advertiser, all you need to do is send a couple of email addresses to the interested parties. A re-targeting ad is used on people who are already interested in the brand’s product. The ad is also situated on the right side of your Facebook news feed for easy access. For instance:

Most Effective Facebook Ads

One example of a Facebook retargeting ad is Winc. The ad is visually appealing to any wine lover. Regardless of the wine you are looking for, Winc assures you that you will find it there. The ad is also relevant to wine lovers. Winc is particularly important if you want to learn how to make attractive Facebook ads. You can borrow a few ideas for your business.

Winc also comes with a good value prop. For a new customer, the ad tells them that if they buy wine from them, they will receive a discount for the product. Also, customers who purchase three bottles of fine will get them at a discounted price of $19.

The ad also uses a strong call to action. The phrase “Get” is used to convince someone to make a purchase right away. Another example of a re-targeting ad is Adrianna Papell. The ad shows you what you are searching for. This ad is perfect for soon to be brides looking for wedding dresses and those who would like to have a grand wedding. The ad provides you with a visual clue on what the advertiser’s website looks like. It also provides valuable information for soon to be brides that would like a fitting dress for their big day.

Its call to action is a simple phrase, which is “Shop Now.” Though it might sound generic, motivating the customer to make a purchase is a sure way to increase your sales volume.

7. Multi Product Ad

A multi-product ad is one that allows advertisers to showcase multiple products at a go. The ad has multiple images, each showing a different product that a customer can browse through and choose the one that suits them. This type of ad is not only restricted to products but also whatever the advertiser is trying to promote, including services. You can use the Facebook Power Editor to create multiple product ads.

A good example of a multiproduct Facebook ad is Shutterfly. Each product sold on Shutterfly has its image that comes with an offer that is appealing to the customers. One rule when using Shutterfly is that the product being advertised should be consistent with its brand. For example:

Most Effective Facebook Ads

(Image Credit: WordStream)

Here are the benefits of the ad:

It is visually appealing to customers: Whenever a customer is in search of a product, they will always go for that which is eye-catching. This is why this ad is something that you should use to help your business grow.

The ad is also relevant and valuable to the viewer. It provides a clear offer that is 40% off each product that is advertised. It also gives the user information on the code and the date of the end of the sale.

Shutterfly also has a clear call to action that tells the viewer that if they don’t take action immediately, then they will miss out.

Diib: Learn Just How Effective Your Facebook Ads Are

Facebook advertising is one way you can reach as many viewers as possible, particularly millennials. However, it would help if you mastered how to use it the right way to reach the right customers and make sales. One way of succeeding on Facebook advertising is by using the right words and a proper way of delivering them. Make sure you borrow the above ad examples for your business.

Partnering with Diib Digital will provide you with an added measure of comfort in your campaigns. It will also give you a heads up when things need adjusting for better ROI. Here are a few of the features that set us apart from the crowd:

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Lead generation ads are usually more cost effective in collecting leads than a standard ad redirecting your traffic to a landing page.

There are so many ways to make your Facebook ads effective. Here are a few:

  • Create a simple CTA with one clear action.
  • Use a targeting strategy that helps you refine over time.
  • Write a clear and conversational headline.
  • Use an image that has creative tension with the headline.
  • Use the description area to remove friction for your CTA.

Boosting a Facebook post can be ideal in some instances. For example, if one of your posts does well organically, it’s a strong signal the content will do well as an ad that you could boost to a cold audience.

Your ad limit may have been reached. It can be easy to forget a limit is in place, so when that limit is reached it can be confusing. When that happens, ads will no longer spend. Navigate to your Facebook Ads Manager payment settings. Here you can change, remove, or reset your ad account’s spend limit.

An average CPC for Facebook ads is around $0.27 per click. If you’re measuring CPM, those costs are around $7.19 CPM.


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