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The Best Affiliate Marketing Podcasts in 2021

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The Best Affiliate Marketing Podcasts in 2021

Read time 13 min read
The Best Affiliate Marketing Podcasts

Improve your content marketing + SEO in 60 seconds! Diib uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your traffic and rankings. We’ll even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.


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The biggest goal of companies is to sell more products to consumers and increase their revenue base. Companies, therefore, need to diversify their marketing strategies to make more sales. One of the techniques that significant companies employ is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing involves the company using an intermediary between the company and the consumer called an affiliate. The method is profitable to companies since they do not have to pay the affiliate for advertising their products and only pay after the affiliate makes a sale.

An affiliate works independently, and his or her job is to find consumers interested in the company’s product. The companion tells prospective consumers about the company’s products and asks whether they have purchased the product.

The affiliate means the consumers about the benefits of buying the product and the consequences of not using the product. To be as convincing as possible, the companion shows the results of other people who have benefited from using the product.

When the consumer purchases the product, the company is excited about the new customer and pays the affiliate a commission. Affiliate marketing for podcasts has become so popular, and big companies use this method to their advantage.

Some companies are even offering direct sponsorship to podcast shows for podcasts that have 10,000 downloads and above. But, what exactly is a podcast? A podcast is a piece of audio or story, interview or documentary that you can download and listen to whenever you want.

It is not just any audio file type, but one that has an RSS feed on a podcast hosting site. An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is a digital file with details about the podcast that allows listeners to subscribe to your podcast show.

Podcasts have become famous, attracting over 155 million listeners in the USA, only presenting a large window of affiliate program opportunities.

How to Use Affiliate Marketing Podcast 2021

  • Promote brands and product that you trust
  • Be relevant and meet the needs of your audience first.
  • Provide links in your show description notes
  • Insert the affiliate links on your website
  • Your audience should know that you earn a commission should they purchase using your link.

Best Affiliate Programs for Podcasts in 2021

Affiliate marketing podcast programs can be confusing, especially for beginners. Whether you are a novice or experienced podcaster, here are the best affiliate programs for podcasts you should use in 2021.


Amazon is a top-notch, trusted, and reputable company when it comes to e-commerce and online shopping. With worldwide coverage, somewhat Amazon needs no introduction. The affiliate program on Amazon is called the Amazon Associates. Indeed, Amazon Associate is the most extensive affiliate program in the world.

You must sign up for the affiliate program on Amazon’s official website. After creating an account, Amazon gives you 180 days, for which you should have at least three conversions from your site or podcast. To share a link for the product you want to promote, you must first log in to your Amazon Associate account.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Podcasts

(Image Credit: Smart Blogger)

For any of your listeners who click on the link and make a purchase of the product you are promoting, Amazon will pay you a commission. The commission varies, and the cookie life is 24 hours. Audible affiliate program owned by Amazon is also an excellent place for monetizing your podcast. It deals with books and podcasts.

To make money using this affiliate program, you must have an account with Amazon Associate. Payments from audible are provided as:

  • $10 for each purchase from an Audible gold member
  • $5 for every digital trial membership
  • $0.5 for each audiobook purchase
  • $15 for each trial signup through a tailored link to your podcast

Signing up for multiple affiliate programs is advisable not just the only one in your region but other regions as well. Each of the Amazon affiliate programs for each of the different areas earns you a commission inside that region only.

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Using Amazon OneLink helps in redirecting users to their local store while still passing through your tracking details. The OneLink feature, unfortunately, works with websites only.

However, note that Amazon always keeps reviewing its terms and services. Amazon is widely recognized for strictly enforcing its rules and sometimes without warning. Based on that reason, frequent review of the terms and conditions is paramount to ensure that you comply.

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Buzzsprout is a popular podcasting host with many resources on how to get started with podcasting and just anything. Incorporating podcast affiliate programs within the podcast hosting platform is heaven-sent for podcasters who want to monetize their stories.

To start, you need to sign up for a Buzzsprout account. So, to get to the affiliate marketplace, once you have logged into your account, click on the monetization tab. Select the Affiliate Marketplace. Scrolling down, you will see the three companies that Buzzsprout has partnered with (Buffy, Instacart, and Allswell) in addition to Buzzsprout. For example:

The Best Affiliate Marketing Podcasts

(Image Credit: Internet Folks)

Next, you will choose the brand or product you are familiar with and click to become an affiliate. There is a description of all the companies that they have partnered with and what they do. At the bottom, there are some principles on what you should, or you should not do when promoting featured products.

Selecting Buzzsprout, in particular, all you need is to provide your Paypal email address. The link for your referral is automatically generated when listeners of your podcast use the link attached to your account to sign up on a paid plan; you get paid $25 per registration.

Suppose you want to promote a product or service and is not listed in the four companies. You can easily add it to the custom brand section of the affiliate marketplace. The process is easy to do, and you have to choose a headline typically not more than forty characters long.

Add a description, paste the affiliate URL you want to promote and add an affiliate artwork. The affiliate artwork should be at least 400 pixels wide. A square image is best, but anything above 400 pixels is good. Save and update your custom affiliate once you have input all the necessary details.

Click on the episodes tab and then select the episode to discuss the product we want to market. There is an option to add a brand mention immediately below the “Promote a Brand” label on the right-hand side. For instance:

The Best Affiliate Marketing Podcasts

(Image Credit: Buzzsprout)

Clicking the option will automatically generate a dropdown list of custom brands that you have already added, any brands from the affiliate marketplace, or sponsors you set up. Click on the brand that you mentioned and click save mention. Your affiliate link will then be automatically added at the bottom of the show note.

The link will show up in all the podcast directories and the apps where people listen. So when you instruct your listeners to go and click the affiliate link in the show notes, it will be present. Hence, you need not worry about copy and pasting or adding the description verbiage or the disclaimer.

By default, the release tells the listeners that you will earn a commission should they choose to use the link to buy the product at no extra charge. Buzzsprout added this by default to comply with laws that demand this for every affiliate link.

When you want to add products in addition to companies that you want to promote, Buzzsprout allows you to do so. At the affiliate marketplace and custom brand, you can add the product and even customize your affiliate artwork associated with it. The affiliate artwork shows up on the websites that Buzzsprout gives you every time you add a brand mention.

Buzzsprout has several videos, blogs, tools, and resources that they have created to help beginners to get started and grow their podcast.


Skillshare is an online platform where interested people can sign up and make available their online courses. Students join the forum and pay some premium fees to get access to all systems on the platform.

Teachers only get paid when their terms get watched per minute of observing time. At Skillshare, you can teach literally on any topic you are comfortable in, and it is not limited to academic teaching. For example:

The Best Affiliate Marketing Podcasts

The affiliate program of Skillshare is simple, let alone attractive. All that you require is to demonstrate that your podcast and audience are aligned to Skillshare’s brand. To create an affiliate account, Skillshare needs you to create a custom account via Impact Radius. Impact Radius allows affiliates to track their referrals in real-time. Skillshare will even make payments to your account while you are on the trial period should your listeners sign up using your link.

A secure way to make money is by referring your listeners to sign up for Skillshare premium, where you earn $7 for every referred premium student. With over 33000 courses available, it is easy to convince people to sign up for Skillshare through podcasts as it has unmatched value for the content they get.

If you are passionate about educating people on different topics or a particular niche, you can create and share your content on Skillshare. Suppose you have already begun a course and you want to promote it. Login to your account, then click on the teaching tab then select the classes you are teaching. Choose the exact type you have mentioned on your podcast, then click on edit.

Your audience can take advantage of the free premium offers by Skillshare and sign up. Skillshare will then pay you for a new sign up and the premium minutes watched from the course.

If you have not created any content on Skillshare, but there is a course that relates to your podcast, Skillshare allows you to promote it. Select the system, then scroll down to the share button and click on the link button to display the link. Please copy the link to the video and paste it to your podcast show or podcast blog, or website.


Podbean is a podcast hosting website and is an excellent platform in affiliate marketing for podcasts. Podbean has three significant features that you can monetize your podcast and generate income. For example:

The Best Affiliate Marketing Podcasts

Podbean provides a premium feature that allows you to sell subscriptions or individual episodes. Experienced podcasters who offer a lot of educational value in their content or an elementary show and get into depth with bonus content usually find this feature very helpful.

Podbean has an excellent platform for listener support called patron programs. Podcasters can crowdfund from their loyal listeners voluntarily. The Podbean marketplace is where podcasters and business owners meet. Podcasters pitch to top brands around the world who, in turn, offer sponsorship for podcast shows.

Best Practices in Affiliate Marketing for Podcast

Best practices refer to protocols, ideas, or ethical standards that offer a guideline on conducting business. Governing authorities may set these guidelines, the management team in a company, or the industry’s regulators. In affiliate marketing for the podcast, having a clear set of rules that guide a marketer enables them to achieve the best results and ensures that they grow in their niche. Here are some of the best practices for affiliate marketing.

  1. Conduct a Research

Scouting the market to identify your target audience, competitors, and the pacesetters in the market will allow you to know exactly how to set up your podcast and what content the masses are craving. It will enable you to avoid mistakes that have been made by other affiliate marketers when starting up.

  1. Know when to Monetize

The idea behind any podcast is to inform and acquire profit. However, as an affiliate marketer, time is of the essence. Most people rush to monetize their podcast without creating a consumer base. It is wise to build a client base that consumes your content regularly. Seek to have a stable following before you approach companies for collaboration, advertisement, and sponsorship.

iii. Quality Content

Nothing beats value in any market. The value of your product will always reflect the progress of your business. It is not different in affiliate marketing for a podcast. Marketing products that you trust and that are worth their price, giving tips that work, and being consistent in providing your consumers credible information will allow them to share their time to listen to the podcast and try out the products you are marketing.

Best Podcasts in Affiliate Marketing

Regardless of the podcast affiliate programs a marketer uses, a marketer needs to engage with the audience. This process will allow you to get and analyze feedback and also improve where need be. What makes affiliate marketing podcast 2021 worth a listen or worth following is the relevance of its content. The tips provided should be able to work efficiently for a site.

Some of the best podcasts in affiliate marketing include:

Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast

This Podcast targets marketers who work through the night and a few hours in the morning. Regardless of whether you are experienced or just getting started, the Podcast has topics that are helpful to those in the online marketing business.

The Podcast invests in sharing tips that will help improve efficiency and tackle problems that directly affect the business. Also, there are discussions about the challenges faced by part-time entrepreneurs and insightful help is offered.

Affiliate Marketing Radio

Darren Graham’s affiliate marketing radio prides itself in being a podcast that allows an affiliate marketer to know about secrets that lead to success. It is an organized platform that gives structured information in episodes. This way, a listener is not bombarded with information.

The Authority Hacker Podcast

Founded by Gael Bretton and Mark Webster, authority hacker is a weekly podcast that aims at providing the best strategies that are practical for site owners. The methods are tested and proven for the market. The content is rich, professionally delivered, and relatable to the audience. Authority hacker podcasts are an asset that all internet marketers should have.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Podcasts

The Marketing Secrets Show

It is possible to market products and still go without receiving any profit for extended periods. The show provides insight into how well to relay a message about a service or product and get the desired profit. Russell, who is the founder, shares his journey with entrepreneurs and business owners. In each of his shows, he delivers nuggets of information about strategies that worked for him when he started, the mindset and tough lessons he has learned throughout his marketing journey.

Niche Pursuits Podcast

As the name suggests, the Podcast helps individuals who want to dive into the world of podcasting and build their business. They help the podcasters find the most suitable niche and guide them to get the right audience and grow it. Niche Pursuits Podcast works by seeking content creators, advertisers for the platform, and listeners. They find content that listeners would love and reach out to them by giving suggestions.

Entrepreneur on Fire

This platform is one of the Podcasts that have a unique approach. The founder, John Lee Dumas, invites other entrepreneurs and conducts interviews to provide useful insight into finance and lifestyle. The Podcast owner has compiled thousands of episodes from a book titled “The common path to uncommon success” Also, he is an award-winning podcaster.

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The Solopreneur Hour

This marketing podcast is structured in a format that depicts an interview with Michael O’Neal serving as the host. The podcast aims to help the guests and listeners turn skills that they consider to be unemployable into viable business ideas. This podcast’s advantage is that it targets different industries, with every interviewee coming from a different field. With only four years in affiliate marketing, Michael O’Neal has been very successful, making this podcast one of the best for 2021.

Rise of the Entrepreneur

Zac Johnson, who has gathered a wealth of experience for the last ten years in business, hosts this podcast. It brings in a new entrepreneur for each of its episodes worldwide, making it a rich source of information and inspiration for affiliate marketers. Zac hosts the show two days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, to ensure that you gain information from several successful entrepreneurs in your field of interest. This is where you can find this podcast:

The Best Affiliate Marketing Podcasts

The Smart Passive Income

The smart passive income is hosted by Pat Flynn, who is largely successful and only works passively every week to make a six-figure salary. This affiliate marketing podcast has extensive coverage of topics ranging from marketing automation, building authoritative brands, social media use as an affiliate marketing tool, search engine optimization, and outsourcing, among other topics. With personal experience and success in earning passive income, Pat Flynn’s The Smart Passive Income is a goldmine for any individual who seeks to succeed in 2021.

The Side Hustle Show

If you are fully into employment and want to make passive income through affiliate marketing and other means, The Side Hustle Show is the right podcast. The show is hosted by Nick Loper, who helps the listeners in four key areas: payment of debt, learning of new skills, ways to earn more money, and making your free time productive. Nick takes the listeners through his journey through the successes and failures he has experienced while conducting the interviews making the podcast much more personal and effective. If you are not fully into affiliate marketing, this podcast is one of the best for you to try in 2021.

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According to our growth experts, podcasts generally cost an average of $200-$500 to start. There will always be those on the extreme ends, depending on the quality and industry.

The basics equipment necessary for starting a podcast are:

  • Computer.
  • Microphones.
  • Audio Interface.
  • Mixer.
  • Pop Filter / Windscreen.
  • Headphones.
  • Headphone Amplifier.
  • Mic Stands.

While you can technically start a podcast on your own, however, all the work will fall to you: show ideas, research, content creation and marketing.

Podcasts, unlike radio, are on-demand, meaning your listeners can tune in whenever they want. They are free to create and listen to, aside from your equipment.

As an estimate, if your podcast has about 10,000 downloads per episode, you can expect to make between $500 – $900 per episode in affiliate sales.


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