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How to Write an Exciting and Educational Dental Blog

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How to Write an Exciting and Educational Dental Blog

Read time 12 min read
How to Write an Exciting and Educational Dental Blog

Improve your content marketing + SEO in 60 seconds! Diib uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your traffic and rankings. We’ll even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.


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What are Dental Care Blogs?

Dental care blogs are important for your marketing strategy. Not only will your blog provide your patients with good information, but you can also increase awareness of your brand, attract more new patients and ensure your patients receive the correct information. Your blog is also essential for boosting your SEO or search engine optimization. Google, Yahoo and Bing will all reward your website when you offer fresh content for indexing. 

When a consumer is searching for a dentist, they use keywords. You can use these words in your blog to help potential patients find your practice. Your blog is essentially a tactical tool you can use to help grow your practice. Before you begin, you should determine which strategy will work best for your needs. You should create guidelines so you know how much effort and time is required to write a successful blog. To make certain your blog remains relevant, regular updates are necessary. 

You can include a lot of valuable information in your blog including what your dental practice has to offer patients. Not only can you include the services you provide, but you can also discuss the friendliness of your staff, the appeal of your waiting area or the types of insurance you accept. You can also use your blog to:

  • Share essential facts and offer dental tips
  • Discuss the most recent trends in dentistry
  • Share important information with your potential and current patients 
  • Share fun and personal information about you and your team
  • Establish the personality of your team and practice
  • Educate your patients regarding new services and technologies

Did you know? 80% of internet users interact with both social media sites and blogs. (DemandMetric)

What to Include in Dental Blogs for Patients

There are numerous benefits to having dental blogs for patients. Your blog helps send traffic to your site to improve your SEO efforts. You can establish strong relationships and connections with your potential and current patients. You also have a platform you can use to show how much experience and skill you have as an expert in your field. When a consumer finds your practice in a search, the first thing they usually see is your blog. 

This is because blogs are generally right at the top of the search results. When you combine all of the benefits such as generating new leads, increasing website traffic and increasing your number of patients, you can improve your bottom line and make additional income. Two of the most important concepts for your blog are consistency and style. To be consistent, your blog needs to be published regularly. The recommendation is a minimum of two times per month. 

You can create a simple plan so you are aware of when and what you need to write to remain on schedule. If you are not interested in writing a blog yourself, you can ask someone in your office with the right qualifications to write and manage your blog. The length of your blog is just as important as consistency. Posts from 300 to 600 words will engage your readers without boring them or offering too much information. Your writing should be informative and light without a lot of technical details. 

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Content Marketing

Dental Blog Stats

A blog improves your ability to generate new leads, builds trust with your patients and helps with your SEO. Every time you publish a blog post, it turns into a webpage. This means every post will enhance your online footprint while building a better online presence for your practice. When your footprint is bigger, Google has more content for online searchers. This helps ensure more potential patients will find your blog and become patients. 

Creating a blog with high-quality content attracts and nurtures potential patients. This is what turns into new leads because consumers will trust your practice due to the content you included in your blogs. The stats for a dental practice blog are impressive including:

  • Businesses with a minimum of 200 blogs have five times more leads than companies with one to 10 blogs.
  • Businesses increasing blog publications from five times per month to eight practically double their leads. 
  • The average business increases website traffic by 45 percent by increasing their total number of blogs to 50. 

How to Write an Exciting and Educational Dental Blog

(Image Credit: IsItWP)

These stats demonstrate the tremendous impact blogging has on your marketing. Once you decide to proceed, you need to decide which topics are best suited for your practice. The majority of bloggers have stated the most difficult aspect is deciding what to write. The most valuable content you can include is centered around your patients and is educational. To receive the results you want, your content needs to attract prospective patients. 

The best leads are consumers actively searching online for a dental practice or information regarding specific dental issues. These potential patients will be attracted to your practice if they find the information they need in your blog. Self-promotional blogs are not as valuable for your marketing efforts because the majority of consumers have no interest in advertisements. You can show the quality of your practice by providing answers to the most common questions about dental care. 

What to Write

If you are not sure what to write, talk to your team. Discuss different topics until you find a few you can rotate each month. You can ensure you provide balanced information by including both general dentistry blogs and informational blogs about your practice. A few of the topics you can consider include:

About Us

Your website most likely contains an About Us page. Including this information in your blog builds a connection between your practice and your patients. You can include conferences attended, certifications and courses in continuing education. This type of information is important for building patient trust. Your patients will know you are dedicated to your practice. Here is an example of a About Us page:

How to Write an Exciting and Educational Dental Blog

You will be interested

New Technology and Equipment

Blogging about new equipment, technology and treatments inform your patients you care about your practice and are making the necessary investments. Your patients will feel good every time they visit your office because they will know you have the latest equipment. 


Including treatment information in your blogs educates your patients so they become comfortable with your procedures. Include treatment benefits so your patients can imagine themselves experiencing the advantages you are offering. For example:

How to Write an Exciting and Educational Dental Blog

Time Relevance

You can include the treatments offered by your practice and your expertise by focusing your blogs on life events, seasons or holidays. A good example is a Halloween blog about how candy impacts dental health. Talk about teeth whitening treatments during the holiday season. Mention how important a beautiful smile is for holiday photographs. Your patients will also want to look their very best for numerous events including high school reunions and weddings. 

When your blogs are focused on helping to provide a great smile, your patients will have the encouragement they need to call and make an appointment. Use your personality when writing for special and unique blogs. Your patients will find the information interesting and your practice will stand out from your competition. The result is improved marketing and satisfied patients. 

How to Become a Dental Blogger

You do not want to be known as the practice with a blog last updated several years in the past. When you start blogging, you need to make a commitment to regular updates. Updating your blog regularly offers your patients interesting, insightful and valuable information. Your blog should be published on your website and social media platforms. You can improve your exposure by linking your blogs to your emails and newsletters. When your patients see your blog, they will appreciate the insights you provide. 

Choose the keywords you use in your blog carefully. These are the words frequently entered into Google by consumers actively searching for a dentist. You want these potential patients to read your blog. If they find the information on your blog valuable, there is a good chance it will be shared on social media. This means their families and friends will also read your blog. When these individuals experience a dental issue, they will remember your practice and conduct a search. 

This is an excellent opportunity to build trust with your potential patients. Include a CTA or call to action in your blog. When potential patients click, they can make an appointment for your practice. Include your CTA toward the end of your blog or consumers will not have enough information to click. The most important aspect is adding value. You can write 20 blogs every day. If the content does not benefit your patients and add value, your blogs will be ineffective. 

Consumers will only be interested in your blogs if they provide insightful, valuable and consistent information. For the best results, make certain your blogs are easy to read, simple to follow and have a clear implementation. If your content is confusing, it will not be read and your time is wasted. 

FACT: Blogs can result in a 434% increase in indexed pages and a 97% increase in indexed links. (DemandMetric)

Dental Practice Blog Examples

Educational Blogs

Share information both valuable and insightful. You can include your own research and findings or something you found and verified through a third-party source. If you use a third-party source, make certain to include your thoughts and ask for the opinion of your readers. This is a great way to increase engagement with your content. 

Checklist Blog

Almost everyone enjoys the feeling of accomplishment when checking items off a list. You can include a list of checkpoints for dental hygiene. Issue a challenge to check off each item within a period of six months. Make certain you include making an appointment to your practice as one of the items. 

How to Write an Exciting and Educational Dental Blog

Tip Blogs

Write a blog with a list of important tips for something important. You can include how to know when to buy a new toothbrush, recommended tooth floss or how to brush your teeth correctly.

Series Blog

Write a series of blogs about a topic you can publish every day, week or month. You can improve reader retention simply by ending each blog with an enticing question you will answer in your next blog. You can help ensure your readers click on Subscribe for your posts by asking questions. Your posts should be linked together to make certain your readers do not miss any blogs in the series. 

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Pick of the Week

This is a good method to produce new content every week. Your weekly pick needs to include a valuable and succinct explanation. You can explain a new toothbrush, dental tool or mouthwash. You can even use an industry expert or select a patient of the week. 

Meme Blog

Memes have become extremely popular. Take a few minutes to search for some light memes about teeth and dentists. Including a couple of them on your blog is entertaining for your patients. 

Holiday and Seasonal Blogs

If your practice is closed for Christmas, New Year, Diwali, Easter, Eid or Thanksgiving, inform your patients on your blog. Make certain to wish everyone a happy holiday. If you are open for business, let your patients know you are there if they need anything. For instance:

How to Write an Exciting and Educational Dental Blog

Profile Blog

Choose a member of your team or yourself. Write a profile to help your patients get to know you. Include both professional and personal information in your blog. You can discuss the credentials, experience and skill of the individual. Personal information can include hobbies, pets and vacations. Your current patients have the opportunity to get to know you and your team better. You also build trust with potential patients. 

FAQ blog

Ask a member of your team to look at your social media and write down the questions most frequently asked regarding your practice. Include the questions and answers in your blog for information your patients will be delighted to find. You can even include a FAQ tab on your site. The image below shows a few FAQs found on a dental blog:

How to Write an Exciting and Educational Dental Blog

Case Study Blog

You can draw attention to your work with a case study blog. Include the first procedure you ever performed or your first patient needing braces. Present this information in the form of a case study. Include before and after pictures and rich content for a blog your readers will enjoy. 

Tutorial Blog

Include the individual steps for a specific process such as brushing or flossing teeth or taking care of braces properly. You can use a video tutorial for extremely rich content. 

Definition Blog

Just because you understand the meaning of specific dental terms does not mean your patients do. Provide definitions for typical dental terms such as dental diseases and tools for a glossary your patients will refer to. This is also a good way to improve your SEO efforts. 

Interview Blog

Getting an interview is surprisingly easy. All you have to do is ask a series of questions and write down or record the answers you receive. If you know an expert in the industry, ask if you can interview them. You can send an email requesting five minutes on the phone to talk about their field of expertise. You can even talk to a patient about one of the successful procedures you performed for them. 

Include this information in your blog to offer your patients a direct look into the experience of someone else. The best part is the person you interview practically writes your blog for you. 

Review Blog

This is similar to the pick of the week option but more insightful. Take the time necessary for a thorough review of a new dental procedure or product available on the market. Give your readers the information they need to make a decision. You can even compare two different products or procedures to share your experience and expertise. Here is an image comparing before and after pictures:

How to Write an Exciting and Educational Dental Blog

Issue Blog

Use a common dental issue affecting your patients for your blog. You should include valuable information your patients can act on such as treating symptoms at home, when help is necessary and what is involved with the procedure. 

Behind the Scenes

Use photos and videos to provide your patients with rich content regarding what happens at your practice behind the scenes. 

Practice Update Blog

A blog is an ideal option to inform your patients about any changes to your practice. This can be weekend hours, changes to your waiting room, a new team member, phone numbers or additional parking spaces. Your patients will be interested in this information. 

Challenge Blog

Write a blog issuing a challenge to your patients. This can be brushing their teeth more often for a specific period of time. Then ask them for a before and after picture posted to your social media. 

Dentist BlogSpot

BlogSpot is a great way to share your thoughts with your patients. The platform is simple and easy to use and you do not need to have a lot of technical knowledge to be successful. 

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The biggest thing to remember is to be yourself and be personable. Patients need to feel a connection to you and your practice. Showcase your employees, make them relatable. Use links, images and social media. Always be responsive to comments and suggestions.

Writing a consistent blog definitely helps the SEO quality of your website and your overall ranking (when done right). It also establishes you as an expert in your field, providing information to your patients.

There is no magic number, however, in order to increase your traffic, you need to post to your blog regularly. This can mean 2-3 times per week.

Studies suggest that Sunday afternoons are the best day to publish posts on your blog, at least for sharing purposes.

Diib growth experts recommend blogs be a minimum of 300 words in order to rank well in search engines. However, longer posts 1,000-2.500 words rank much easier than shorter blog posts.


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