Keeva Tends

South Africa, Johannesburg

Keeva Trends is in the fashion & accessories industry, specifically jewellery

Main Services:

Engagement Rings , Wedding Bands , Gemstone Rings , Semi,Precious Gemstone Rings , Necklaces , Bracelets , Earrings , Leather handbags , Leather wallets , Men's leather bags

Keeva Tends

Keeva Trends is in the fashion & accessories industry, specifically jewellery. We design and make engagement rings, weddings bands and all kinds of other jewellery including silver and brass designs. We specialise in creating bespoke or custom jewellery pieces, but also have a product range that we are constantly developing. This range includes gemstone jewellery, silver and brass jewellery and also a few really cool designer leather products.

Before starting this business we’ve had the privilege of living in two other countries including Dallas Texas in the USA and in the northern island of Japan, Hokkaido in Asahikawa Shi. So now we can speak both Texanese and Japanese! …hahahah! Our travels and foreign experiences allowed us to see life from a different perspective and has changed us for the rest of our lives! It was a big part of why we started this new business venture.

We started a month just before lockdown hit South Africa and we’re still here! What sets us apart, we feel is our approach to doing business. All our products are handmade and locally sourced and that might not sound like a big deal, but it is, because its not so easy to do that! We are continuously looking at refining that process. Most companies nowadays have their products sourced from China or other asian or middle eastern countries. What also makes our shop unique is that the silver and brass jewellery is made right there in the shop so people can see how its made! Most people love that about us.

Our big vision, mission and angle, is to keep the whole product chain local. From the designing process to the creating and manufacturing we aim to keep it ALL local so that we can empower a new generation to become sustainable and hopefully have a good effect on SA’s economy in the long run. By keeping the whole chain local we are able to create a new sustainable model for people to follow. If everyone kept importing products from international sources we would be in very big trouble as a country. We have to grow our margin of producing products in SA and make the consumers aware that buying local is keeping the marketplace in balance.

Part of our ethical practice is to teach people a skill rather than just giving them a job, but also to coach them along the way on how to grow and become more empowered. Our approach is much more personal than just an employer/employee relationship. We want to instil good character and principles for living life which will one day empower them to become entrepreneurs and hopefully own their own businesses. We want to employ those who are in need of work and who have had an disadvantaged life, because through teaching them to take care of themselves and not only depend on others will cause them to do the same. Its natural for most people to give what you’ve been given and we hope it compounds and into an unstoppable force of kindness and generosity.

We don’t just want to create a job for someone we want to create a new way of living for the people of SA. A big dream we know, but it has to start somewhere.. even if its as small as a little Jewellery shop in Johannesburg!