Digital Trading Cards DTC

United States, Los Angeles DTC CEO & Founder Inventor, entrepreneur, creator, builder Michael Pace brought a lion share of the studios into the interactive home video market.

Main Services:

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Digital Trading Cards DTC

DVD format launched a hundreds of movies and connected discs onto the internet to unlock tons of opportunities and operating functionality.

• As an award-winning technology expert in the interactive home-video market
• Mike launched Hollywood into the age of disc technology with his first-ever on screen DVD programming used on thousands of films released on the optical platform.
• Today, those special features have been adopted across multiple channels from video games menu structure to web/ network interfaces.

Mike patented Digital Trading Cards in 1995 as a future thinker, an innovator and “standards setting” creator. Years later blockchain technology would be invented and a whole new revolution would become possible. Web3 will change all business models.

At the forefront will be organizations who are pioneers in innovation, the team at DTC Digital Trading Cards.

The state of Digital Assets is currently scattered and inefficient and it is challenging to break through the clutter and sort it out.

We at DTC believe there needs to be a central exchange accessible to everyone.

Digital Trading Cards is ubiquitous with digital collectibles (notably FOX told us everyone instantly knows what it is (as opposed to NFT’s) DTC built a robust foundation:

• We are organically number 1 in Google search.
• Fraction of a penny in minting costs and lightning fast.
• 100 percent on chain – secure and transparent transactions.
• Customizable immutable royalty splits (via Royaltree patent pending smart contracts)
Accessible, engaging, searchable, organized content with an eye toward future functionality and interoperability.
Our mission is to build a global meritocracy where we honor the collectors, creators and fans. We promote artists for free and bring their followers and communities together.

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