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Tips to Start and Maintain the Best Art Blog

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Tips to Start and Maintain the Best Art Blog

Read time 10 min read
Tips to Start and Maintain the Best Art Blog

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Whether you are a seasoned creative or starting, having art blogs to follow goes a long way toward sharing your craft and growing in the discipline. Most people in the creative world shy away from beginning blogs, feeling intimidated by the number of blogs in the market. However, it would help if you remembered that your voice, personality and artistic expression are unique. If you check out the best art blog to follow, you will realize that they have such a large following because of consistency.

These popular art blogs got created by people who decided to fill a void that did not exist by not getting discouraged from what they saw online. This article will provide you with tips to start a cool art blog, help you know how to maintain the best art blog, and highlight the benefits of why you need to have an art blog to help you understand its importance in your creative journey.

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Tips to start

Have a vision and a goal

The first step in creating the best art blog to follow has a concrete vision and goal. A concept entails writing down what you want your blog to look like, the impact you want to have, and what type of art you want to share. Having a vision is vital as it will keep you going through the journey. It helps you stay focused on what you want to achieve and ensures you do not drown your voice trying to copy other popular art blogs or creative enthusiasts.

A vision is like a torch that lights your path and leads you to a particular destination; it ensures you are fully engraved in what you are doing and helps you appreciate other people’s art instead of seeing them as a competition.

Having a goal helps you with the day to day functionality of your art blog. It will ensure you not only remain on track but having short-term and long-term goals to help you share your art with the world and develop discipline. It provides you an avenue for self-assessment and a push to be better.

Most blogs started with a well written and thought through goal thrive as it provides you with a sense of direction that helps you stand strong amidst challenges.

Research on a domain name

After having your vision and goal laid out, the next step is coming up with a domain name. When deciding on this, ensure you go for something short, catchy, and creative. Your domain name should not only describe your personality but work to attract people to your site. This is what a domain name looks like:

Tips to Start and Maintain the Best Art Blog

(Image Credit: Love2Dev)

If you have excellent traffic on your website, then having a subdomain name will boost your blog traffic rather than use a new one. However, suppose you are starting, and your website is still budding. In that case, you can analyze the pros and cons of using a subdomain name or picking a new one and choose what you are comfortable with and are confident will resonate with your audience.

Choose a familiar platform

Creating a cool art blog deciding which blog platform to use is essential to ensure you choose the one you understand and know how to use. It can be tempting to determine a blog platform due to the list of art blogs you follow and their use. However, deciding what works for you is essential as it will make your creation journey easy and help you build content that resonates with your personality.

If you start building the best art blog, start by having a platform you understand and know how to navigate. This act ensures you do not take too much time trying to figure out providing enough time to focus on the content. You also know the kind of audience you are targeting; thus, select a platform that is easy to understand and navigate.

Formulate a budget

Having a budget is critical in the formulation of a blog because a budget helps you decide which plan you can afford and influence marketing strategies to advertise your blog. Formulating a budget helps you set up your priority list, allowing you to move at your pace and eliminating any pressure. It informs the type of premium you choose to ensure you are within your means and help you devise creative ways to advertise your platform.

Find your niche

The best art blogs to follow focus on a particular type of art and build their brand around one thing; this is a great way to ensure you do not mix up so many things and have a blog that looks confused.

When deciding your niche, analyze what type of art you like most, which section of art you would never get bored with, or your area of interest and expertise. Understanding your area of expertise ensures you choose a niche where you bring something to the table and add your voice to the creative space.

You will be interested

If you are not sure of the type of place you are good at, then start with what intrigues you and focus on that. As you continually write and listen to what your audience is looking for, you will find yourself leaning in one direction with time helping you find your niche. So, if you haven’t figured it out yet, this is not the time to panic, start where you are and develop consistency at what you do till you find your niche. If you decide to do more than one thing use a navigation bar like the one below to help your viewers navigate through your website easily:

Tips to Start and Maintain the Best Art Blog

Assemble your tools

One of the things you will notice when going through a list of art blogs is its quality. To join the list of cool art blogs, you need to know which tools you require. Ensuring you have all the tools to help you showcase your art will see you build one of the best art blogs to follow and become an influence in your industry. Whether it is abstract, fluid, or drawing art, having a quality camera to help you capture your work is essential.

A quality camera will help you take your audience along your creative journey focusing on the tiny details that make you stand out. It would help if you also concentrate on editing tools to ensure your images have high resolution and get well presented to build interest and gain traffic. You can start by writing down a list of the equipment you will need and use this checklist to buy the tools you still do not have.

Tips for maintaining an art blog

After starting an art blog, the next important thing is deciding how to maintain it, and this section provides some tips to help you maintain your blog and ensure it is one of the best art blogs to follow;

Have a plan for managing your blog

Most people start interesting art blogs to follow that do not end up at the top due to a lack of a plan. Having a plan goes a long way in helping you maintain your site and help it grow. Your goal should entail where you want to see your site, which people you would like to collaborate with, and what type of message you want to send. These questions will help you stay consistent and authentic to your path, helping you invest in your blog.

Having a plan will also help you keep track of your blog’s website and ensure you are keen to correct any mistake or overcome any obstacle that may dwindle your traffic. If you do not plan to manage your art blog, then hiring a digital marketer will go a long way in ensuring your art blog thrives.

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Have a regular posting schedule

Your posting schedule is the next important thing to help you keep your art blog active and engaging. Decide your posting schedule to build consistency and keep your followers engaged. By having a posting schedule, your viewers know when to expect new content. Having a posting schedule also ensures you use different sharing channels to mix videos, images, and short clips to eliminate monotony. This is what a posting schedule can look like:

Tips to Start and Maintain the Best Art Blog

(Image Credit: Upland Software)

An art blog should be creative and fun; thus, spicing it up with different things helps build interest. For example, you can host a webinar or show a sneak peek of what you are currently working on or a place you visited. This action will see you get clients for your current work or may even see you get approaches from the art exhibition Centre to feature your work.

Create quality and engaging content

The best way to survive the internet world is to be authentic and provide unique content. People are looking for new information; thus, instead of copying other cool art blogs, you focus on creating quality, unique content and ensuring your voice gets heard. Showcasing your work and what you believe in helps you slowly develop traffic of people who like your kind of art.

If you are interested in installation art, researching more on it and building your pieces will help you create a unique niche of art and see you build an audience. Engage your audience by regularly asking questions or holding contests or webinars to ensure they are actively participating in your blog journey.

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Utilize social media

Social media plays a significant role in helping you maintain your blog. You can utilize your social media platforms to share a new blog post, create awareness of the information on your blog, or increase your blog traffic. Most people use at least one social media platform a day; thus, investing in social media will help you keep your blog vibrant, maintain, and build your art blog. You can also use your social media platforms’ feedback to know what your audience wants to know, helping you create your next content. You can also use social analytics tools to help you determine the best time to post, for example:

Tips to Start and Maintain the Best Art Blog

Network with other art bloggers and influencers in your space to generate traffic and increase your influence.

As an art blogger, whether seasoned or a beginner, networking with other people in your space is essential to help you build your brand. Networking enables you to tap into other people’s social networks and connect with their audience, helping you increase your traffic. It also provides a learning opportunity to help you know what other people are doing in your space to help them succeed. You can also use this opportunity to learn from other people’s mistakes and grow your blog faster. Networking with experienced people in your niche will also see them share your content if they like it to grow your brand.

Utilize SEO

The use of SEO is essential in maintaining your website. SEO works by helping you reach your target audience and ensures the right audience reads your message. It enables you to score better on search engines, providing an audience for your work.

This act ensures that your work gets seen and critiqued, helping you maintain your blog and research more ways to improve it. SEO also helps you know what is trending and allows you to analyze your competitors, providing a learning ground for you to borrow different techniques and get quality backlinks or keywords to help you stand out and remain relevant.

Did you know??? About 64% of marketers actively invest time in search engine optimization (SEO). (HubSpot)

Set aside money for tools and advertisements

To maintain a blog and see it do well, you have to set aside money for various online tools and advertisement purposes. Having money ensures you can get digital marketers’ services to help maintain your blog post, buy plugins that make editing easy and utilize tools that help you provide high-quality content making you stand out. Thus, having a budget ensures you can realize your dreams and build an art blog worth following.

Advantages of having an art blog

Provide a place for you to share your skills

An art blog provides a place for you to show your individuality and contribute to the blogging world. It gives you a platform to share with the world and showcase what you are working on or aspiring to do. Having an art blog gives creative a safe space where they can share their work and get the motivation to share more. By having people celebrate, critique, or ask questions, you get the energy required to develop new pieces. It thus gives you the motivation needed to continue creating new content and sharing your craft. An art blog also provides an opportunity for you to showcase your skills and share your talent with the world. For example, this blogger that focuses on individuality:

Tips to Start and Maintain the Best Art Blog

A platform to connect with your visitors

The best art blogs provide a unique space to connect with visitors. People who visit your blog have a chance to understand your creative process and connect with your work. It can thus build meaningful relationships by providing an avenue to meet and interact with like-minded clients.

Your blog acts as an advertising ground of what you are passionate about and your expertise. It introduces you to the public and gives you an upper hand as frequent visitors are likely to reach out to you when they need similar works than a stranger; they have never seen their progress. It also provides a place to share your growth journey to connect with upcoming and new artists who visit your site.

An online shop to help you sell your art

An art blog acts as an online shop, as you can share what you are currently working on with your audience. You can also carry out online art exhibitions or auctions to sell your pieces, helping you generate income. Most people nowadays purchase things online in their homes’ comfort; thus, having a high traffic art blog will see you have a successful exhibition and sell your pieces without incurring too much cost. It also allows you to partner with exhibition centers that would like to sell your samples, providing you time to create more art. The image below shows an art blog that also sells art:

Tips to Start and Maintain the Best Art Blog

Increase traffic to your website

A blog increases traffic to your website by making it active. With a regular posting schedule, you will have frequent visitors who read your new content expanding the number of people who visit your site. Search engines also have sophisticated software that detects new content allowing you to score higher on search engines.

We hope that you found this article useful.

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Stay in touch with previous clients

An art blog increases your client base and helps you keep in touch with previous clients. You get a space to share your current works and stay in touch with them through quality content that makes them come back for more pieces.

Establish yourself as an industry leader

A successful art blog will see you establish yourself as an industry leader and provide a platform for you to influence the art space. By being consistent at what you do, you capture people’s attention in that field and ensure your work is considered when they are looking for similar content.

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The answer is yes, your art blog can make you money. First off, you can sell your artwork through your blog and, if your blog is popular enough, you can sell advertising space to other companies.

Starting an art blog can give you the exposure you need to propel your career. Here are some tips to getting started: 1) Choose a great name. 2) Pick a blog platform you like. 3) Write posts worth reading. 4) Post on a regular schedule. 5) Bring readers back.

I’m sure there are more ways than the following to make money on your blog, but we will go over our top pics:

  1. Sell your original art and prints, which should be obvious.
  2. Ads. This is the most common way that blogs make money.
  3. Affiliate Programs.
  4. Writing blogs for others.
  5. Donations.
  6. Consulting.

Choosing a domain name for your art site is important, even if you aren’t famous…yet. First of all, use keywords for the type of art you produce. Keep your domain name short and easy to remember. Also, keep it clear and simple, avoid using numbers and hyphens.

One of the biggest reasons to blog is to answer the problems of your readers; to entertain them. Teach your readers more about your art, how you do it and allow them to ask questions.


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