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The Best Digital Marketing Podcasts with Examples

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The Best Digital Marketing Podcasts with Examples

Read time 11 min read
The Best Digital Marketing Podcasts with Examples

Improve your content marketing + SEO in 60 seconds! Diib uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your traffic and rankings. We’ll even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.


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Podcasts are continually gaining popularity since they are easy to listen to while working out, doing chores, or driving, making them ideal for many people. Research by podcast insights show 70% of the US population have heard of the term podcast, and at least 51% of this population have listened to one podcast in their life. The shift in digital marketing is slowly making this medium of information sharing useful and essential in promoting various brands and connecting to the audience.

Definition of digital marketing podcast

Digital marketing refers to the use of online platforms and avenues to reach consumers. It uses various mediums and platforms to build and establish a given brand. With the continual use of the internet, more people are now available online and spend most of their time on their devices. Digital marketing thus provides an avenue for one to reach out to more people and share information with them.

One avenue a digital marketer uses to reach his audience is through the use of digital audio files. Podcasts provide an avenue for you to share information weekly or daily, allowing your audience to access this Information every time new content is available. Podcasts in digital marketing are continually gaining popularity as more people worldwide embrace their use.

Many digital marketing podcasts play a vital role in helping new and experienced digital marketers to gain leads and growth. The best podcasts on Digital marketing provide information and guidance that allows marketers and consumers to understand business processes and how best to reach their audience.

What information do digital marketing podcasts cover?

  1. Digital marketing trends

The best digital marketing podcast 2019 provides the audience with information on digital trends allowing them to learn what’s new and likely to offer them more results. By learning more about digital marketing trends, you get a chance to skip the testing step allowing you to use tried and tested trends. This information also ensures you are not left behind technologically.

It also provides a guideline to help you vet digital trends and know which one works best for your brand. Digital marketing trends are a must-have for every digital marketer; thus, listening to such podcasts, especially from seasoned marketers or established digital researchers ensures you attain positive results.

  1. Current digital marketing news and events

Podcasts in digital marketing provide information and updates on digital marketing events and news. They help digital marketers stay up to date with what is happening in their space and around their business environment. By having this information, a digital marketer can participate in events that help them grow or listen to the latest news in their area, helping them to keep tabs with the local consumer trends.

Tips and tricks on digital marketing business

Digital marketing podcast 2019 enabled more digital marketers to understand the role of digital marketing podcasts and how well they could use them to succeed in the field. With most people in the digital space still learning how best to stand out, listening to podcasts provide the information, tips, and tricks they need. These podcasts also offer recommendations on succeeding, meaningful collaborations and carrying how to carry out digital marketing strategies for growth.

Another critical topic that a podcast in digital marketing covers is interviews with prominent industry leaders. It provides an avenue for you to listen to successful marketers and digital experts who help you understand the online platform and succeed when starting your own podcast. Listening to industry leaders also provides you with the required information to improve your digital marketing strategy.

The content in the podcast is significant for both digital marketers and Business owners. It provides valuable information that enables the marketers to learn more on SEO, ensuring they understand the importance of SEO and adequately use them to their advantage. They also provide useful information on email marketing that helps individuals understand the avenues to use in order to benefit from email marketing.

The content on advertising ensures you understand the various advertising platforms and how well to use them to your advantage. You get to learn more on pay per click and understand how to analyze them to ensure you are getting noteworthy results. They also help you to know how to use influencer marketing to ensure you partner with the correct people in your field. Influencers have large followings, and getting the right person to endorse your product is a marketing strategy that enables you to expand your sales.

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Importance of podcast online marketing

Podcasts play a vital role in the life of a digital marketer or a business owner. Some of the importance of having the best digital marketing podcasts include;

  1. Brand building

Best digital marketing podcasts provide you with an avenue to build your brand. It provides you with the knowledge, tips, and skills required to help you develop unique content and get ahead of competition in your area of expertise. Excellent digital marketing means that more people get a chance to listen to you or the guests in your show. This information provides a steady audience for your brand giving you a formidable base and new leads strengthening your brand.

  1. Sharing of information

The best podcasts on digital marketing focus on providing adequate information and knowledge to the users. They cut across various digital marketing platforms and contents from SEO, content creation and email marketing, among others. They also focus on getting insights and guidance from renowned digital marketers and experts in the field. It therefore means that you gain valuable advice that will enable you to develop yourself as a digital marketer. Instead of paying an agency or someone else, one can quickly get free online information by listening to a podcast.

iii. Helps you boost website traffic and social media handles

Podcasts have a way of driving traffic to one’s website or social media handles. By always listening to a podcast, you get interested in learning more about the subjects and discussions. Most podcast listeners hesitate visiting social media or engaging with the podcast hosts online. By having Q&A sessions, a digital marketing expert can drive traffic to their websites or social media handles, enabling them to grow their organic traffic. Having a podcast as a section on your website means you get to enjoy more traffic and grow your following. To make it easier for users to find you on social media and share your content consider putting social media share buttons on your website, for instance:

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The Best Digital Marketing Podcasts with Examples

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  1. Convenience

Podcasts are easy and convenient to make and consume. Due to their portability, you can reach a wider audience and have them listen to your content often. Once you subscribe to a podcast, you can access the latest content making it convenient and easy to consume.

  1. Increased profits

The best podcast online marketing strategy enables you to earn profits by attracting large corporations and businesses. They provide advertising platforms that will allow one to make a profit and create a following. By having a steady flow of paid advertisements, you can share valuable information, connect with your audience, and have adverts that enable you to develop your brand. It will also help you provide tips and ideas on how and where to successfully insert adverts to capture your audience’s attention, providing valuable information to digital marketers who aim to grow their brands.

Best podcasts for digital marketing

For businesses and individuals who would want to take advantage of digital marketing podcasts, here is a list of some of the best podcasts for digital marketing in the industry.

Social Media Marketing podcast

Social media expert Michael Stelzner hosts the social media marketing podcast. The social media guru provides his audience with a weekly update that enables them to listen to social media experts, influencers, and people making a difference in the social media space. This podcast also provides valuable advice that will allow one to learn ways to use their social media influence to execute digital marketing.

The podcasts provide valuable information in a fun way, exposing their listeners to various creatives and experts who provide tips and tricks to improve their social media presence. Its weekly updates ensure you have a steady flow of information on social media strategies providing you with needed information as far as social media is concerned. It also focuses purely on social media and offers detailed coverage of the topic, ensuring you have access to all the information you need.

The Best Digital Marketing Podcasts with Examples

(Image Credit: Growth Mentor)

The Business of Digital

Mat Siltala and Dave Rohrer hosted the digital software business, which focuses on informing digital marketers and their listeners on every digital marketing angle. This podcast’s all roundness makes it unique and allows them to handle various issues regarding digital marketing. The business of digital podcasts enables their audience to get insight on how to reach their target audience and package their information.

Their wide variety of guests enable them to cover different digital marketing issues and dissect them giving their audience comprehensive knowledge. Mat and Dave also tap into their digital marketing experts, providing an opportunity to offer advice and expertise, helping amateurs and experienced digital marketers. If you are in digital marketing, the business of digital podcasts will give you a grounding background and enable you to rise the digital marketing ladder faster due to its vastness of covering every part of the issue.

The Best Digital Marketing Podcasts with Examples

(Image Credit: The Business of Digital Podcast)

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Marketing O’clock

Greg Finn and Jessica Budde co host the marketing o’clock podcast providing their audience a chance to listen to years of experience and lessons gathered throughout their years in Google AdWords marketing and Google analytics. The two bring their knowledge in digital marketing, taking their audience through a journey of learning and skill-building. Their insights on the fast-rising TikTok platform provide valuable advice that enables marketers to expand their digital marketing avenues.

They share valuable insights on how one can use platforms such as TikTok to expand their brand and increase their viewership while building their brand and making it stand out. Apart from their personal experience, their vast network makes this podcast worth listening to and among the best digital marketing podcast 2019. It provides valuable insight to its listeners, allowing them to grow and understand how to build a Google search card and maintain a diversified digital marketing podcast.

The Best Digital Marketing Podcasts with Examples

(Image Credit: Coco Solutions)

Perpetual traffic

Perpetual Traffic is a marketing podcast that provides its listeners with insights on handling leads and creating more traffic. It focuses more on helping digital marketers grow their brands and attract more people to their pages. Perpetual traffic also provides valuable information on how you can analyze your traffic, characterize them, and get the most out of them.

By having such information, you can build substantial traffic and gain the most from them. Thus, this podcast enables its digital marketers to focus on leads and provide them suggestions and tricks to help them make the most out of such leads.

The Best Digital Marketing Podcasts with Examples

Ecommerce Influence

The Ecommerce Influence podcast is hosted by AustBrauner and Andrew Foxwell, who focus on content marketing, among other digital marketing aspects. This podcast provides insight into SEO strategy social media marketing. It provides unique content that allows you to build and market your eCommerce platforms. The e-commerce influence podcast offers adequate knowledge for digital marketers, allowing them to transform their eCommerce platform and enjoy a steady traffic flow.

They also cover areas that enable you to acquire skills to analyze your traffic and understand when to use paid advertisements and maximize paid searches. The podcast provides weekly uploads, ensuring you enjoy a steady flow of information, allowing you to sharpen your skills or widen your scope in the field.

The Best Digital Marketing Podcasts with Examples

Marketing school

The marketing school is a podcast hosted by Neil Patel and Eric Siu. It is an excellent podcast unique for its short episodes that enable you to gain digital marketing insights. The podcast focuses on sharing their information through a brief round-up that makes it easy to listen and understand. Its short episodes ensure you are not bored and can easily understand the information shared on every topic. The marketing school also uses fun and easy information sharing to make it an educative tool for digital marketers.

The Best Digital Marketing Podcasts with Examples

(Image Credit: Home Business Magazine)

Community Karma

Community Karma is A podcast co-hosted by two successful marketers; Erin Jones and Carrie Hill. The two aim to expand the digital marketing space through community collaboration. The podcast airs various series on community collaborations and how to build a business through communal digital marketing. Their podcast on influencer marketing enables marketers to learn more on the topic and provides networks to develop their brand.

The Best Digital Marketing Podcasts with Examples


The Copyblogger is a valuable podcast covering various content marketing issues, ways to improve your digital presence, and conversion optimization. Darrel Vesterfelt and Tim Stoddart allow their listeners to learn more about building an influential digital marketing podcast and online podcast marketing that enable you to learn more on how to strategize your podcast to ensure you reap from the venture.

Their valuable angle on monetizing your podcast and unique insight on conversions allows them to provide information helpful to an enormous audience scope. The Copyblogger inclusion of both marketers and consumers in their podcast enables them to tap into a wide variety. They also package their information in a fun, engaging way allowing listeners to enjoy every episode while still gaining knowledge from every episode.

The Best Digital Marketing Podcasts with Examples

(Image Credit: SEMrush)

Search Talk Live

The search talks live podcast enables you to understand more about SEO; SEMrush allows you to know the integral part SEO plays in digital marketing. This podcast allows its listeners to understand more on the impact of SEO, its role and how well to use it to ensure you gain from it. The platform is hosted by Robert and Matt, who are SEO experts combining their many years in SEO and digital marketing to provide valuable information on the topic. They also selectively choose guests with experience and expertise to ensure every episode is a pact with tips and tricks that enables you to stand out.

Search Talk lives cover SEO topics such as link building, sieving of quality referrals, paid campaigns, and content marketing, ensuring an overall success in your digital marketing strategy. Its keen interest in SEO enables them to have comprehensive details on the topic, making them stand out. Thus, if you are digital marketing struggling to optimize your content and wanting more people to listen to your content listening to this podcast will provide you the information you need to stand out.

The Best Digital Marketing Podcasts with Examples

(Image Credit: SEMrush)

Marketing scoop podcast

Espree Devora hosts this vibrant podcast that keeps its listeners updated with a variety of content. The podcast covers information on trends, tools, and digital marketing strategies, providing their audience with expert content to build compelling podcasts. The digital marketing scoop podcast also holds interviews with digital marketing experts, ensuring you access the skills you require.

The Best Digital Marketing Podcasts with Examples

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The best podcast on digital marketing focuses on passing information in a fun, easy way. Their hosts work to ensure they get a genuine connection with the audience to build a relationship with them. The use of podcasts is continually gaining popularity as more people embrace them in sharing information and building their brands. Thus, it is a vital tool that should appropriately create a robust digital marketing strategy and platform. Additionally, when you partner with Diib Digital, you gain an added measure of confidence in your ability to better market your podcast.

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  • Reach out to another show to cross-promote with them.

While a good understanding of coding can definitely help your digital marketing skills, it isn’t absolutely necessary to know everything.

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