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Most Popular Ahrefs Alternatives: Paid and Free

Test your SEO in 60 seconds! Diib is one of the best SEO tools in the world. Diib uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your traffic and rankings. Diib will even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords. As seen in Entrepreneur!


Easy-to-use automated SEO tool


Keyword and backlink monitoring + ideas


Intelligently suggests ideas to improve SEO

Most Popular Ahrefs Alternatives: Paid and Free

Read time 14 min read
Ahrefs alternative

Test your SEO in 60 seconds! Diib is one of the best SEO tools in the world. Diib uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your traffic and rankings. Diib will even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords. As seen in Entrepreneur!


Easy-to-use automated social media + SEO tool


Automated ideas to improve Social Media traffic + sales


Keyword and backlink monitoring + ideas

In the search engine marketing world, attracting the right traffic to your website correlates to the amount of conversion you can make. Companies are now being forced to use SEO software and tools to assist in search engine ranking for better conversions. 

Ahrefs SEO is a suitable tool for this purpose. Ahrefs free tool is not sufficient to meet all the user’s needs. Small businesses and organizations find Ahrefs pricing relatively expensive and thus seek to search for similar sites to Ahrefs. 

There are available sites that are an alternative to Ahrefs and are useful but less costly since Ahrefs are no longer free. The functionalities are mostly the same but may differ from Ahrefs slightly due to their features.


 Amid Ahrefs alternatives Reddit search is SEMRush. It is among the most popular and useful SEO tools in digital marketing. It targets both small organizations and medium-sized firms. The tool’s design allows firms and companies to carry out keyword research, monitor key SEO indicators, and keep track of performance.


Backlink Gap

It is an analysis tool created to help their user identify new opportunities to generate more backlinks to their website. Using this feature, a user can access competitors’ backlink profiles and identify gaps and unexploited link building opportunities both from their side and by the competitor.

Tracking Positions

In business, competition is inevitable. Your place in the marketplace matters, and this is one of the most elaborate ways of knowing your position in Google Ads. The ability of an entity to command massive traffic on its website will cause it to rank top. The ranking tool also enables you to know how the business is growing and what tactics are working. It also helps to know if a product is doing well in the market.

Keyword Research 

Any business that is serious about improving its website’s quality and traffic must realize the importance of SEO keyword research. Different keywords have different values. Keywords are relevant in pay per click campaigns as it significantly affects the firm’s traffic. Take a look at what the keyword research tool looks like below:

Ahrefs alternative

(Image Credit: SEMrush)


  • Has a database that has a large volume of keywords. SEMRush’s database allows a user to search for as many keywords as possible.
  • The simplicity of use. The detailed dashboard makes it easy for users to navigate and access what they need.
  • It provides detailed information about the visitors that visit a site.
  • Has a trial period. This window allows a company or individual to try the features before purchasing them.


  • It only allows one user, thus blocks any opportunity for a company to work as a team. Extra users call for additional charges.
  • It is costly. S’s cost cannot compare with Ahrefs pricing. However, it is among the most expensive similar sites to Ahrefs and semrush alternatives.
  • Slow to respond to customers’ concerns.

BuzzSumo SEO Tool

BuzzSumo is a content analytic tool that helps users identify the most popular content by analyzing the number of likes, shares, comments, influencers, and links to specific content. 

The main features of BuzzSumo

Content Research Insight

You will be interested

BuzzSumo helps in content insight by displaying the topmost content to attract the most attention to a given topic and its discussions. BuzzSumo allows the researcher to peg down to relevant content of interest, country, language, and duration. Using backlink, one can find the person, blog, or website behind the content of interest. 

Influencer knowledge

BuzzSumo helps you understand who the people are that most attention, likes, or shares in a given area of interest. By so doing, one can align, engage, follow, and interact with those who mean most to the content you want. BuzzSumo helps in the analysis of influencers who are most likely to engage with your content by checking the rate of their retweets and reply on their social media handles. 

Track the Competitor Content

BuzzSumo will allow you to find out how competitors rank in shared content. By showing new and trending content, you can acquaint yourself with your competitors’ content performance and identify other players you had not given thought to. For example:

Ahrefs alternative

(Image Credit: Browser Media)

Pros of BuzzSumo

  • Helps influencers in amplifying their content.
  • Pools together content ideas 
  • It helps in finding the keywords appropriate for different topics.
  • New and trending content alerts.

Cons of BuzzSumo

  • Expensive for small businesses, with the lowest cost being $99 per month.
  • Limited features on the free trial

Test your SEO in 60 seconds!

Diib is one of the best SEO tools in the world. Diib uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your traffic and rankings. Diib will even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords. As seen in Entrepreneur!

  • Easy-to-use automated SEO tool
  • Keyword and backlink monitoring + ideas
  • Speed, security, + Core Vitals tracking
  • Intelligently suggests ideas to improve SEO
  • Over 250,000k global members
  • Built-in benchmarking and competitor analysis

For example “www.diib.com”

Used by over 250k companies and organizations:

  • logo
  • logo
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  • logo

Syncs with Google Analytics

Link Building


Created in 2013, ubersuggest was initially a free SEO tool until 2018 when it was totally reorganized. It was then upgraded to 2.0 and later 6.0. It is used to organize and create content that increases the audience to your websites or blogs.


Domain Overview

This feature gives the user comprehensive information about a website. Once you enter the website’s URL information about how much traffic a website commands in a given period (normally a month). It also gives information on backlink and domain scores. The domain overview feature uses graphs to represent data on websites. For instance:

Ahrefs alternative

(Image Credit: Neil Patel)

Top Pages

Most SEO tools rank websites; however, it goes the extra mile of showing pages that rank top on a particular website. Such can help to know what is selling on a website and the topmost consumers of the website’s content. Moreover, you can see if a page has been shared on social platforms and how many times it has been shared.

SEO Analyzer

This tool has different components in it. One of them is the site audit that shows how keywords rank on a website. It spots mistakes and suggests useful ways to solve the problems. The site audit reveals how fast a website loads on different devices. At times, a website can load faster on a desktop compared to a mobile phone.


  • Has relatively cheap payment plans making it one of the best similar sites to ahrefs
  • Every package has a free seven-day trial. 
  • Provides useful keywords to drive your traffic to great levels
  • It has a well-arranged and easy to utilize user interface


  • Sometimes the traffic on this site is heavy, and that affects the speed. It is generally very slow.
  • Some features are unavailable. This SEO tool is still being developed, and it might take a while to have all the essential features in place.

Majestic SEO

Ahrefs alternatives Reddit results show Majestic is one of the best Ahrefs alternatives for users interested in backlinks only. Majestic uses a link database to trail all websites that connect to your pages. 

Majestic has the biggest link database in the universe and can be used as one of the semrush alternatives. It helps achieve the most from search engine strategies since Ahrefs is no longer free. It is made possible since users can analyze their backlink details, increasing their index and rank in search engines. 

Key Features 

Site Explorer

This feature allows users to have comprehensive information on a given domain or URL. The metrics of the domain or URL external backlinks help in tracking the performance. 

Backlink History Feature

These features allow users to view the entire history of sites that are associated with your website. It also enables you to see websites that have referred to your competitors’ site and have improved their index and search engine ranking.

Topical Trust Flow

Topical Trust Flow is a unique feature that shows the website’s relevance based on the industry of interest. The use of this feature is to increase the credibility of a website. The need to consume legit content and product is fast increasing. Customers are attracted to a trustworthy site that can grow a following or traffic on a website.

API Integration

Uses Application Programming Interface (API) to link Majestic tools and software applications. This feature is offered at an added cost.


  • It provides a backlink history highlighting how different efforts by competitors have affected SEO.
  • The performance of a website is tracked in real-time.
  • Offers customized reports
  • Metrics and statistics are easy to interpret.
  • It has a straightforward interface to use.


  • You must pay to get access to most features.
  • Beginners must train to use this SEO


Moz is a beginner-friendly SEO that is an all rounded tool that will provide important insights to help with a website’s marketing. At times, an individual needs to use a single or specific module. Other times the budget cannot allow for an extensive set of tools. Moz sufficiently meets this need.



This tool aims to improve an individual’s or company’s rapport and image on social media platforms, especially Twitter. Moz recognizes the rapid increase of social media users and how entrepreneurs have taken these sites to reach out to existing and potential customers. Followerwonk allows you to learn your followers and keep track of your following curve.

On-Page Grader

Time after time, content creators in blogging or websites upgrade and try to improve content. This practice keeps your pages with better content. The on-grade pager suggests beneficial tips during the process of refining content. Further, it verifies a sitemap’s validity and ensures that your search engines can find your site. This tool has important keyword insights that enable your site to improve in order of ranking.

Site audit

The website often fails to attract traffic due to broken redirects, the omission of title links, among other technical problems. The site audit feature analyzes these issues and solves them. It keeps the website healthy and functional.


  • Users who choose to pay yearly can save some dollars because of the offer.
  • The packages allow for multiple users.
  • Has a 30day window period for users to test and familiarize with the software
  • Can be easily accessed as long as there is a good internet connection
  • Constant upgrading with helpful features


  • Difficult to navigate because of its user interface
  • Does not give basic guidelines on the use of its SEO tools

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If you want to know more interesting about your site health, get personal recommendations and alerts, scan your website by Diib. It only takes 60 seconds.

Enter Your Website

For example “www.diib.com”

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Serpstat is among similar site’s to Ahrefs. Ukrainian based companies use SEO and PPC in the keyword search. Serpstat aims to help businesses create advertisements that bring traffic to their websites and find the right content for those websites. 


Keyword research

The keyword search tool helps to find ideas for new content while refining the existing content. It comes with a difficulty score that provides a gist of how hard a website would make it to the top ten search market in a country’s findings. The keyword difficulty is determined based on the Trust Rank, domain references, the keyword on the URL or title. The keyword search helps in comparing and contrasting your website with those of the pacesetters in your industry. The image below shows you SerpStat’s keyword tool:

Ahrefs alternative

(Image Credit: Software Pundit)

Tracking of ranks

The tool allows you to find the keyword that brings significant traffic and how other industry players rank by using those keywords. The tool allows you to monitor how your keywords match with those of your competitors.


In Serpstat, this feature allows you to see how many domains go back to your site, the gain, or backlinks loss over time in percentages. Serpstat provides reports for other websites, and you can learn from top companies what campaigns would work for you to improve on new backlinks. 


  • Easy keyword searching
  • Provide ideas for new content


  • Does not have a reliable customer support system.
  • Serpstat may not always have a clear data representation.


This is one of the best tools for bloggers, small businesses, and SEO experts. Mangools is available for use on both mobile and desktop, and the users do not need to have an IP address from a specific location.



This feature identifies search engine result pages on Google and translates the free listing search’s anticipated outcome. It accessed the URL by identifying the sites linked to it and determining how powerful the URL is.

Domain Authority Checker

The Domain Authority checker verifies the credibility and trustworthiness of a website. It analyzes the URL of a website, its functionality, and whether the SEO authorities have approved it. For instance:

Ahrefs alternative

(Image Credit: Mangools)


  • It is affordable as it ranges from $29.99- $79.99
  • A free trial is available.
  • Ease of use


  • The backlinks information is not as accurate compared to other SEO analytics tools.


A powerful competitive analysis tool and keyword that allows unlimited export of SEO data. Spyfu concentrates on competitor analysis and keyword searches. Spyfu is also Ahrefs free alternative.


Keyword analysis

Gives information about the paid Ad words by your competitors and how they have changed over time. Sypfu shows the keywords ranks for competitors and forecasts how they would pay for it through paid search. Companies then use this information to adjust their SEO budgets and improve their organic search. Here is an example of a keyword analysis that has been done on Spyfu:

Ahrefs alternative

(Image Credit: ShoutMeLoud)

Seo Backlinks

Spyfu shows all backlinks that point back to any site. Spyfu shows the backlink’s strength to the monthly backlinks, and a comparison with those of the competitors may show why your website is lagging.


  • Assess and recommend keywords.
  • Compare and contrast your strengths and weaknesses against those of your competitors.


  • Lack of API integration with marketing platforms.
  • Some keywords may lack significance to the business selected.

Monitor Backlinks

As the name suggests, this is a tool that is mainly used for building Backlinks. It is exceptional when it comes to growing and marketing a business. Monitor backlinks allows you to keep track of your links and the link profiles of your competition.


Disavow page

This page allows you to be in charge and choose which links to remove. Sometimes a link may contain inappropriate words. Other times, spam sites can be linked to your website, making it rank poorly in the search engines.

Custom Reports

With monitor Backlinks, the user can quickly go through the information and determine what is relevant. Custom reports help you pair important information and elements of your website to create meaningful data that can be understood. The custom report tool creates clear reports with automation reports. Here is what a report could look like:

Ahrefs alternative

(Image Credit: Majestic Blog)


  • Well organized user interface this easy to use
  • Constant notifications about your website and your competitor’s website via mail
  • Integration of other tools with Google analytics
  • Has a trial period of 30days
  • Affordable cost 


  • Limited on the number of competitors you can compare against

Raven Tools 

It is an SEO that focuses on auditing your website. Raven checks on your website’s rank and reports on the issues facing the rank and gives insights into overcoming them.


Site Auditor

Identifies the problems facing your website through an in-depth analysis and comes up with the possible solutions to fix them. Many experienced SEO experts may find this important as it gives comprehensive reports on its findings. The image below shows what a site audit looks like:

Ahrefs alternative

(Image Credit: Raven Tools)

Backlink Explorer

It derives its information from the Majestic SEO; however, it can create a link building tool at no extra cost. The link building feature helps you strategize and get the added advantage over your competitors. The tool shows the total backlinks that link to your site, and you can also view those of your competitors.


  • Integration with different tools.
  • Great reports.
  • Keyword ranking aids in monitoring keywords.


  • Does not incorporate Instagram’s social media network.

Diib®: Your #1 Ahrefs Alternative

Quite possibly the best Ahrefs alternative is Diib Digital. Of course, we may be a bit prejudiced. However, if you’re looking for custom integration, cutting edge technology, a comprehensive User Dashboard and customized analytics, then look no further. Here are some of the features that set us apart from the competition:

  • Keyword, backlink, and indexing monitoring and tracking tools
  • User experience and mobile speed optimization
  • Bounce rate monitoring and repair
  • Google Analytics Integration; including plugins
  • Social media integration and performance
  • Broken pages where you have backlinks (404 checker)
  • Technical SEO monitoring

Click here for your free scan or simply call 800-303-3510 to speak to one of our growth experts.

Scan your website in 60 seconds with Diib

  • Free SEO analysis
  • No coding or experience needed
  • Get new keyword and content ideas
Learn more about Diib


The question above depends on what your goals are for your website. If your goals include doing a lot of backlinking and keyword research SEMrush will be a better fit for you. This is because of SEMrush’s site auditing tool that is easy to use and understand. Also, SEMrush’s backlink tool can identify toxic links much better than Ahrefs can.

There are a lot of disagreements when it comes to deciding which SEO tool is the best. However, some of the most recommended SEO tools are:

  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Screaming Frog
  • DeepCrawl
  • Woorank
  • GrowthBar

You can use a lot of tools SEMrush has to offer for free however, you won’t get the full data and other tools will be held from you. When you start you are offered a 7-day free trial to see if SEMrush Pro is a better option for you.

SEO tools analyze your content for keywords, backlinks, conversions, and other important SEO considerations. This helps you rank higher on the search engine results page and optimize your web content.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner is a great keyword tool you can use for free. A few more free tools Google has produced are: Google Trends, Google Analytics and Google Search Console.


Welcome to diib! Our analytics platform syncs to your Google Analytics account (not required to start) in just 60 seconds and helps over 250,000k business owners affordably grow their website by showing them how to grow. We offer a free basic website scan and a variety of PRO memberships starting at just $29.99 a month.

With so many members we are also able to provide wholesale pricing combined with very high-quality work on services such as:

  • Quality backlink development (DA10-DA80 websites)
  • Professional Google Analytics installations
  • Website speed analysis and optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Article writing and publishing (500-5000+ words)
  • Create your free account by entering your website below and we’ll be able to show you all the other services we offer to our members!

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Daniel Urmann is the co-founder of Diib.com. Over the past 17 years Daniel has helped thousands of business grow online through SEO, social media, and paid advertising. Today, Diib helps over 150,000 business globally grow online with their SaaS offerings. Daniel’s interest include SMB analytics, big data, predictive analytics, enterprise and SMB search engine optimization (SEO), CRO optimization, social media advertising, A/B testing, programatic and geo-targeting, PPC, and e-commerce. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) focused in Finance and E-commerce from Cornell University – S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management.

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